Of course, our Cloud POS is much more than just a cash register. Aldelo Express is made to replace the extensive features normally found in traditional desktop point of sale systems. We've been in the point of sale business for nearly two decades, serving over , POS installations over the years. Better yet, use our emailed receipts to further promote your business with specials, social links, and much more.

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I would like to do a quick run-down of the hardware we are going to be using. First, we are going to have a touch screen and we will talk about all of the connections shortly. We also have the cash drawer; it is a 16 x 16 fully industrial steel-gauge cash drawer that is going to be automated. It actually connects to the receipt printer and the cable that is going to be coming from the cash drawer looks like a CAT-5 Ethernet cable and it is going to plug into the bottom; keys are going to come taped to the bottom as well.

There is going to be an RJ connection from the cash drawer to the receipt printer, which looks just like a phone cable that is going to go into the back.

The receipt printer is a thermal receipt printer and you want to be careful when you print a receipt that you are not near a lot of heat because the receipt will turn black. Other USB connections are going to be your card readers, your mouse and keyboard. The software is going to give you access to a Qwerty keyboard within the touch-screen so you can use that so you will not always have to have a keyboard around. If you have any questions, we definitely have plenty of answers on our website.

You just go to www. You can have dine-in, table service, and you can have take-out, delivery, and drive-thru altogether or you can edit it down to only have one. So this is a very complex, but user-friendly software. On the screen itself you will have your home screen. You can put your logo on the right-hand side of the screen as well. The software comes with a default picture that you are able to change.

You will see on the screen that there are all the buttons you will need; there is dine-in, take-out, drive-thru, and delivery. You can actually reduce the choices on the screen. You can edit this down to make it as simple or as complex based on your needs. In the back office area, there are store settings, station settings, and this is where all of your setups are going to be.

Store Settings are more global settings that are going to be for your entire business. You simply switch through the tabs and see all of the different settings that you have to choose from. Always make sure that you save your changes before moving on to another screen. Station Settings are going to be per terminal. There are multiple tabs at the top. There is also a secondary language portion and you can actually have Spanish and Chinese as a native portion of the software; you can use the Windows Language Pack to use other languages as well.

There are multiple screens to use. There is another feature to mention and the back office on the Front Of House portion of each client or even the server.

What is great about this is that there is a recurring data base planted on the server and each of the clients are accessing that data base in order to move information from one client to another.

With all of the security settings within the software, you can actually access any portion of the data base if you have the security permissions. You can make edits to your entire business from the Front Of House. There are multiple reports that can be run from this area of the software as well. This is a pretty great feature that is on each different station. You will then see a screen where you will click on each employee you want to send the e-mail to; you can even send one to yourself.

Any time you access the system, the e-mail will be on the screen once you are on. You can also reply to e-mail messages, as well as delete them. A screen will appear with the items you offer for that particular category.

The order is then sent to the kitchen and a receipt is printed for the customer. You can also check where each specific area is on their orders, such as see where the Dine-In orders are, the bar, take-out, delivery, etc. You tap on the particular order you are going to print a receipt for you will also have the choice to select which particular area you are looking open orders for, i.

Then your tender screen will come up. Your invoice total is populated on the right side of your screen where you are able to add in such things as a gratuity, a discount, split the tab, etc. You are also able to select the method of payment based on what has been previously set up for your business. Once that has been selected, a screen will appear where you can enter the amount that has been paid.

Once you have entered this amount and press enter, the cash drawer will open and if any change is due, that amount will be on the screen.

A receipt will print at that time for the customer. The drawer will open and a No Sale alert will appear on the screen along with the employee name and number that accessed the No Sale area.

A receipt will also print out that the manager will keep. You are able to select what method of refund such as cash, credit, etc. You can edit, make it robust, or make it simple. At the top of the screen there is an area that you can customize based on your needs.

You can also apply this void to your inventory. What that will do is tell you if there was Waste or No Waste with your voids. If it can be re-sold, it will be No Waste and if it is Waste, it will be depleted from your inventory. You can use both of these features independently or together. There are a few different places you can do this.

The up to 8 reasons that were previously set up in the Back Office will appear on the screen. If there is a different reason than one of the buttons shown, you are able to manually enter that using the on-screen keyboard.

Obviously, if it is a food item that has been prepared, it will be Waste. The voided item will also be depleted from your inventory as previously discussed. Another way to void an entire order is from the home screen. This will bring up the open orders screen. Do you have questions for our Product Specialists? Request a live demo to see the software in action. Contact us and see how we've helped over 7, merchants with their POS needs!

Aldelo Training Videos. Section I focuses on hardware and software setup. Ready to Learn More. Request Live Demo. Ready to get started? Call us at !


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