This book caught my eyes when I was about to walk out of the bookstore. Something about the title and the book cover really just got me. Plus, i already knew about Amelie before, and her writing quite suits me, so I decided to take a chance. First of all, i thought that this was supposed to focus on the storyline, the conflict between Blanche and Christa, as well as the sneakiness and evilness of Christa. However, after reading the book, I realize that Christa was not an evil genius as my first thought and the book actually focus on the value of self awareness and self esteem and the perception of your own happiness rather than fantasizing over something unreal.

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When the lonely sixteen-year-old university student Blanche meets the dazzling Christa, she is swept off her feet. Christa, who talks freely of her impoverished background in the Eastern Belgian town of Malmedy, claims to work in a bar with her boyfriend, a David Bowie lookalike called Detlev.

When Blanche's mother, who finds her own daughter rather colourless, bookish and dull, is also dazzled by Christa though, she soon invites her to stay at the family house. Suddenly Christa can do no wrong and, as Blanche's parents scour their address books for long-lost friends to invite to dinner to meet the newcomer, their friendship sours and Blanche's already negligible self-confidence goes into a steep decline.

Her first novel, "L'higiene de l'assassin" "Hygiene and the Assassin" was published in Since then, she has published approximately one novel per year with a. While in Japan, she attended a local school and learned Japanese. When she was five the family moved to China.

Nothomb moved very often, before discovering Europe, more precisely, Brussels, where she reportedly felt as much a stranger as everywhere else. After facing troubles in her family, she returned to Tokyo to work in a big Japanese company.

Her experience of this time is told in "Fear and Trembling". From the pompous premieres of her works in the bookstores of Champs-Elyssees to the pandemic cultural discussions surrounding her work, Amelie Notomb is defined as a contemporary legend. Her complex work of art intertwines cultural analysis, social subjects, and subtle style of writing that mixes together the sophistication of the Far East Asia with the rational sobriety of the Western civilization.

A brilliant marketing strategist, an enigmatic figure and a very disciplined aesthete, Amelie Notomb has refocused the public attention towards the beauty of the French-language literature. She now lives and writes in Brussels. She says she writes three novels a year, publishing only one.

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'Sixteen-year-old girl massacres parents'

It was translated into English in Christa is the first real friend in Blanche's life and that is why in the beginning she is very excited and nervous about their friendship. It turns out that Christa is the exact counterpart of Blanche: she is talented, brilliant and above all extremely popular. But it does not take Blanche long to figure out that Christa plays false and loose with her and slowly becomes her "headsman", the Antichrist.

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