Cater Safe is a comprehensive range of disposable workwear ideally suited to the food industry. The range encompasses. Continuous pressure on the knee due to working in a kneeling position may lead to chronic conditions, such as bursitis. As well as helping prevent cumulative trauma, knee pads help protect against injuries and.

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Cater Safe is a comprehensive range of disposable workwear ideally suited to the food industry. The range encompasses. Continuous pressure on the knee due to working in a kneeling position may lead to chronic conditions, such as bursitis.

As well as helping prevent cumulative trauma, knee pads help protect against injuries and. Polyurethane coating is a flexible, synthetic material that helps protect hands from harmful residues and chemicals. Applications include hi-tech, electronic, small parts assembly, automotive sub-assembly, light fabrication,. Durable synthetic rubber Nitrile provides excellent cut, slash, snag, puncture and abrasion resistance, while offering.

Providing excellent grip in oily or greasy applications, air infused nitrile coating absorbs oils better than flat coating,. Ideal for dry or slightly oily applications that require light. Environmentally friendly — manufactured using water instead of harmful solvents DMF. High flexibility and dexterity. Excellent wet and dry grip.

Excellent performance in oily. The seamless lightweight 15gg liner and latex coating maintain an overall super thin feel for enhanced dexterity,. For manual handling in damp and dry conditions.

Anatomically designed for high levels of comfort. Suitable for people with latex allergies and provides resistance to oils and diluted chemicals. Significantly stronger alternative to latex. A synthetic rubber glove that resists snags whilst also providing flexibility and dexterity that is also suitable for people with. It provides good resistance to petroleum, acids and aromatic and chlorinated solvents. Nitrile and rubber protective gloves offering certified quality at very competitive prices.

Whilst protection is paramount it is recognised that with long wear periods, often in hostile. Slips, trips and falls are an ever present hazard within most workplaces and safety footwear. As with all footwear it is essential that, to achieve optimum performance of the properties.

Ideal for construction and industries where safety and pierce resistant midsoles are important,. An ultra light, metal free, multipurpose safety trainer style boot with penetrationresistant. A range of classic rigger boots specifically designed to uplift the old traditional image with smarter styling,. Protective fibreglass toecap and composite antipenetration.

Specialised high pressure manufacturing introduces millions of tiny air bubbles into the synthetic material during manufacture. Lightweight and stylish ladies safety boot suitable for Construction. The IDLH value. Typical Applications: Low levels up to 4 x WEL of fine dust and oil or water-based mists typically found during hand.

A range of reliable quality disposable respirators designed to protect the wearer against solid aerosols, dust, mists,. Fold flat respirator offering comfort and secure fitting. Provides protection against fine dust and solid and liquid. Typical Applications: Higher levels of fine dust up to 20 x WEL and oil or water based mists typically found when handling. All particle filtering half masks. Durable hard carry case that protects. Strong nylon loop in the back allows the case to be worn on the belt or.

Low profile design for excellent field of vision. Easy to clean. If you have specific system requirements you can make up your own system with the following components:. The many advanced features of the 3M Jupiter Turbo Unit take powered air respiratory protection. Easy to maintain and use, it can feed any one of a. Wide choice of gas, vapour. Note: A Jupiter Turbo Unit that has been used in a dust environment without an intrinsically safe pouch fitted,.

They provide eye and face protection to EN and are available. The 3M Versaflo M-Series features lightweight, compact and well-balanced faceshields and helmets. A number of. Aside from safety, comfort and top performance in numerous. Each kit contains a hood and collar assembly, two nebulisers, one bottle of sensitivity solution,.

To help choose safety eyewear best suited to your needs the following information may be useful. Whilst every effort should be made to remove hazards as the result of a Workplace Risk Assessment,. By EN law all safety eyewear needs to be marked on the lens. To assist you in your understanding of markings on Eye Protection Products covered by this Standard you should note:. Soft flex temple ends firmly grip the side.

Extremely soft nose bridge pads ensure non-slip,. Ultra modern, ultra lightweight, sports style wrap. Close fitting protection. Panoramic vision. Clear lens multi pack of Lightweight only 21 gm. Dielectric, metal-free structure with nylon temples. Scratch-resistant, polycarbonate lens. Comes in six assorted temple colours, ideal where work areas where colour coding is necessary. Colour: Clear lens. Hi-resolution lens for improved optical clarity, especially when.

Fits over prescription spectacles. Prescription insert. Tear off lens protectors. Sealed version Ventilated version available. Overflow chute for liquids. Provides protection against impact, chemicals, dust,.

Can be worn. Offers general protection, such as over-spray. Will fit over disposable respirators. The uvex. Soft internal rubber for comfort without local pressure. Fully adjustable head harness and browguard offering durability flexibility to fit all head. Lightweight weighing only grams. Filter measures x 49 mm for extra large field of vision. Sensitivity and off-delay adjustments allow personalised set-up. Variable tint between shades 6 — 8 and 9 — Available with variable auto-darkening shade filter and a.

Grinding function. Reaction time: 0. Anti-scratch and anti-fog. Optical class 1 polycarbonate lens. Ventilated version Sealed version available.

EN specifies physical and performance requirements of industrial safety helmets. The helmet will protect against short-term, accidental contact with live electrical.

A revolution in the integration of spectacles within industrial safety helmets. Added side impact protection Lateral. Deformation within EN AquaDirect Rain Management system reduces water flow down the back of the neck.

Full adjustment allows for use. It can be used in a wide range of industries by first responders and paramedics in the event. Patented flexible shell design, manufactured from durable ABS plastic. Breathable cap fabric with high levels of ventilation.


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