Days to inspect your property and note all loss or damage. Use only ball-point pen or typewriter. Keep a copy of this form for your records receipted and dated by the claims office. If more than one page is needed please number the pages.

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It can be made worse by having to also pick up pieces of damaged or destroyed personal property after you unpack. And that was after she filled out the paperwork and researched the replacement value of her items. But beginning this week, Department of Defense employees may finally be able to recover enough to replace items lost or damaged during a DOD-sponsored move.

The Office of the Judge Advocate General has announced the implementation of the Full Replacement Value Act, requiring the DOD to provide full-replacement value insurance on every shipment of household goods. According to a JAGC report, if a transportation-service provider has damaged or lost an item, claimants would only be entitled to receive the depreciated value of the item.

Under the new rules, the company is required to cover all replacement costs or estimates of repair. According to Lahiff, if the transportation service provider denies your claim, or makes an offer that is not acceptable or does not respond within 30 days, you may then transfer your claim to the Military Claims Office, which will assist in recovering the full amount of your claim.

The transportation service provider can opt to have your item repaired. Navy legal officials at Yokosuka say the key to getting your money is to file the right paperwork to the right people on time. First, the DD Form R is not your claim; it is a notice of loss or damage for the transportation service provider. Second, After you file DD Form R, within the allotted time, you still have to submit a separate claims package, which can be downloaded at www. The accompanying page PDF document will explicitly detail the process.

Home News. Full replacement value protection to begin on shipments for military, DOD civilians. What forms do I need? According to Barcega, it is important for claimants to realize two things: First, the DD Form R is not your claim; it is a notice of loss or damage for the transportation service provider.

Important dates and guidelines If you file your claim directly with the carrier within nine months after delivery, the carrier is required to replace any item that is lost or destroyed with a new item, or pay you the cost of a new item of the same kind and quality, without deducting for depreciation.

The carrier is not required to replace items that can be repaired for less than the full replacement value of the item. The carrier is required to arrange for the repair of those items, or to pay you for the cost of restoring the item to the same condition as when it was picked up by the carrier. The loss or damage to the item must be reported to the carrier within 75 days after delivery in order for the claim to be paid. All missing or damaged items discovered on the day of delivery should be listed on the DD Form , which you also will sign.

The agent will leave three copies of this form with you. Any items discovered missing or damaged after delivery must be listed on the reverse side of the DD Form , known as the DD Form R.

Claimants have 75 days to mail the DD Form R to the carrier. You should mail it certified mail so you can prove you gave the carrier timely notice. You also may bring the DD Form R to the nearest Personal Property Office within 70 days after delivery so they can mail it to the carrier for you. Submission of a DD Form R does not constitute the filing of a claim. You must submit a written demand for a specific amount, listing the items lost or damaged, to the carrier within nine months after the date of delivery.

The carrier will provide instructions on how to file a claim. The carrier is responsible for obtaining estimates if you file your claim directly with them within nine months of delivery.

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DD Form 1840r "Notice of Loss or Damage"








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