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Manual zz. Our accumulated experience and our expertise in development and manufacture are applied to achieve this. The operational reliability of our products is as well known internationally as our track record in developing new solutions. Every sphere, every activity and every operation of our company is hallmarked by quality.

We value reliability, punctuality and transparency with the same commitment we have for durability and performance. Because of this we can shoulder the responsibility for the correct functioning, profitability and environmental compatibility of our products and can guarantee their safety to life, limb and property.

We are in a position to fulfil the most demanding requirements and develop innovative solutions to suit individual needs. Our excellently trained and motivated employees have the technical competence and in-depth expertise to design and implement new installations successfully. We ourselves also take particular care to ensure that energy is used sparingly and efficiently in the manufacture and operation of our products. Our own energy consumption and the emissions generated are continually monitored with our in-house Energy Management System to ensure that we achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency and environmental compatibility.

For the future we are committed to an ongoing and intensive effort to maintain our leading position and to justify the trust placed in us by our customers in the fields of power quality, energy cost minimization and energy efficiency. At FRAKO we look forward to developing, manufacturing and supplying innovative and productive systems for our customers and business partners in the future. Poor power quality in the supply network can result in upsets or even failure in technical equipment and installations.

FRAKO power quality products offer the right solution to maintain the quality of the power supply at a high level. A particularly important role in meeting this challenge is our individual advisory and project planning.

The basis for our successful cooperation with our customers is given by our certified quality and environmental management systems and our own research and development departments.

On top of this we always adhere to our guiding principles that make us a straightforward and agreeable partner to work with. You can always take us at our word; for us that is as much a matter of course as being able to deliver, delivering on time and reacting promptly to handle any complaints. They are installed at those locations where electrical energy is to be saved, voltage fluctuations avoided and harmonics eliminated, or simply where reactive power must be compensated. In this way we achieve the high profitability and increased service life of our installations and systems.

With a FRAKO Energy Management System in place, the flow of utilities in the company is made transparent, their costs can be clearly allocated and accurately charged for, and approaches to saving energy become much easier to identify. Our power capacitors incorporate a fourfold safety system for maximum operational reliability. They are the first choice when consumers worldwide need to reduce reactive power, improve power quality and avoid charges for reactive demand.

Particular importance is attached to the individual advisory and training services offered to our customers, special inspection and maintenance contracts and customized project execution. Every solution that we propose to our customers is based on detailed network measurement readings and an in-depth analysis of the status quo and individual requirements.

They are available in Basic, Standard, Premium and Heavy Duty versions, so that you can specify the ideal power capacitor for your individual requirements in terms of ampacity, ambient temperature and expected service life.

This has resulted in a consistently high product quality being maintained, the basis for assured operational reliability and a long service life. Each comprises up to three interconnected capacitor coils wound in a low-loss, metallized polypropylene film and enclosed in a cylindrical aluminium casing provided with an M12 mounting stud.

In addition to a PCB-free, flame-resistant mineral filler material, the casings also contain an adhesive stabilizer. The electrical connections are by means of female slide connectors IP00 or a patented spring-clamp connector IP20 available separately.

Self-healing is due to the heavy short-circuit current that flows between the films immediately vaporizing the very thin metal coating at the damaged location, thus ending the flow of current.

The use of rigorously inspected materials and their careful processing guarantee excellent quality and a long product service life. FRAKO manufactures its Power Capacitors to its own in-house specifications, which are far more exacting than the requirements of the applicable standards.

Quality control inspections after each individual manufacturing step ensure that the final product is of a high quality. These demanding quality standards, together with specially developed manufacturing technology, enable FRAKO Power Capacitors to achieve a longer-than-average service life. At the end of the manufacturing process, each capacitor is inspected individually.

The in-house requirements for this special inspection are considerably more stringent than those of the routine tests specified by the relevant standards.

If several punctures occur in a small area of metallized film, the amount of energy involved might be too much for the self-healing action alone to cope with.

This could lead to complete failure of the capacitor. However, in this case the second fail-safe function of the fourfold safety design comes into play: the segmented metallization. In the manufacturing process, the polypropylene film for FRAKO Power Capacitors is metallized by vapour deposition to form a pattern of separate individual segments. Each segment is connected to the power supply by slender contact bridges, these being so dimensioned that when severely overloaded several substrate punctures within one segment , they act as fuses by simply vaporizing, thereby securely isolating the damaged segment from the power supply.

Four safety features ensure uninterrupted operation The reliability of Power Capacitors is crucially important for the problem-free operation of power factor correction systems and passive filters. This design has the important property that if local overloading occurs and punctures the substrate film, the fault automatically isolates itself, a phenomenon known as self-healing.

