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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Arx Fatalis Store Page. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support.

This item is incompatible with Arx Fatalis. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Arx Fatalis.

This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. This is a 5-part walkthrough along with sidequests originally posted on the now sadly defunct RPGDot.

I saved it from the bowels of the internet, but credits go to them. This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Alderon Offline. Guide Index. Walkthrough part 1. Walkthrough part 2. Walkthrough part 3. Walkthrough part 4. Walkthrough part 5. XP's per quest. Preface: Numbers in parenthesis refer to the room in the corresponding level in the maps guide i posted. This is a basic walkthrough, which follows the main story line. For all the side quests or other things to do, see the chapters Sidequests.

Level 2 - The Goblin Prison You wake up in a cell 1 imprisoned by goblins with no memory of who you are and why you were arrested. Kultar, the prisoner in the cell next to yours 3 , tells you, that there must be a way to leave your cell - and actually you can remove a stone from the other gate and bend the steels bars aside, so you can leave your cell.

In the next room 1a you use a bone from the floor as your first weapon and fight the goblin guard. Level 3 - The Spider Caves You fall down into this area 1 and will find some useful items but also have to fight some rats, spiders and goblins here. In a room with a broken elevator 12 , you need to remove all the bricks from the one pressure plate and put one on the other to open a secret room 11 ; here you will find the key for the supply room 17 and a rope to repair the elevator, which will lift you up.

You then have to fight a goblin guard 49 ; Kultar has managed to get here as well and helps you fighting the guard you can give him a weapon so he can do more damage against the Goblin ; after you have defeated him, you raid the supply room and take the piece of wood from the dead goblin to repair the lever and open the gate to the level exit.

In one of the cells 6 a goblin named Polsius is imprisoned. When you free him, he promises to help you in return, should you ever need him; he then walks off to the tavern. In the Guard Post Manager Office 13 you will find an unsigned goblin authorization, a key to leave the goblin kingdom to the Great Cave 14, 15 and a secret compartment with a key for the Armoury Alternately you can bribe the guards with gold pieces here, but money is still short at this time of your adventures.

Since there is nothing else to do here, you leave the prison through the northern most exit near room When you come closer, you realize it has been attacked; only a few have survived, among them Ortiern, who lies wounded in a room upstairs 49 and tells you this Human Outpost has been attacked by Ylsides and that you need to tell these news to the king. Below the tavern is a door, which requires a password to enter, but since you do not know it, you decide to leave this area again.

So the only option is to leave back to Level 2 through the exit at Level 2 - The Crystal Caves You arrive in the Crytal Caves, where you encounter more rats and spiders before you can exit the caves to Level 1 again. The guards suggest you go to the guard room 3 and talk with Carlo, who sends you to King Lunshire in the castle So you go to the king and tell him of the attack on the outpost and the collapsed passageway King Lunshire assigns you a new quest immediately and sends you to to the Troll King Pog to give him a letter from Lunshire and ask him to free the passageway.

You then leave through the Crystal Caves to the troll camp. Surprisingly, you find a goblin here as well 36 , who tells you, that the trolls are on strike and not delivering any more gems to the goblins. You explore the mines and find pickaxes all over the mines, which you can use to pick gems or gold from the wall or to smash unstable walls around the dungeons.

Your task is to find and return the idol. Alternately, you can steal the key to the troll prison 44 from King Pog or even kill all the trolls and get the key then. With the key, you can free the imprisoned troll, who will then free the passageway for you as a reward. Before leaving the troll camp, you talk to the goblin 36 and tell him of the missing idol; he agrees to allow you to go into the goblin city for further investigations. You notice, that the cook is serving him a lot of cakes.

The guard will also not allow you in the treasure chamber 22 , of course. So you decide to use this new information; you go into the kitchen 25 and pour some wine in the cake dough; the cook really makes a cake out of it and delivers it to the king. Here you can finally talk to him you must have talked to the treasure room guard first!

Level 3 - Troll Mines and Goblin City —continued. In his room, you find a key under a pillow. Upon leaving the room, Atok comes in and attacks you, because you have thwarted his plans to get rid of Alotar — you fight him and after his defeat unlock the door with the key he has with him. Now it becomes all clear: Atok stole the idol to stop the gem deliveries and have King Alotar killed, so he can become king himself!

When you return the idol to King Pog, the trolls start freeing the passageway at once and end their strike; you decide to go back King Lunshire again to report of your success. Level 1 - The Castle But there is no time to celebrate this, because the King, his alchemist Felnor and snake woman Chinkashh are discussing the recent earthquakes.

