Cette oscillation entre deux objectifs possibles allait conditionner la lecture faite de la technologie par les divers protagonistes, on le verra en France pour le CNET et les militaires. Le perfectionnement de la technique du radar et donc de la fabrication des tubes devint l'un des objectifs majeurs de l'effort de guerre scientifique Tout d'abord, il modifia radicalement la dimension des recherches. De fait, M. Gutton, R. Ponte remit aux britanniques en

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Smit, P. Wijn, H. Pascard, Q. Vrehen, L. Landau et al. Pardavi-OrvathMicrowave applications of soft ferritesAbsorption and Dispersion in Porous and Anisotropic Polycrystalline Ferrites at Microwave FrequenciesOn the theory of the dispersion of magnetic permeability in ferromagnetic bodiesA Lagrangian formulation of the gyromagnetic equation of the magnetization field , Les ferrites?

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Des, R. De et al.


Rayonnement et propagation des ondes électromagnétiques de courte longueur d'onde

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Signal Integrity in Digital and RF Systems - 5AMSC514

The objective of this course is to introduce students to the topic of signal integrity of RF and digital components. To be able to understand the major trends in the development of integration technologies of electronic circuits ICs and RF circuits To be able to improve signal integrity in electronic circuits ICs and RF circuits. To be able to implement techniques to characterize, to measure the performance of RF or digital components. To be able to choose materials, substrates dielectrics, conducting material… according to their physical properties to improve the performances of electronic systems. To be able to understand and take into account the parasitic effects of interconnections and packaging in the circuit design modeling elements, coupling EM To be able to model physical phenomena related to the increase of the operating frequency.





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