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By Cody Lundin. I wish to thank my grandparents Agnes, Gene, Mona, and Adolph for unwittingly turning me on to what self-reliance is all about. Their integrity, honesty, and courage were astounding and they treated others as they wished to be treated. No matter how little they had, their doors were always open for a friend or a stranger in need. Thank you, my grandparents, for the memories and values that continue to shape my life. Once again, hats off to Russ Miller for the crazy-cool illustrations and to Christopher Marchetti for the beautiful color photography.

You two have believed in the madness virtually from its inception and I am most grateful for the company—blessings to you both. A big thanks to Mark Bryans for his invaluable contribution to the self-defense chapter. You are the chapter, Mark. Thanks again to the crew at Gibbs Smith, Publisher, for putting up with my eccentric mannerisms, tantrums, cursing, and control-freak behavior. You have the balls to do something different and I salute you for your courage.

To my Freja Jane and her extreme patience , and to my sweet family, by blood or by bond, to those who believed in me and my process or at least got out of the way, and to my Brothers and Sisters the world over, this book is for you.

I wish freedom for us all. Finally, I give my greatest loving gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all of the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings, the Archangels, angels, Elohim and elementals.

It will not be forgotten. This book is written to remind people of their right to self-reliance within a world community and to offer them no-nonsense, home-tested tools and techniques toward the goal of obtaining greater peace, harmony, and independence during troubled times. Using common sense and the hierarchal necessities of human psychology and physiology, When All Hell Breaks Loose concisely and humorously outlines the often simple steps needed for preparing a self-reliant home to survive urban and rural emergencies from Los Angeles to Paris and everything in between.

My intention is to offer these survival tools in the most practical, affordable, simple, efficient, and realistic way as possible. Proper advanced preparation can mean the difference between your living or dying. This is not a book based upon religious prophecy, dogma, or end times.

If this is true, you and your loved ones will benefit from the contents in this book whether Armageddon happens or not. That said, embracing and strengthening a personal and family spiritual path will deepen your connection with the Source, the only truly permanent supply on Earth. This is not a book based in fearmongering and paranoia. You will learn later in this book about the power of your attention.

Whatever your attention focuses upon, you draw that quality into your life to act. To be able to maintain and hold a harmonious attitude in the face of all things chaotic is true mastery. It is your biggest and best survival skill. Have faith and keep trying. Self-understanding and self-reliance minimize fear and manipulation, increase positive attitudes, and allow you to become one of the stronger links in the chain of humanity during times of turmoil.

This is not a book on homesteading skills. There are books available that deal with small- and large-scale homesteading and I encourage you to learn all that you can about self-reliant strategies. Unlike some survival manuals that offer handy tips for cooking the family pet, stockpiling ammo and only ammo, improvising explosives, and properly fitting the family with gas masks, this book sticks to the basics of being prepared in a populated environment when shopping at the discount or grocery store is not an option.

However, planning to survive the effect of a catastrophe is very different from planning to survive its cause. The former is dictated by a mind-set of fear and hysteria; the latter, a mind-set of common sense and practical wisdom.

Through this book, I hope to educate the public on what is truly needed to live during a compromising scenario in which you are on your own. A friend of mine once told me the sobering story of how his German grandparents, during World War II, witnessed urban dwellers making their way into rural farming areas to trade.

He said, They went to farmhouses with suitcases full of silver dinnerware, gold, and jewelry, and left with suitcases full of very expensive vegetables.

The supposed value of an item is dependent upon that which society decrees upon it at the time. This is not a survival book that caters to what most hardcore survivalists would consider a good read: there is no instruction on booby traps, camouflage, fearmongering, or homemade explosives. While this book is obviously my opinion about survival skills, it is an opinion based on years of self-reliant living and experimentation.

I live what I teach by informed choice: I consciously chose to design and build a home that heats, cools, and ventilates itself; I gather power from the sun, catch rainwater for drinking and gardening, compost fecal matter, and grow food. This book is geared toward helping the masses of people on the planet, readers who may or may not have a passion for becoming more self-reliant, not supporting the macho, dogmatic delusions of those who choose to put themselves into a self-limiting box of what urban and suburban survival skills should or should not have.

This is not a book about cool survival gear and where to get it, thereby distancing yourself from crucial aspects of personal responsibility. True self-reliance—and the emotional, mental, and spiritual mind-set it perpetuates—allows form to follow function.

Unless individuals and organizations offer education aimed at your ultimate freedom and self-reliance in general, and from their products , they have an agenda, one of which is to make money by selling you their stuff.

Even if they are correct that their product seems to be the best, the maker will always be biased about what they make. Complicated specialty gear can be a real drag to service, return, and buy spare parts for, so keep your intention and what you buy as simple as possible.

I have my students strive to broaden their motive and identify the intention behind the physical act of what their survival gear is supposed to perform. In other words, although there is a difference in quality between many flashlights, sustained lighting is the key concept or intention to keep in the forefront of your mind, and there are several ways to accomplish this intention.

