D Digital Video Camera. Product Overview Concepts Main Features Direct Printer Compatible DV Messenger Function and Performance List Function and Performance Comparison Chart 2. Performance and Functions 4. System Diagram Common to all Models 5.

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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Please note. Canon information digital video camcorder instruction manual 94 pages. Canon digital video camcorder instruction manual pages.

Please note that illustrations and explanation in this manual are based on the MVi. Page 5 Returning to a Pre-marked Position We recommend reading this manual thoroughly before you use the camcorder. It will help you to become more familiar with your camcorder, and learn how to operate it properly. Page 10 Cassette compartment cover p. PHOTO button p. Page 11 MIC terminal p. MVi MVi Output only. Page 15 Actual time may be shorter. Playback Time Wipe the terminals with a soft cloth.

Page Installing The Backup Battery Installing the Backup Battery The backup battery allows the camcorder to retain date, time and other camcorder settings while the power source is disconnected. Power the camcorder from a household power source or with a battery pack when replacing the backup battery. Turn on the camcorder and keep the LCD panel closed to adjust the viewfinder.

Adjust the diopter adjustment lever. Do not leave the viewfinder exposed to direct sunlight as it may melt due to concentration of light by the lens. Press the MENU button to open the menu. Just set the time zone to the one of your destination, and the camcorder automatically adjusts the clock. The year display starts to flash. Turn the selector dial to select the year, and press the selector dial.

Before You Begin Recording Make a test recording first to check if the camcorder operates correctly. Before you make important recordings, clean the video heads Preparations Connect a power source.

Page 27 When recording outdoors or through a window, do not leave LCD screen, viewfinder or lens exposed to direct sunlight as it may cause damage. The camcorder automatically switches between optical zooming and digital zooming. Image resolution is slightly lower with the digital zoom. Page Using The Lcd Screen You can rotate the LCD panel so that the screen faces in the same direction as the lens 31 , or push it flat against the camcorder with the screen facing outward.

Close the LCD panel after use. Page Searching And Reviewing When Recording In record pause mode, this function allows you to review the last few seconds of your recording to check if it has been recorded properly.

Press and release the c record review button. The camcorder rewinds the tape, plays back the last few seconds, and returns to record pause mode. Record Search If necessary, support the camcorder with your left hand. Be careful that your fingers do not touch the microphone or lens. Page Playing Back A Tape 5. Press the button to stop playback. The built-in speaker does not sound. Press the button during normal playback. Press the e play button return to normal playback. The camcorder goes into stop mode after 5 minutes in reverse playback pause.

Use headphones for stereo sound. Page 40 1. Turn off all devices before starting the connections. Connect the S S-video Cable optional to the S-video terminals. Connect the white plug to the white audio terminal L left , the red plug to the red audio terminal R right and the yellow plug to the yellow video terminal VIDEO. Press the MENU button to close the menu.

Selecting Menus and Settings 1. Set the camcorder to the correct operating mode. Change the mode if necessary. With the MVi and MVi, you can also create your own start-up image. The colour changes when you press a button and turns back when you release the button. The beep will not be recorded. If you turn off the beep, all camcorder sounds including the ones of the My Camera settings will be turned off.

During this time, the camcorder displays the still image and keeps recording the sound. The availability of functions differs depending on the selected mode.

Page 57 Use this mode to record in dimly lit places. The shutter is fixed at a slow shutter speed. Page 58 Night Use this mode to record in dark places.

The shutter speed is adjusted automatically. It is useful when recording in places with changing light conditions such as in amusement parks. Slide the program selector to Q program AE. Press the selector dial. A list of the program AE modes appears. Select a mode and press the selector dial. The symbol of the mode appears on the upper left corner of the screen. Select [D. Wipe WIPE The image begins as a vertical line in the centre and expands sideways until it fills the whole screen.

The pieces move around until the puzzle is solved. Select the fader option. The name of the selected fader flashes. Select the effect. The name of the selected effect flashes. Sound will be recorded normally. Page 67 Capturing The blue frame indicating the next sequence disappears after the last image. Page Audio Recording stereo 1 , leaving 2 channels free stereo 2 for adding new sound later.

Select the bit mode for higher sound quality. Use it for recording or dubbing audio. Refer also to the DM Microphone instruction manual. In such case, focus manually. Set the program selector to Q. Page 75 Press the focus button more than 3 seconds in step 3. Close the menu. However, you can use the preset modes to reproduce colours more accurately, or set a custom white balance to obtain the optimal setting.

Page 80 2. Point the camcorder at a white object such as a sheet of paper , zoom in until it fills the whole screen and select [SET W].

Move the zoom lever toward T. Camera data may not appear in some special playback modes. If you connect a digital video device, you can copy recordings with virtually no generation loss in image and sound quality. Page 87 Connecting a Digital Video Device Refer also to the instruction manual of the digital video device.

You cannot playback the contents of the tape. The DV terminal serves as output terminal only. Page 94 4. Locate the scene you wish to replace and pause playback shortly before the scene. You can use the playback buttons on the camcorder or the special playback buttons on the wireless controller.


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