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Use this information for troubleshooting, service, and support of your machine type Hardware Management Console HMC. The HMC is delivered with its machine code preinstalled on the disk drive. After the system is installed and connected to a managed system, you can perform system management tasks. The HMC machine code does not have provisions for loading or running additional applications that are not related to hardware management or service. All the tasks you need to maintain the managed system, the underlying operating system, and the HMC machine code are available by using the HMC management interface.

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The HMC user-friendly interface provides task navigation, task placement, table functions, filtering, sorting, and customization of views.

The user interface also provides visibility to server status and guided support of server maintenance actions. In addition, SDMC provides a more intuitive interface for managing the resources currently assigned to a partition, allowing you to modify assignments directly regardless of the partition state. For an additional charge, 24 x 7 remote call-in support is available. Either an external modem or an internal modem may be ordered. If no modem is ordered, then feature must be selected, which indicates that the modem has been declined.

External modems can only be ordered for ship-to countries that are not homologated for internal modems. External modem voltage capabilities are - V. To determine the HMC machine code level required for the firmware level on any server, go to the following Web site to access the Fix Level Recommendation Tool FLRT on or after the planned availability date for this product.

All prior levels of server firmware are supported with the latest HMC machine code level. The following servers require an HMC. The HMC is used to manage partitions and support other critical functions on these servers. Customers choosing the HMC must use it to create, define, and change partitions or CoD resources, but it is not required to run the partitions.

Accessibility by people with disabilities A U. Physical specifications Height: 43 mm 1. It is not available for use as a general purpose computing resource.

Customers who would like access to the translated services guides will be directed to an external Web site from their HMC. If additional assistance is required with interpreting English Repair and Verify: Contact the IBM Hardware Support Center using the method you would normally use to obtain support for your hardware , and ask for Hardware Support.

Be sure to have your HMC machine type and serial number available. Indicate that you have problems with translated Repair and Verify. Hardware requirements Each HMC must have access to a display, a keyboard, and a mouse. Higher availability configurations may require the use of an Ethernet hub. Internet Explorer 8. If your browser is configured to use an Internet proxy, then local Internet addresses should be included in the exception list. Consult your network administrator for more information.

Firefox 1. To enable these options, go to the Content tab in the browser's Options dialog, click Advanced, next to the Enable JavaScript option, then select the raise or lower windows options a check mark appears and move or resize existing windows options a check mark appears.

These features allow you to switch easily between HMC tasks. As additional features are announced, supported, or withdrawn, this list will be updated. Please check with your Marketing Representative for additional information. Attributes, as defined in the following feature descriptions, state the interaction of requirements among features. Minimums and maximums are the absolute limits for a single feature without regard to interaction with other features.

The maximum valid quantity for MES orders may be different than for initial orders. The maximums listed below refer to the largest quantity of these two possibilities. The order type defines if a feature is orderable only on initial orders, only on MES orders, on both initial and MES orders, or if a feature is supported on a model due to a model conversion.

Supported features cannot be ordered on the converted model, only left on or removed from the converted model. The exact machine type-model of the modem shipped will vary based on what is currently stocked in manufacturing. This feature will automatically be selected by the configurator when a Balanced Warehouse solution is configured.

The solution will be integrated at the Customer Solution Center. When ordering , you must also order features , and Maximum of two per adapter. Select this cable for use with your modem if there is not another cable feature that is identified as specific to your country.

Feature is not orderable with feature Rack mounted systems are likely candidates for this extender cable. Attributes provided: 6-foot extension cable Attributes required: Supported monitor and adapter with a pin "D" shell connector.

Attributes provided: 1. Note: This "no additional charge" feature will be placed on an initial order for a rack mountable device by the Configuration Tool when the order does not include a 19" Rack.

Note: A rack integration indicator is required on all 19" Rack mountable device initial orders. One feature code from the group to must be listed on the order.

More than one feature code from this group is not allowed. Attributes provided: System will not be shipped in a rack. Note: For 19" rack mountable device orders: One feature code from the group to must be listed on the order.

More than one feature code selection from this group is not allowed. The quantity of this selected feature code on the 19" rack order must equal the number of rack mountable devices to be installed in the rack by IBM Mfg. Customers will need to order the line cord or power cable that matches the one ordered with the base HMC. This can be used with MTM machine type model rack such as a T42, not a feature code rack such as a The two built-in USB ports conveniently provide for additional expansion.

Color is Business Black. Plug type 4 NEMA Refer to Corporate Bulletin C-B for a description of plug types. Plug type 5 NEMA Plug type 19 CEE. Plug type 23 BS A. Kitts, St. Plug type 32 SII Plug type 24 SEV Plug type 22 SABS Plug type 25 CEI Plug type 62 GB Plug type 69 IS Plug type Plug type 66 KETI.

This feature is mandatory on initial order with T00 or T42 racks. Feature is not valid on initial order with non-factory integrated feature Attributes provided: Power cable Attributes required: At least one Rack and the absence of The MES order will ship the 14 foot cable equivalent to feature number Plug type 75 KETI. Plug type 76 KETI. Plug type 59 NEMA Plug type 57 NEMA Mouse cable is 1.

OS does not support scrolling with the wheel. Business black with red scroll wheel. This order is not a stand-alone HMC order. Use of this feature will affect the routing of the order. Selection of this indicator will direct the order to a system plant for fulfillment.

Supplemental media None. Back to top. Product life cycle dates. Machine elements. Technical description.

Physical specifications. Operating environment. Hardware requirements. Software requirements. Features - No charge. Features - Chargeable. Feature availability matrix. Feature descriptions.


Family 7042+05 IBM 7042-CR6 Rack-mounted Hardware Management Console



IBM 7042-CR6 Hardware Management Console HMC Rack Mounted



7042-CR6 IBM Hardware Management Console HMC Power Systems



Hardware Management Console service (Machine Type 7042)


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