But Paganini was also a prolific composer, producing over thirty works for violin and orchestra, chamber music including fifteen string quartets and a quantity of violin solos, vocal pieces, as well as over a hundred works for guitar. Paganini composed 37 sonatas for the guitar in addition to several sonatinas and other short pieces. He also wrote nine quartets for guitar and strings, trios for guitar and bowed instruments, and a variety of compositions for violin and guitar, among them over fifty sonatas. Born in Genoa in , Paganini was taught violin and mandolin by his father, and later took lessons with local professional violinists.

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Be the first to review this title. Notes and Editorial Reviews A delightful feast of richly sumptuous morsels superbly performed. In addition to his fame for composing for the violin it is often forgotten that he also played and composed a substantial number of works for the guitar. In fact, of the five opus numbers published during his lifetime only the op. The Ghiribizzi are short works designed to be within the technical compass of the modest guitar player yet they maintain a consistent and abundant flow of stylish and attractive melody.

All but two of the 43 scores are composed in the major key; primarily in either A, C or D major. These undemanding, delightful and richly sumptuous morsels are predominantly brisk and lively, evocative of the joy and merriment of the carnival or the country dance. Ideally I would have preferred a more contrasting mood from the generally buoyantly and sparkling character.

Only a small number of the Ghiribizzi, such as the Andantes No. I admired the shifting moods of the Ghiribizzo No. Especially memorable are the Ghiribizzi No. In some of them Paganini uses themes from his own works and those of others. For example the theme in the carnival-like Ghiribizzo No. In the brisk and optimistic Ghiribizzo No. The genial Ghiribizzo No. The 47 Ghiribizzi were recorded in at Bologna by the Italian-born and Florence-based guitarist Adriano Sebastiani who has developed a specialisation for the music of Paganini.

The soloist is in supreme command of this delightful set. The sound quality is vividly clear with a fine sense of presence. At less than sixty minutes the playing time might be ungenerous but not so the amount of pleasure I took from listening to these performances. Review This Title Share on Facebook. The perfect gift for the classical music enthusiasts!

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Paganini: Complete Ghiribizzi For Solo Guitar / Sebastiani

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