China is considered another major power in Pacific , though they are commanded by one of the other Allied powers or by all Allied players as a committee. The objective of Japan is to capture six victory cities, while the Allied nations must capture Japan to win the game. All powers may also play to achieve a smaller number of "national objectives", which grant one-time or persistent advantages. The board is designed with combining with Europe in mind, and Pacific itself uses only part of the board: for example, there are a number of Soviet Union territories on the board, which are only used in the combined game and considered impassible in Pacific Other specific combined game provisions include territories that start the game as French, Dutch, or Canadian, none of which are represented in Pacific but are present in Europe The initial setup of the British, American, ANZAC, Chinese, and Japanese forces for Pacific half of the combined game is also used for Pacific itself, so as to consolidate all the setup of the combined game into the Europe rulebook.

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Expansions Accessories. User Name. Two new combat units debut in this game, Tactical Bombers and Mechanized Infantry. China fields more forces than ever before, but will need help from their allies -- the United States and England -- to withstand the might of expansionist Imperial Japan. When joined, these boards will measure 5 feet wide by 32 inches high x 81 cm.

Both games have been designed to play alone or together to offer a player global scenario, complete with separate set up and national objectives. Kids Everyone Easiest to learn All. Shipping Points Contact us. My cart. Social Media. Minimum Age. Playing Time. Number of Players. Remember Me. Base price with tax:. Out of stock. Related Products:. Number of Players : 2,3,4 Language : English. Related Products Friedrich 3nd Edition Cuba Libre.

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High Wargame.


Axis and Allies Pacific 1940 2nd Edition

Players of the original Pacific game will notice some new rules along with some interesting new elements. One such item is the Political Situation rule. Based in , the game starts with just Japan and China at war. The remaining 3 Allies are at peace in the Pacific Theater with Japan.


Axis & Allies Pacific 1940



Rules for Axis & Allies Pacific 1940 Second Edition


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