The Central Depository and Settlement Corporation will suspend some of its services from Monday 7th to Friday 11th October as it prepares to move into a new and more efficient system. CDSC currently uses an Oracle-based system to store client data. The services that will be suspended include new user account creation and client account data update. During the one week period, new investors will not be able to open a new CDSC account and current investors will not be able to make changes to their data at CDSC. The new system from Perago Group, an Italian company, will be able to link central depository agents, custodian banks, and registrars in one system thereby reducing the paperwork at CDSC.

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The report has been updated with the cooperation of our support banks in Kenya and was reviewed by CDSC. Did you know you can get access to market transactional data for all accounts held in the CDS system? CDSC Data Vending Service, offers a wide range of data sets that can carter for both the commercial and academic needs of our clients. In line with our mission, we offer secure central custody and simplified, swift and safe transfer of investors' value.

In order to boost investor confidence in the Market, we have created customized solutions which will ensure that you, the investor, is aware of the transactions that happen in your CDS account whenever they occur.

We invite you to take a journey through the site and get to know more about CDSC, and see the progressive approach we are taking in order to fulfill our mandate within the Capital Markets in Kenya. Get realtime access to your CDSC account. Register now to receive your account statements via e-mail. Read more. Data Vending Services Did you know you can get access to market transactional data for all accounts held in the CDS system? Learn More. This is a computer system operated by The Central Depository and Settlement Corporation CDSC that facilitates holdings of shares in electronic accounts, opened by shareholders and manages the process of transferring shares traded at the Stock Exchange.

The form is called CDS 1. You need two recently taken passport size photographs, original National ID or passport. In the case of a company you need the original certificate of incorporation, and if you are an organization registered in any other way you need the certificate of registration.

Directors of a company will also need to provide their ID Cards and passport size photographs. Yes, if you intend to trade in shares that are listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange. Soon, bonds will also be deposited into the CDS. You can get to view your client statement by CDSC has taken measures to ensure the security of your shares. The company has offsite back up facilities and procedures that would ensure business continuity in the event of anything happening either to the computer system or its usual premises.


Central Depository & Settlement Corporation Limited (CDSC) In Kenya



CDSC to Suspend Some Services in Preparation For a System Upgrade


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