One of the pleasures of perusing a journal from cover to cover is encountering a variety of material — scholarly articles, creative writing, book reviews —features that we might otherwise miss. Here is a selection of contents pages of Irish studies journals. Thomas, Minnesota. Online at Project Muse. Julie Donovan.

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Home Sign up How it works Help Sign in. Try searching for locations, campaign titles and names. Explore Category Medical. Start a new fundraiser. Start a GoFundMe. Hey guys, we are halfway there give or take a few books, thanks to everyone who helped so far. Share this with everyone so we can get this thing done. Share this with everyone so we can get this thing do Last donation 9mos ago.

Mission Trip to Belize. I am blessed to have the opportunity to return to Red Bank in Belize this September. Last year we took a trip down there and got to establish relationships with the people of Red Bank.

This year we will return to further our relationships and continue share the gospel to those who don't ge Last donation 1yr ago. We are celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary and would appreciate any and all donations possible to help us make this happen!

Seth and I eloped when he was 21 and I was I asked him to marry me. I got married in pants and a vest and every girl wants a fairytale wedding. Last donation 2yrs ago. I'm raising money for two families that have come together during this time. All together there are four adults, 2 of which are handicap and can't work, and a 9yr old boy in a 1 bedroom apartment.

They have lost everything, their homes filled with mold and memories. Please help us raise money for Christian's memorial. Anything helps! Please keep this a secret from Amanda! We want her to be surprised. Last donation 10mos ago. Our friend and sister Deanna has always been the one helping others.

Now Deanna needs our help! She has been diagnosed with colon cancer and under going treatments. She is unable to work. Her health is compromised even more as she is also battling Crohns Disease.

Please help us reach our go Last donation 1mo ago. Fundraiser for Bob Hollis. I am Cory Hollis, and my dad Bob Hollis had a major stroke. I am putting this together to help pay for some of the future expenses he will have for medical, future treatment, and not working for the next months!

Thanks guys! Last donation 7mos ago. Two fellow tappers who many of us have interacted with and played with over the years have received news that their father has cancer. ANY donation would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be used on medical expenses, travel or whatever they may need. Thank you and god bless.

Last donation 8mos ago. Help a friend in need. I am raising money for a friend in need whos house got on fire. Last donation 3mos ago. Beaux was hit by a large jacked up truck and left on the side of the road. A police officer had pulled a car over and saw the entire incident. He was rushed to the emergency vet clinic in Beaumont where diagnostic test were performed.

He has bilateral fractures in both hips totaling 4 fractures As you all know my baby girl Prudence is having lip surgery on Jan 23rd. Thank you so much in ad Last donation 4mos ago.

Hello, everyone. My name is Bill Davis. She graduated from one of our local high schools this past Friday night. Last donation 1d ago. Senior citizen living in bad conditions. My neighbor is in her 80s. After Hurricane Harvey un her house was flooded and she is living in a house with no walls inside, termites and mold. My father offered to fix up her hom Last donation 2d ago. El pasado 5 de Mayo, recibimos una triste noticia de parte de los medicos ya que Paula Gonzales Paya fue diagnosticada con Cancer de mama.

Unos dias depues recibimos la noticia que el cancer habia avanzado en varias areas de su cuerpo. Last donation 1w ago. This includes soap, shampoo, tooth paste and non restricted imports into Poland. We want My name is Cassandra. My fiance and I are stuggling parents with a 1 year old daughter.

We are both in need of employment. We have no money, we're almost out of food and our vehicle needs a new battery. We are behind on our bills. We have tried to sell some of our belongings to get us by until we My name is Sherry. I am a professional working with aggressive Autistic young adults.

I have been employed with my current school district for 12 year. I love this work as well as the very special people I serve. The pay is less than one would make at a fast food restaurant.

I keep my rent paid b I am raising money to get more shirts made like this and towels made so me and my ministry can spread the word and love of Jesus during all these riots we are planning to go to one of the huge cities and pass them out along with the New Testament gideons Bibles.

Last donation 4d ago. View More Campaigns. Bring your fundraising ideas to life with a GoFundMe campaign!


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