The segmented metallization technique increases the reliability of the capacitors and prolongs their service life. Should puncturing of the dielectric occur on a major scale, this results in the substrate film melting and generating gases inside the casing, thus building up pressure in the capacitor.

This causes the diaphragm lid to bulge outwards, thereby tensioning the internal leads to the coils until they act as mechanical fuses, breaking cleanly at defined locations. The bulging of the lid also increases the internal volume, therefore reducing the pressure inside the capacitor. Patent No. These patented rings are stamped from a special alloy and are formed with a number of pointed teeth that press into the zinc end-face contact layers on the windings to make electrical contact.

The internal connecting leads are spot-welded to the contact rings before final assembly of the capacitor. The great advantage of this solder-free design: it has completely excluded the risk of damaging the capacitor windings at the manufacturing stage due to overheating during soldering of the connecting leads.

The quality of the winding connection is significantly increased, and the reliability of the mechanical fuse that protects against excessive internal pressure is improved by its being securely spot-welded in place. The contact ring also enables FRAKO to produce completely lead-free capacitors and make yet another improvement to their operating reliability. Special technical features In our ongoing development work on FRAKO Power Capacitors, we always focus on those attributes that are called for in present-day applications.

The increasing use of devices such as frequency converters has a growing impact on capacitors. If these are operated in a power supply network contaminated by harmonics, dangerous resonances can result, which can again significantly increase the currents that the capacitors must withstand. In reality, however, even this value can be exceeded under conditions with extreme levels of harmonics.

More information on ampacity is given in the specifications table on the following page. These patented, tried-and-tested connectors use special spring clamps that ensure a simple, vibration-resistant and maintenance-free electrical contact with the capacitor. They can be used to connect single-core, stranded or fine-filament copper cables. AKD connectors meet IP20 requirements and therefore provide protection against objects such as fingers inadvertently touching live conductors. Thermal endurance Excessive temperatures also have a negative impact on the service life of a capacitor.

Storage or operation of capacitors above their permitted temperature limits results in a drastic shortening of their service life. Power Capacitors are assigned to different temperature classes according to the permitted ambient temperature as follows: Temperature Maximum ambient temperature class Absolute Max.

This means the internal temperature in the enclosure or control cabinet that houses them. Experience shows that the limits given in the table for the temperature classes can easily be exceeded in practice.

Higher temperatures are to be expected in particular in the case of power factor correction systems fitted with filter reactors. This continuously rated thermal endurance is helped by the compact construction of the capacitors, which is conducive to optimum heat dissipation. Using the insulating cap then increases ingress protection to IP Article No.

The tables on pages 18 and 19 give the maximum permissible continuous overvoltage for each capacitor type. Capacitors of the categories Standard, Premium and Heavy Duty are specified for continuous operation at the stated maximum temperature. Please note that the DP values in the chart are shaded dark grey. Type Packing Unit pcs.

This enables switchgear manufacturers to plan and manufacture customer-specific systems. Page 27 ff. Please also refer to the design notes given in our manual of Power Factor Correction. Further series resonance frequencies are available on request. This automatically eliminates the risk of faulty programming. Incorrect connections or inappropriate locations for the instrument transformers are identified and indicated, therefore making time-consuming and expensive troubleshooting unnecessary.

The patented characteristic curve controls the set target cos phi as a minimum value under normal load while simultaneously preventing overcorrection under low load conditions. This reliably prevents costs for reactive power arising and reduces the risk of network disruptions. This minimizes wear of the power factor correction system and reduces disturbances to the network. Some control relay versions have a trip function to protect the power factor correction system from excessive levels of harmonics.

Last not least, our customers appreciate the user-friendly operation of our reactive power control relays. German Article-No. Fixed 60 sec. Adjustable 0 - sec. With its built-in microprocessor, the PQC handles tasks over and above classical power factor correction. In particular, new protective mechanisms have been incorporated to safeguard not only the network itself but also the system that corrects its power factor.

The PQC thus monitors the relevant parameters that can cause disruptions in the network, and gives alarms if they go beyond the limits set to ensure compliance with technical standards. In addition, the PQC also protects the power factor correction system responsible for the network, shutting it down if it becomes overloaded. This significantly reduces the risk of upsets occurring within that system. Defective or partially defective capacitor stages are identified and withdrawn from the power factor correction process.

An extremely flexible alarm management function ensures that alarm messages are sent to where they are needed, as appropriate to the event concerned. The possibility of parameterizing each individual controller enables the PQC to be used anywhere, making it the best possible instrument for controlling power quality in contemporary industrial supply networks.

Its integrated self-monitoring function improves long-term operational reliability, thus helping to reduce costs and minimize the risk of network disruptions. Different versions of the instrument can be selected to suit the required application.


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