Right now you are at the right place to get eLitmus Sample Previous Papers. This article was made in order to help the candidates with preparation for pH Tests. On this page, aspirants can also find some useful material that is helpful with the Hiring Potentiality Test. As per sources accordingly, in March , a Fortune IT services company have operated eLitmus pH test for entry-level professionals. The pH Test is conducted in every few weeks all over the country. The schedule for the upcoming tests can be found on www.

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Edit Reply. For the eLitmus exam, you need to practice eLitmus sample questions. This will help you familiarize with the type of questions asked in each section. Hence, we are providing with some eLitmus Sample papers and sample questions that have occurred in previous exams.

Before you start solving, check out these. We can choose any 3 places for white marbles in 9c3 and remaining places are left for black marbles; we do not have to arrange them because they all are identical. So infinite values are possible. What is the number of steps on the escalator?

Escalator problems are similar to boats and streams problems. In this question, Let the speed of escalator be b steps per sec. And the length of escalator be L. None of these cases will have numbers overlapping with each other. On the way out, the thief met all the watchmen, one at a time. To each of them, he gave half the diamonds he had then, and 2 more besides. He escaped with one diamond. How many did he steal originally? At last, the thief is left with one diamond. Hence, he had 6 diamonds before he gave 5 to the third watchman.

Therefore, the thief has stolen 36 diamonds originally. Each side of the square is then taken as a diameter to form 4 smaller circles O'. Find the total area of all four O' circles which is outside the circle O. Hence each side of the square will be sqrt 2. Since each side of the square is also the diameter of other 4 circles. C alone can do the work in how many days? What is the length of the race? In other words, if A runs 5m in a given time, then B will run 4m in the same time. Therefore, if the length of a race is 5 m, then A can give B a start of 1 m A can allow B to start 1 ahead of the starting point so that they finish the race in a dead heat.

Ratio of length : length of race:1 :5 In this question, we know that the start given is 7m. The semicolon suggests that the second part expands upon the first part. So, if corruption is rife common , then we will doubt the integrity of the officials.

Their integrity will be suspect doubtful. Directions for questions: The Indian middle class consist of so many strata that it defies categorization under a single term class, which would imply a considerable degree of homogeneity. Yet two paradoxical features characterize its conduct fairly uniformly; extensive practice and intensive abhorrence of corruption.

In the several recent surveys of popular perceptions of corruptions, politicians of course invariably and understandably top the list, closely followed by bureaucrats, policemen, lawyers, businessmen and others. The quint essential middle class.

If teachers do not figure high on this priority list, it is not for lack of trying, but for lack of opportunities. Over the years, the sense of shock over acts of corruption in the middle class has witnessed a steady decline, as its ambitions for a better material life have soared but the resources for meeting such ambitions have not kept pace. What is fascinating, however, is the intense yearning of this class for a clean corruptionless politics and society, a yearning that has again and again surfaced with any figure public or obscure, focus on his mission of eradicating corruption.

Even the repeated failure of this promise on virtually every mans part has not subjected it to the law of diminishing returns.

A Furthermore, to edit by committee, as it were, would prevent any magazine from finding its own identity. B The more quirky and idiosyncratic they have been, the better the magazine is, at least as a general rule.

But the number of editors one can have for a magazine should also be determined by the number of contributions to it. C To have four editors for an issue that contains only seven contributions, it is a bit silly to start with.

D However, in spite of this anomaly, the magazine does acquire merit in its attempt to give a comprehensive view of the Indian literary scene as it is today.

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Elitmus previous questions

Planning to appear for the eLitmus recruitment test? There is a golden opportunity for the elitmus preparing aspirants. The current article gives detailed information for the pH Tests. Many of the candidates are planning to appear for the eLitmus Test. AT the bottom of this article, you can find the free attached pdf links. SO click on the links and start your preparation. It is a pen and paper-based Aptitude Test.


Latest eLitmus Question Paper from 2020

Notifications Mark All Read. We contacted eLitmus directly and they said it will not be there in the future. For e. If you have attempted 16 questions then the total number of wrong answers you are allowed is 4.


eLitmus Sample Papers & Previous Year Question Papers 2018

Edit Reply. For the eLitmus exam, you need to practice eLitmus sample questions. This will help you familiarize with the type of questions asked in each section. Hence, we are providing with some eLitmus Sample papers and sample questions that have occurred in previous exams.

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