Call a Specialist Today! Click here for Renewal Pricing. PacketShaper lets you measure network application performance, categorize and manage web traffic based on its content, guarantee quality-of-service QoS for preferred applications and content, and contain the impact of undesirable traffic. Critical applications need to move at the speed of business. With PacketShaper, you can monitor and control application performance — even web-connected applications — while managing the increasing volume of web traffic based on content categories.

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This product includes software developed by the University of California, Berkeley and its contributors. All rights reserved. This product incorporates software for zipping and unzipping files. UnZip 5. Zip 2. Portions copyright , , , by Boutell. Com, Inc. GIF decompression code copyright , , , by David Koblas koblas netcom. Americas: Blue Coat Systems, Inc.

Mary Ave. ContentsChapter 1: Installation To access help, click the Help link. PacketShaper Quick Start Guide 3. PacketShaper Quick Start Guide 5. Chapter 1: InstallationElectrical and Environmental Specifications PacketShaper s have varying power and environmental specifications depending onmodel and unit configuration. For example, support for PacketShaper model was introducedwith PacketWise 8. The following table lists PacketShaper models and the supported PacketWise softwareversions.

Caution: Never install an earlier software version than is listed for a particular model: your PacketShaper will fail to boot. PacketShaper Quick Start Guide 9. Find a location on the rack with space to mount the PacketShaper , adequate power,and proximity to a router or switch on the network.

You can mount theunit facing either forward as shown below or backward with the networkinterfaces facing front. Secure the PacketShaper to the rack with mounting screws. Optional Secure the external power supply to the power supply tray with thepower supply bracket.

Find a location with space to mount the PacketShaper , adequate power, andproximity to a router or switch on the network. Secure the PacketShaper in a horizonal or vertical position with fastenersappropriate for the mounting surface. PacketShaper Quick Start Guide Chapter 2: Configuring a PacketShaper 5. Verify Network Traffic with Power OffTo ensure that the PacketShaper is cabled correctly and that traffic will pass through theappliance when powered off or offline failover bypass , verify network traffic with thepower off.

If the gateway replies, then the interfacesare cabled correctly. For example:Reply from Model Power On Power Off 1. Plug power supply cord into the PacketShaper 2. Plug the power supply to AC power.

Plug the other end of the power cord into AC power. Flip the power switch to the on position. One power cord isincluded for each installed power supply.

Each power supply has its own powerswitch, located on the back of the unit. Plug the other ends of the power cord s into AC power. When usingtwo power supplies, be sure to connect the two power cords to outletson separate circuit breakers.

Press the power switch on each power supply. Two power cords are included with your PacketShaper — one for each powersupply.

The power switch is located on the back of the unit. Plug the other ends of the power cords into AC power. Be sure toconnect the two power cords to outlets on separate circuit breakers. If you press theswitch too long, it will not power up. If this happens, just press theswitch again. Note: On some PacketShaper models configured with two powersupplies, an alarm buzz will sound in the event of power interruption, powersupply failure, or when only one of the two power supplies is connected to apower outlet.

To silence the alarm, press the red button on the power supply. Unplug the power supplycable. For the PacketShaper ,, , and Flip the power switch tothe off position the PacketShaper will turnoff, but the unit'smotherboard remainspowered.

To fully remove powerfrom the motherboard,disconnect the powercord. Toggle the rear powerswitch. Chapter 2: Configuring a PacketShaper Step 3: Complete Guide d Setup Guide d Setup is an automated process for initial configuration of your PacketShaper and will automatically run the first time you access a new unit.

Most customers set the site router to none; this is therecommended setting. All other Ethernetpackets, including multicast, are ignored. Gateway IP addressExample: Passwords can be up to nineteen characters longand are case sensitive. They can consist of a combination of letters,numbers, and all special characters. Upon successfully accessing the PacketShaper , the Guide d Setup window appears Select local or shared mode. Shared mode is used to configure multiple PacketShaper s with the PolicyCentersoftware.

If you are not using PolicyCenter, or if you want to configure the unitindependently of other units, choose local mode. Note: When prompted, set shaping to off. When you are finished, click Commit All Settings. A dialog box notifies you thatyour configuration will be saved to your unit. Guide d Setup via Remote LoginYou are free to choose any remote login utility that is available for your operating system. For example, for clear text connections, you can use Telnet.

Connect to unconfigured. Press Enter to bypass the password for now. You will set the password and new IPaddress later. When you successfully connect to Guide d Setup, you will see a banner and promptsimilar to the following: PacketShaper v8. PacketShaper not yet configured. Do you wish to beguided through initial setup of PacketShaper?

Open a terminal emulation program such as Hyper Terminal. Check the modem manual for details. Power on the PacketShaper if you have not already done so. If the unit was alreadyturned on, you will need to press Enter several times to make the connection.

The password prompt appears. For example: PacketShaper console Password Press Enter to bypass this prompt. You will configure passwords during setup. The PacketShaper prompt appears. If you need to install one or more licensekeys, proceed with the following steps. To install a license key Access the CLI.

Verify installed keys with the setup keys show command. In some cases, the measurement engine must be reset after installing a license key. To determine whether or not this is necessary, use the measure show command. If the returned data indicates that a measurement reset is necessary, type:measure resetAfter measure reset executes, the PacketShaper will reboot. Once it restarts, themeasurement engine begins to run as a background process, which requiresapproximately ten minutes to complete.

Enter the password if any that you specified during Guide d Setup. Click Login.


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