Post a Comment. Big Family Story: annan, thangachi,kolunthan,atthai, oattha part Big Family Story: annan, thangachi,kolunthan,atthai, oattha part 17 Moondu perum utkaarnthu poori masaalai rasiththu,rusiththu saappittom Amma samaiyal eppothume super-a irukkum.

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Learning English; Family members and their relations How are the following people related to you? Aunt - is your mother's sister or father's sister Brother - is what the male child of your parents is to you Cousin - is your aunt's or uncle's child Daughter - what you are to your parents if you are a girl Father - male parent of yours Grandfather - is your father's father or mother's father Grand mother - is your father's mother or mother's mother Grandparents - are your father's parents or mother's parents Husband - what your father is to your mother Mother - female parents of yours Nephew - is your sister's or brother's son Niece - is your sister's or brother's daughter Son - what you are to your parents if you are a boy Uncle - mother's brother or father's brother Wife - what your mother is to your father.

Adesola, I agree with all your correctly said relationship except the last - Wife, what your mother is to your father. It can be said differently. Please think it over and post it suitably. Other members also can try their best to give the definition of wife. No life without Sun. Points: 1. All are correct and wife has not been defined properly. Regards, Jagdish. This thread reminds of my recent reading when I had a discussion on the part of cousins who are referred as generally with first cousin, second cousin etc.

We have examples here in our Tamil Nadu with family members of our great political leader Karunanidhi when they usually referred as grand son only but it is supposed to be great nephew. Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference. These responses are very good and educative to me. Sun, wife definition above is right and also it could be someone I married and lived with me. She gives birth to all my children. Members, can add to this thread; I mean contributions to this thread.

Adesola Adeyeye. Saroja ji, Would appreciate if you explain the relationship quoted in detail, like the author. I want to know much about the 'Half' relationship.

Adesola Adeyeye , nice narration. In the present world of one-child families, I am afraid, by and by many terms will lose their meaning. Some of these terms will be seen as archives in dictionaries by the future generations. I would like to add a new definition to the word uncle: Uncle- a convenient word of addressing any elder and stranger male, by a child.

Aunt- substitute female for male in the above definition I the many Indian languages there are more specific words for each relations than the generally vague and uniform words in English. Let me take this opportunity to teach the Tamil relationship equivalent to English.

And also can add the left out relationship. Sun, yours above is very good and interesting as I have interest in learning one of the many Indian languages. Please can you raise a thread on this now or in the nearest future. Submit New Thread. Follow Us.


Thangai En Kama Mangai

Naan jai. Chithi vittil naan thangai chithi mattum thaan chithappa townla velai seiyararu Sunday mattum tha varuvaru. Naan chithi matrum thangai ku thoonaiyaga athe ooril B. E padikiren. Chithium velaikku poikiraal. Morning 7am to 7pm thaa varuva.


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Many people have talked about Anni en sunni, pundai kathai in tamil. Amma chithi anni thangai okkum kamakathai tamil, Adhe pola nam chithi enbal ammavin thangai avalai olukum aasai varuvathu kuthama, illai illave illai. Tamil kama kathai tamil kamakathaikal photos,. Explanation for Anni Thangai Kamakathaikal. Adhe pola nam chithi enbal ammavin thangai avalai olukum aasai varuvathu kuthama,. Here i will explain about Anni Thangai Kamakathaikal.

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