Suddenly, Carlo comes running in and tells that the astronomer Falan Orbiplanax has been murdered. You once more agree to help and investigate the murder. The King gives you a private room 33 in the castle and the key to it and allows you to walk around in the castle freely now. You can also find some runes and some ingredients to make you own potions here.

A council is held in the meeting room at once 22 in the course of which you learn that a guard named Erzog has been arrested for the murder of Falan and is believed to be the head priest of the secret cult of Akbaa; you also learn, that you were sent by the Noden to save Arx from Akbaa. To do this, you have to find the secret entrance to the temple of Akbaa and destroy a meteor there, by which Akbaa wants to incarnate in Arx. In the prison 15 you talk to Erzog and find out, that he himself was betrayed by the Akbaa cult; he tells you the password to the temple of Akbaa below the tavern: it is Faat Kaa Pell!

When you enter the hall of the castle 13 , you see two snake women talking to King Lunshire about an old debt, which the king is not able to repay - the Krahoz! Then you leave the castle, and find Chinkashh waiting for you outside it; she teaches you a secret spell to activate the Teleports, so you can travel more easily between the levels. At the city teleport, you also find out, that Maria, the dealer 5 is missing her daughter Shany — of course you promise to find her.

You investigate the houses, but are told to go away at one 7bis. The other house 7 is open and inside you find a book about a ritual at the serpent pillar — since Akbaar needs human sacrifices to earn more and more power, you decide to investigte this matter first as time may be running short for Shany.

Level 3 - Troll Mines and Goblin City The bridge 34 is also passable now and you can go on to level 4. Level 4 - The Great Underground Sea You continue to look for the serpent column in this level now, in which you will encounter more rats, some goblins and even a ratman occasionally. The force field 45 is to be left undispelled for now. Smash the doors to room 8 and find a diary from Lord Inut and his chicken obsession.

Here is also the place to start the treasure hunt: Insert an emerald in the left chest to find a new note where to look on see side quests for more info about the treasure hunt.

And finally in the most south-west room 10 you find a serpent pillar. When you stand just west of it, you suddenly see some Akbaa priests. Follow them secretly to the altar room 7.

From the distance you can already hear a child crying for help. Attack the priests in the altar room, but be quick, else Shany will be sacrificed and you have to fight a demon also.

After you have killed all the priests and freed Shany, walk her back to her Mom. Level 1 - The Human City of Arx Maria is very grateful of course and will grant one item from her stock for free now! In the first room to the right 36 , you find a first Akbaa Meteor, which will be important later on. In the central hall 29 , there are several Akbaa priests, who will attack you.

The way to the Meteor Chamber is not yet passable 22 , since Iserbius has activated the Security System, but the blind priest 25 thinks we are a friend and tells us some secrets about Akbaa. There are also two secret passages from the praying room 25 : One leads to a golem 34 , and another golem heart, the other to a crypt 35 , a cupboard and a chest. If you open the latter, a lich appears, who is a tough opponent at this time of the game, so you might want to take him on later.

In the chest is another Akbaa Meteor. Here are 3 golems, but the one in the middle has no heart! The gate to room 26 is now open and you pull the first of three levers! Next is room 28, where you either enter the numbers you found on one of the notes or have to fight another golem when pulling the second lever here. Only if you close the first door, can you open the second, and pull the third lever — to exit 27a, the door to 27 has to be closed again for the other to open.

Now you have deactivated the Security System and can walk over a bridge 22 to the meteor chamber You just interrupt Suiberis, who is just about to sacrifice a woman to Akbaa as you enter. He summons a demon to keep you busy and flees. The fight with the demon is quite hard, but you finally manage to kill the beast and free the lady, who thanks us before leaving.


Arx Fatalis - Walkthrough

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Arx Fatalis Store Page. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support.


Arx Fatalis – Guides and FAQs

Arx Fatalis Table of Contents Walkthrough. Completing this quest will make you an enemy of the goblin kingdom, so be sure to finish Cooking for Goblins before proceeding with this quest. If you don't want to fight your way past the goblins you should finish up anything you have left to do there, such as collecting the hidden Fridd rune. In Arx, go to Gary's house. If he is out, pick the lock or use his key if you pickpocketed it from him earlier; if he is at home the door will be unlocked.


Arx Fatalis Hints from UHS — Not Your Ordinary Walkthrough




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