The first Polish edition was published in [1] and the first English edition was first published in The collection contains seven short stories interspersed with a continuing frame story : Geralt of Rivia , after having been injured in battle, rests in a temple. During that time he has flashbacks to recent events in his life, with each flashback forming a short. The King of Temeria, Foltest, has offered a reward to anyone who can lift the curse on his daughter, Adda the result of an incestuous union with his late sister , who was born as a striga , and now terrorizes the town every night. Foltest insists that his daughter not be harmed, but reluctantly grants Geralt permission to kill her if Geralt decides that Adda cannot be returned to human form. A more difficult question, to which Geralt can give no certain answer, is whether Adda, who has been a monster her whole life, can live as a "normal" human even if the curse is lifted.

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Ciri wird von allen Seiten gejagt. Aber handelt es sich wirklich um die echte Ciri? Geralt macht sich auf den Weg nach Nilfgaard. Auf geheimnisvolle weise ist Ciri, Prinzessin von Cintra, in eine fremde Welt versetzt worden. Und dann wird Geralts bester Freund schwer verletzt und braucht seine Hilfe Nicht selten begegnen ihm die Leute, die ihn anheuern, mit tiefem Argwohn. Doch damit kann er leben. Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier. Introducing Geralt the Witcher - revered and hated - who holds the line against the monsters plaguing humanity in the bestselling series that inspired the Witcher video games and a major Netflix show.

Geralt of Rivia is a Witcher, a man whose magic powers and lifelong training have made him a brilliant fighter and a merciless assassin. Yet he is no ordinary killer: he hunts the vile fiends that ravage the land and attack the innocent. But not everything monstrous-looking is evil; not everything fair is good. Andrzej Sapkowski, winner of the World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement award, started an international phenomenon with his Witcher series.

The Last Wish is the perfect introduction to this one-of-a-kind fantasy world. Geralt the Witcher - revered and hated - holds the line against the monsters plaguing humanity in the bestselling series that inspired the hit Witcher Netflix show and video games. In this second collection of short stories, following the adventures of the hit collection The Last Wish , join Geralt as he battles monsters, demons and prejudices alike. The Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, holds the fate of the world in his hands in the New York Times bestselling first novel in the Witcher series that inspired the Netflix show and video games.

For more than a hundred years, humans, dwarves, gnomes and elves lived together in relative peace. But times have changed, the uneasy peace is over and now the races are fighting once again - killing their own kind and each other.

Into this tumultuous time is born a child of prophecy, Ciri, surviving heiress of a bloody revolution, whose strange abilities can change the world - for good, or for evil As the threat of war hangs over the land, Geralt the Witcher must protect Ciri from those who are hunting the child for her destructive power.

The adventures of Geralt the Witcher continue in this second novel in the bestselling Witcher series that inspired the Netflix show and video games. The kings and armies are manoeuvring for position, each fearing invasion from across the river, each fearing their neighbours more.

Intrigue, dissent and rebellion fester on all sides. After decades of oppression, the elves and other races are fighting each other and attacking the humans - and with growing numbers preparing for battle, the threat of all-out war looms ever greater.

Against this backdrop of fear, Geralt and Yennefer must protect Ciri, the orphaned heir who is sought by all sides. For the child of prophecy has the power to change the world - if she lives to use it. Zum Hauptinhalt wechseln Andrzej Sapkowski. Etwas ist schiefgegangen. Sind Sie ein Autor? Weitere Informationen bei Author Central. Previous page. Kindle Ausgabe. Next page. Entdecken Sie jetzt alle Amazon Prime-Vorteile. Andere Formate: Broschiert.

Feuertaufe: Roman Die Hexer-Saga 3 Andere Formate: Taschenbuch. Bestseller Nr. Translated by David French. But this time, Geralt may have met his match. Translated by Danusia Stok. Weitere Informationen. Sonst noch etwas? Geben Sie Feedback zu dieser Seite. Geld verdienen mit Amazon. Amazon Advertising Kunden finden, gewinnen und binden. Shopbop Designer Modemarken. Amazon Warehouse Reduzierte B-Ware. Amazon Business Kauf auf Rechnung.


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