This book will devote a good chunk of time delving into the cause and effect relationship of energy; your energy and the ones whom you love. Ultimately, we are all the cause of the distress in our lives, whether we care to acknowledge the fact or not.

Unless this Law of Life is explained, understood, and put into practice, we will all continue to play the victim game in our lives, endlessly blaming persons, places, or things for the seeming failures that pop up in our experience. If we as a people on this planet understood and lived this law, there would be no need to write this book.

Truly understanding that we are masters of our own world by where we put our attention, thought, and feeling, is the essence of personal responsibility. Personal responsibility is the essence of developing and maintaining a sound family preparedness plan.

Work on getting your inner house in order with as much or more dedication as you will your outer house. Other topics are extremely involved, and required much research on my part. Similar to my first book, Also, I will strive to give you the necessary background information into why I am writing what I am writing, in the hopes that you and your family will take a proactive role in determining the fate of your preparedness plan.

Furthermore, like my first book, the style in which this book is written, and the accompanying illustrations, are not by accident. If you only read fine literature and drink Earl Grey tea with your pinkie extended, choose another book. I am a survival instructor by profession, and I teach all types of people in order to make my living. I am passionate about what I teach, and I have learned what presentation style keeps a student engaged and awake. Many books on self-reliance are a drag to read.

If they bore me to tears, God only knows how your aunt Florence will react to them. While my presentation style may be unorthodox, I will gratefully risk unsettling a family member in order to give them valid information in a style that will cause them to remember survival strategies while under great stress and fear.

When your heart rate increases from anxiety or fear, your ability to accomplish fine and complex motor skills suffers. Learn how to swim before the boat begins to sink. The characters living within these pages, Vinny the Uptown Cockroach, Robbie Rubbish, Trevor, Holy Cow, and others, are reminding metaphors for essential psychological qualities inherent within all survivors, as well as core needs and intentions for survival, and important items to acquire to prepare for the widest variety of disasters.

They are meant to keep your spirits and attitude uplifted, happy, and positive—all significant survivor qualities. Read this book, and others, and then make up your own mind about what your family requires. Resist the temptation to take this or any other book or opinion on the street as gospel about what you should do about your situation.

Special circumstances or limitations involving your family that are above and beyond the scope of this manual are your responsibility to research and deal with, and every family will have their fair share.

Face it, combining the unknowns of a chaotic urban or suburban landscape with the personalities of your stressed-out family will be challenging, regardless of how much you have prepared. My hope for you and those you love is that the material contained within these pages offers you a positive yet realistic plan for living a safer, happier, more fulfilling life.

Many of the chapters in this book are fairly short in length, allowing you to peruse for just the information you require. The chapter subjects are based upon what will most effectively help keep your family alive during a disaster. Surviving a life-threatening scenario is largely psychological on the part of the survivor s. Get this fact into your head now that living through a survival scenario is 90 percent psychology, and 10 percent methodology and gear.

Because of this, the head candy, or psychological pep talk designed to inspire confidence and a can-do attitude is presented first. Countless survival stories from around the world and even science itself support the fact that a positive attitude and mind-set are paramount to your living through a survival situation.

Your cheerleader, Mr. Head Candy, appears throughout the book, delivering encouraging, thought-provoking, humorous, and at times uplifting quotes of wisdom and wonder from various people and cultures around the world. His role is to reinforce the writings in which he appears, and to remind you that you are not alone in your process of preparation and to never give up. The hand candy or material goods that I recommend to keep your physical body alive are presented in the second half of the book.

Specific chapters on emergency sanitation, water, transportation, food, communications, and others are presented in the most practical detail as possible. If, after contemplation, you feel your particular living situation requires advanced emergency communications training, for example, then locate the more specific information you and your loved ones require. Within each chapter category are several options that more or less all perform the same intention.

For example, under the lighting chapter, several options are given to illuminate the night including flashlights, chemical light sticks, candles, lanterns, oil lamps, and even solar photovoltaics. Resist the temptation to go on autopilot and buy stuff suggested in this book because I recommended or implied that you should. At the end of each hand candy chapter is a super simple summary illustration flagging a section highlighting the critical points of the chapter.

Their adaptability and talent for enduring hardships, in both town and country, is legendary. There are nearly 4, known species of cockroaches whose existence dates back more than million years. Of these species, only a dozen or so are considered pests to people. Cockroaches can live for a week without a head, dying only of dehydration because they lack a mouth to drink, as their brain is scattered throughout the body. They can hold their breath for forty-five minutes, eat literally anything they have a separate set of teeth inside their digestive system in case they need to eat on the run , run up to three miles an hour, and withstand an amount of radiation equivalent to that of a thermonuclear explosion—between 90, and , rems for a German Cockroach!

A lethal dose of radiation for a human is rems or more. Cockroaches have one big nerve connecting their heads to their tails, similar to a motion detector, thus alerting them to danger from behind. The claws on their feet enable them to climb walls, while their eyes, made from over 4, individual lenses, allow them to see in all directions at once.


When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need To Survive When Disaster Strikes

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When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need to Survive When Disaster Strikes

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