Single seated control or shutoff valve for:. Operated by. ML, and ML and. Nominal pressure rating:. Flow characteristic:. Leakage rate:.

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These valves are humidity resistant and are suitable for use in condensing, non-corrosive environments. The valves and operators are packaged separately. Just select the size and body you require and just snap the head and valve together—either before or after you seat the valve body in. Installing the valve body is easier and quicker if the actuator is not attached. Simply press the quick release button to remove the head. Used for controlling fluids in commercial HVAC equipment such as fan coil units, terminal reheat coils and convectors.

On the spring return models, spring return up and spring return down models are both available. Motorized zone valves are the most economical way of providing two-position control of hot or chilled water. Most brands are similar in flow and size. These models are available in the most popular connections and sizes.

For individual repair parts on Honeywell older or industrial valves, we will FAX you a parts breakdown so you can select the items you need. Repairing a large quantity of valves? Many individual parts shown in the repair kits are available separately in quantity packs minimum of 25 each , such as packing, seats, disc, etc.

Note: Other voltages, lead lengths and motor styles are available on order. Refer to your Tradeline Catalog or speak to our sales engineers. These new style motorized valves are a compact alternative to the sweat zone valves normally used for light duty applications. They are available with new signal options for building automation—DDC floating and 0—10Vdc. For fan coil applications, 2- and 3-way flare is also available. Depending on the piping configurations, the 3-way valves can be used for either mixing or diverting service.

Models shown include one meter connector cable. We are a wholesale distributor and do not sell directly to the general public.

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V5011 Datasheet PDF

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V5011R Honeywell

For use View Details Honeywell V High Capacity Thermostatic Radiator Valves High Capacity Thermostatic Radiator Valves provide precise and automatic control of room temperature in two-pipe systems by modulating the flow of hot water or steam through free-standing One-Pipe Steam Thermostatic Radiator Valves - Allow automatic temperature control in one-pipe steam or hot water systems for free standing radiators, convectors and other heating units with It is used primarily on steam and water valves such as the V or V All rights reserved. Three-way Cartridge Globe Valves. The ML is a self-contained, self-adjusting, motorized linkage that mounts directly onto V two-way or V three-way valves and provides up to 25 mm 1" of linear stem travel.


V5011, V5013 Series


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