The product is typically used for high-bandwidth service delivery to medium-sized and large businesses, and for traffic aggregation at small central offices. Product Overview. Figure 1. Multiservice Delivery. Figure 2. Multiservice Aggregation.

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The product is typically used for high-bandwidth service delivery to medium-sized and large businesses, and for traffic aggregation at small central offices. Product Overview. Figure 1. Multiservice Delivery. Figure 2. Multiservice Aggregation. Figure 3. Enterprise Private Networks. Figure 4. Key Features and Benefits.

Integrated Layer 2 Switching. Flexible Network Topologies. Unprecedented 1-RU Aggregation Capabilities. Figure 5. Figure 6. Product Specifications. Table 1. Optical Interfaces. ITU-T G. Source type: Laser diode. Wavelength: nm. Modulation: , kbps. Transmit power: -8 dBm maximum, dBm minimum. Connectors: LC. Transmit power: -8 dBm maximum dBm minimum. Table 2. Electrical Interfaces. Line code: HDB3. Termination: ohms on RJ connectors 75 ohms with external balun.

Termination: ohms or 75 ohms on high-density patch panel. Bit rate: 34 Mbps to 45 Mbps. Termination: 75 ohm coaxial connector type 1. Table 3. Data Interfaces. Connector: RJ type. Gigabit Ethernet. Table 4. Ethernet Features. Ethernet Layer 2 switching. MAC switching. Self-learning MAC addresses.

Static MAC entries. Support of up to 24, MAC addresses. Automatic aging for MAC addresses. MAC multicast. Supports up to byte frames. Support for up to byte frames in Layer 1 mode. Transparent bridging. IEEE Layer 2 Control Protocol tunneling. Head-of-line blocking prevention. Back pressure and flow-control handling.

IGMP support. Mirroring port. EEE Ethernet over SDH transport. Table 5. Performance Monitoring. B1 near end, B2 near and far end. VC-3 and VC B3 near and far end. BIP-2 near and far end. Table 6. One 8-pin RJ for both input and output.

Table 7. External Alarm Ports. One 9-pin D-type connector. Table 8. DC power. Input: W. Table 9. Safety and Environmental. EN and EN Thermal requirement: EN Storage: ETS , Class 1. Transport: ETS , Class 2. Table Network Management. Craft tool. Cisco Transport Manager. Physical Dimensions. Ordering Information.

Product Name. Part Number. Service and Support. For More Information. Ethernet connections over the SDH infrastructure can be point-to-point or multipoint. The Cisco ONS can be configured with up to four plug-in service modules which may vary depending on which application will be implemented. For scalability purposes, and to manage larger networks as a whole, Cisco Transport Manager offers a single-seat management solution to operate networks with the Cisco ONS and all other Cisco optical products.

The Cisco ONS provides a solution for sites that require a large number of services, typical of medium-sized or large businesses, as well as multitenant customer locations. The Cisco ONS can aggregate multiservice traffic when configured with high-density service interfaces Figure 3.

The Cisco ONS can serve as an optical transport platform for enterprise private networks Figure 4. A Cisco ONS device located at the headquarters or main building of an office, university, or government campus can aggregate Ethernet and TDM traffic from multiple remote sites. Other Cisco ONS units can be used in these remote locations. The hub unit would simultaneously interface with the service provider network to receive bandwidth for switched voice or data services, Internet access, or a wide-area extension of the VPN.

A similar application takes place in high-rise buildings where the Cisco ONS can serve as a hub to distribute traffic via an optical backbone to other Cisco ONS devices in different floors. The Cisco ONS can be deployed in point-to-point or ring configurations.

It can also be used as a hub, aggregating traffic from Cisco ONS spokes. Ethernet traffic over the SDH network can be configured for point-to-point or multipoint connections.


Cisco ONS 15305 2-Port Gigabit Ethernet Module

Note The instructions in this section primarily address the installation of the ONS , and modules supplied by Cisco Systems. When installing racks, electrical wiring, raceways, and other equipment not covered in this manual, you should follow all local, state, federal, or international if applicable codes and regulations. You should be thoroughly familiar with the instructions in this manual before starting any work. Use the following sequence when installing the ONS When installing equipment at a site, follow the procedures in this chapter in the order presented.


Cisco ONS 15305 Multiservice Provisioning Platform for SDH Access Networks

Product Overview. Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3.

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