He is known for his undefeated streak of games during the annual castle games ; his thirty-game match with Ota Yuzo ; the eponymous Shusaku opening ; and his posthumous veneration as a "Go sage". He was nicknamed Invincible Shusaku because of his castle games performance. He was nicknamed "Invincible" after he earned a perfect score for 19 straight wins in the annual castle games. Out of respect for his teacher, Shusaku refused to play with white against his teacher thus there is no clear gauge of the difference in strength between them. However, Jowa's title was posthumously revoked due to a biased account of his machinations in the Zain Danso towards obtaining the post of Meijin Godokoro.

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Shusaku Go Club. Search this site. Navigation Home. Go and Philosophy. The Way of Go. Contact Desmond Meraz desmontes gmail. Shusaku is widely considered to be one of the greatest Go geniuses in history and is the second person to receive the title of Gosei or "Go Saint" along with his predecessor Honinbo Dosaku.

He is most famous for his perfect record of ninteen successive wins in the annual castle games played in the presence of the shogun, a record unparalleled by any other player. Ishida Yoshio, a contemporary player who's own rise to Honinbo is chronicled in the book, The Honinbo Tournament , made the following comments about Shusaku: "Shusaku would read out all the possible variations, then play straightforwardly, making the simplest move, if he thought it ensured a win.

This way of playing is only possible if one has a clear understanding of the principles of go and is blessed with superb positional judgement, and it also requires considerable self-confidence. On those rare occasions when he got into a bad position, he would display tremendous strength in fighting his way back into the lead. The castle game with Ito Showa in is a good example of a game in which he reveals his latent strength Another feature of his go is his flexibility and willingness to experiment.

Modern go is still far from surpassing Shusaku. Further information can also be found at Sensei's Library.


Games by Shukaku

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Hon'inbō Shūsaku

He was nicknamed Invincible Shusaku because of his castle games performance. Lord Asano, the daimyo of the region, heard of the child's qualities. After playing a game with him, Asano became his patron, and allowed him to get lessons from his own personal trainer, Hoshin a player of professional level. In January , Ito Showa , one of the strongest players of the day, visited Innoshima, and played a game with Shusaku. He was so impressed with the boy's ability that he invited him to become a pupil of the Honinbo house in Edo.



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