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Unit 13 Happy Children ASTM D Designation: F? A number in parentheses indicates the year of last reapproval. A superscript epsilon? Scope 1.

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We opted to directly incorporate the CPSIA-mandated federal lead limit into our developing standard, which was intended particularly to address cadmium content. We also wished for companies to be certain that products manufactured in accord with the completed standard would be in accord with all known assessments of risk.

What came out of the hard work of that F Regulators who were responsible for developing the standard for lead and phthalates in the CPSIA, knowing that ASTM F represents a satisfactory set of safety protocols, decided to include the toy standard as a legal requirement.

F compliance requires many other safety measures than just for lead and phthalates: heavy metals in surface coatings, sharp points, and other hazard requirements became legally-enforceable through enactment of the CPSIA. The F In the wake of the enactment of the CPSIA, retailers had begun independently creating arbitrary criteria for adult jewelry. What jewelry companies needed, then, was a harmonized industry standard for adult jewelry products; a paradigm that, if followed, would assure safety.

As a voluntary industry standard, ASTM F is not a legal requirement; however, the industry has shown compliance. Consumer safety is a top concern for all companies.

FJATA has led the way in developing product safety standards for the fashion jewelry and accessories industries. Second, with the F Adult Jewelry Safety Standard, we proactively ensured the safety of adult jewelry, while being guided by a rational, harmonized risk assessment protocol that all manufacturers can follow.

We respect the privacy of our members and will never share your information or send out commercial solicitations. FJATA was formed to promote and protect the interest of suppliers and retailers offering fashion jewelry to the public. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay informed about public events in the fashion jewelry and accessories industries. Only industry association supporting the interests of fashion jewelry and accessories manufacturers, importers, wholed retailers.

We were at the table in California, commissioning scientific testing and communicating with the judiciary, when a Safe Drinking Water and Toxics Enforcement Act Prop 65 case was brought against some of our members and many other companies.

These proceedings supplied the impetus to pioneer standards that would address all jewelry, from low-cost items to luxury brands. Jewelry companies have always been aware of the material specifications that define the metals, plastics, and crystals of which our products are primarily composed. We needed to identify safe specifications, should a product be accidentally ingested.

Although it is relatively rare for a child to actually swallow a small jewelry component, we looked at that risk as well as risk stemming from mouthing and chewing, because these are fairly common. In this manner, FJATA recognized the issue at hand, and took significant proactive steps to develop a standard ensuring the safety of our products for all of our consumers, whether they be children or adults.

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Children’s Jewelry

Historical Version s - view previous versions of standard. Work Item s - proposed revisions of this standard. More F This specification establishes requirements and test methods for specified elements and certain mechanical hazards in children's jewelry. It also includes recommendations for age labelling and warnings, as well as guidelines on identifying the primary intended users, namely children or adults. The specification also lists the lead content limits for children's jewelry, the materials that are excluded from the lead limits in children's jewelry, and the approved materials for children's body piercing jewelry. This abstract is a brief summary of the referenced standard.


US Standard Specification for Children's Jewelry ASTM F2923-11

This standard provides requirements and tests methods for toxic elements content and certain. It also includes recommendations for age labeling and warnings,. Possible location includes package, display card, retail shelf, online store or catalogue. Use only on ears. Prolonged wearing can. Change earring position regularly to release pressure.


Active view current version of standard. Other Historical Standards. Work Item s - proposed revisions of this standard. More F It also includes recommendations for age labeling and warnings, and guidelines on identifying the primary intended users children or adults.



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