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Buscar dentro del documento. Pee nre ee eee arr et tenet ae Biceni aicemec ce Pees een ee. Dimebag Darrell pand? In addition ta being one of the heaviest riff-mongers to ever prowl chis planet, Darrell lead work displays all the essential ingredients of a true metal mastier— melady, emotion, invertion and a truly vulgar display of power!

His of wisdom have motivated 2 multitude of guitarists the world over, Iryself Ive happily poured his project. Why dedicate ar entire book to Dimebag Darrell? But guess what, amigo? Ics the truth, goddamn ib, ard a sad truth ab that. Don't beliove me? Well, take a deep breath, cast pur mind back to that bygone era ard then think long sid hard about what tye just said. We're just gonna get bigges, etranger and harder. Ne ain't never gonna stap; we're the Rolling Stones of the heavy shit!

And we'll never, ever cl there's no reason to—I can't see how 't could ever change and that's the god's honest truth.

Their Wises were no-bralners—Kirk Hammett ard Eric Johnson, both firmly established as glants amongst the six-string elite, Finding the third guy however, was gonna Be a little less obvious. Guitar Worlds editor, Brad Tolineki, diar'b want to take the easy route and give it to someone who was already firmly establiched ae a houselicld name, yocs. Instead he wanted to take a risk and give it Co a relative unknown—a player whose star was on the rise but wastt lear'y visible for all to sea yet.

Part II Brad called me and asked me if had any thoughts on the matter. Fittingly enough. What a concept! The name of his mutt? Dimezag of Such was the devotion of countless Kiffer Madnass fans. In total, Dime penned a staggering 28 columns for Guitar Wark, and when his final column appeared in the ber "95 issue, flags were flown at.

Examples Evil Intervalo Exsmples Mr. A detalled look at the rhythm work in 5 Minutes Alone" Examples Damn, time fies doesn't It? Irs 5 daunting pile o! Here's what he said My definition of a well-rounded playor? So let's piug in and star? As result, his story and Pantera's have been well beyond documented. So, in eof the fact thas this chapter could easily fill this entire book and gomel , 'm gonna keep this historical laok-back brief—well, the Frat Hell to Reinventing the Steel ora anyway!

Acsonding to A wouldn't say he encouraged me, but the opportuni lan wae always there. Being able te play a whale dong io one of the most satofying things when you're ito play guitar.

Just don't have the patience for that ven have the patiance to read the newspaper—Ill read three or four lines ana yrenow? That's al! Ae soon ae plugged in knew it mot it sounded like a goddamned chainsaw heard something different in tb right off the kat, ata was the amp for figured that. That ite blue stomp box ie the shit fve tried the other equalzers MAR makes, bub none of em affect my sound in the same way.

Ive got to have the blus one. Unfortunitely for Dime, but fortunately for the other young Texan guitarists around at the tine, after seven straight Best Rock Guitarist competition win, the organizers forced him into early retirement.

As it happens, the Abbott brothers aren't the only pair of quitar-and-deum-zlaying siblings in a world-famous Took band—a cercain Edward and Ales Van Halen algo de the sathe. And, as it just Go happens, the similarity doesas there.

Both Eddie and Alex ed drums, but Alex killed and go Edcie decided to pick up the guitar It was the same thing in cur case. We started Ki With it right: befare we had to leave for school, ard we were already late when Vinnis pointed out that Iwas ving out one chord—that was coming outta ono section before the drum beat had a chance ta turn around.

So he counted everyshing ovt- for me and showed me where wae miiesing the chard Then we went back and listened to the record ard, sure enough, he was right. Vinnie is very knowledgeable and learaed all hie drum rudiments. He was the always paid attention in school! He's always had the business sense While I've had the street-level aonse, and rk real weil together, especially since we're both aiming for the same goals, "mm real fartunate te have a brother gebon 90 well with and can rip on the drums like Vinnie can.

In nie Ie partly respansible for my recorded sound. Then, of course, somebody's bound co be hungry 60 the studio to go eat! This leaves you fezling like shit when you get back, and you end up slamming some lying around watching a TY show you'ra no even Interested in because your flame's not hot, And all the gre waiting aroutid to get inspired, you'rs shelling out big bucks for the place.

You never know when a riff idea Is gonna Gome your way, 50 try to always be prepared to capture them. Ive leamed the hard way that when you get a Killer idea and you go, ll remember that! Ive used mine every damned day since got It. Ws 8 al velease, and the funny thing Is, when youre dicking around with no real pressure, that's when you invariaialy hit gold.

That's why keep going back andl extracting riffs from my old four-track tapes. Man Ive got thousands of songs Ive done on my four-track—some are humorous and some are serious. So why not show the rest of the world? We put everything in there tao. We work hard, we kick ase and we have fun too. Howaver, we've martaged to wander tad off course herel So, let's return to the plab by turning the clock back to the carly BOs.

So, in , Pantera [the Spanish word for panther] was born. They cut their testh or the local clu circuit playing covers of their favorite metal acts of the era, namely Kiss, Yan Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, Miley Cre, Metallica, Judas Priest, ana the like. Hew good were they? When you're playing three on hour sets 2 night seven days a weck monsh after month after manth, the anly things youve got are you, your axe, your band, the RA.

And, in Texas, if you're kicking ass up there on that stage, people aend you shi to chaw their appreciation. So, what do you do? Not in Texas, bro! And, by , sheyd amassed gnough songs aitd earned a big enough local following far an album to be warranted. This said, Dime's hard-hitting guitar work and the Impressive tightness of the rhythm section formed by Vinnie and Rex made it clear that the band could kick butt with the best of them.

Then check out what the British magazine Kerrang! Ic might saund amusing to latter-day fans, but it stood head and shoulders above most released in Heavier than the debut, in a DoF Leppard-meets-Van Halen sense, the Abbott brothers med to be in competition as to who could go the most: over-the-top in the playing stakes.

Once agsin, Kerrang! He went home, quit his icked up hie obit and relocated to Texas. At the risk of saurding corny, Phil wae the misaing piece of the sus and move forward in the direction we Inted to go in.

With the notable exception of the rather Keel-like surprise, surprise! To get a true indigation of the new level of confidence and power Anselmo added to Pantera, caripare the version of "Down Belew! Thanks-to a-strong recommendation from Me. When Atlantic heard the album, however, they felt-it was too heswy for their king they were expecting a mare Ban Jovrlite vibe apparentiy , and 60 Gold Mountain gave Pantera the rights to release Ponce Mota avd aventualy it the band go altagether—the foolal What makes this story oven mere amusinglronic is the fact.

Looks That Kill? In keeping with their patented no-bullshit approach to all things Pantera, Dime and Co. It's just that our old shots have gotten more publicity. Take a look ata piobure of ourself from ten years ago and you'll realize that youve changed. And it dics they wore good albunis for their tim Well said, Riggs!

Cas sed. Billboard cha ir i6 2 huge Vulgar Display of Power is 1 entering at The panel immediately hits the road again, opening for, of all people, kid Row!

We done it for free! The hand then heads straight: he tly and Fat tise in adaition eo ag lve e fraat at Performance Grammy but eloesr't win, Then, to top off hectic year, in the fall the band releases their thing home video, 3: Watch It Go, which entered the o charts at 1.

Unfortunately, yot: again, they don't win. The band kicks off ite world tour by conquering Europe and Japan before returning to the U.


Dimebag Darrell

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