Key 6 1. Using this Service Manual Index of revisions Other applicable documents Symbols and markings

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Key 6 1. Using this Service Manual Index of revisions Other applicable documents Symbols and markings Structure of warnings Risk levels in warnings Other symbols and markings Safety information for service technicians Safety information Warnings and safety instructions General instructions Special instructions Working with the unit switched on Working with the unit switched off Design and operating principle Power board Power supply unit PSU Extra-low voltage power supply unit Control electronics Control board Sensor system Connection for the relay autostart board Interfaces MCU Connection for LWL board Footswitch input socket Connection for front panel Front panel unit LWL board Autostart board Technical safety inspection TSI Carrying out the TSI Menu programs Service programs Problem solving Functional test of boards Dealing with a board fault Information messages displayed on the electrosurgical unit Procedure to be followed when information messages appear Classification of information messages Overview of information messages and procedures Key table for Information Number Start-up faults Display faults Voltage generation faults Functional faults Interference to other equipment Repair on site Ordering of spares Repair in the factory Removal and installation of parts Mains fuse Potential equalisation connection Connector socket Parts list Technical specifications Test instructions for TSI Visual inspection Functional test EASY neutral electrode monitoring Electrical tests Power supply setup Monopolar setup Bipolar setup Index of revisions Software version Revision status 1.

Validity This Service Manual applies only to the product indicated on the title page. NOTE Type, source and consequences of danger damage to prop- erty! Additional information provided to facilitate working with the elec- trosurgical unit. Action comprising several steps 2. Keys 25 Numbers in bold type here: 25 refer to the schematic diagram of the unit and the corresponding key. Safety information for service technicians BOWA-electronic places great emphasis on safety when working with electrosurgical units.

The safety instructions in the User Manual contain information relevant to correct handling of the electrosurgical unit. Safety information Electrosurgical equipment is subject to strict inspections by spe- cially trained personnel.

Only experienced and trained personnel may work with the elec- trosurgical unit. BOWA assumes that the electrosurgical unit will be maintained by qualified or authorised personnel.

Service technicians must be trained and familiar with the basic principles, rules of maintenance and risks posed by the electrosurgical unit in order to ensure that patients, personnel and equipment are never put in danger. If necessary, the electrosurgical unit can be connected to the po- tential equalisation system by means of an earthing cable.

DANGER Since the unit's components are not insulated against con- tact with foreign objects, there is high risk of electric shock with potentially fatal consequences! Overheated or unsuitable components and inflammable materials pose the risk of fire or explosion. The components are not insulated against contact with foreign objects.

There is a risk of electric shock from electrically charged components even after the unit is switched off. The electrosurgical unit can be damaged by incorrect use of tools and associated materials. The block diagram gives an overview of the components and their functions. Plate design 6P 26P. Control board 5P 4P JPC3 JP1 option NE socket Monopolar socket Bipolar socket Figure Block diagram. Power board The power board contains all the circuits required to generate the HF power from mains-frequency current.

The power board is composed of various individual functions:. The power rectifier is connected via the power switch to the pow- er input socket with integral mains filter.

The supply voltage can be set between V and V via a soldering jumper see table be- low. The power supply unit is a full-resonance switch-mode power supply, with output voltage regulated by the MCU. It supplies out- put voltages between 0 V and V.

Figure Extra-low voltage power supply unit. The extra-low voltage power supply unit supplies all of the boards with the required extra-low voltages. Output voltage Max. Light-emitting diodes LEDs on the power board indicate the op- erational status of the voltage supplies.


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