A copy of this License can be found at www. Copyright Fantasy Flight Publishing Inc. Horizon is a trademark of Fantasy Flight Publishing Inc. All rights reserved.

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A copy of this License can be found at www. Copyright Fantasy Flight Publishing Inc. Horizon is a trademark of Fantasy Flight Publishing Inc. All rights reserved. County Rd. B2, Suite 1 Roseville, MN The OGL allows us to use the d20 System core rules and to publish gaming material derived from those rules. In fact, material that is strictly rules related is Open Content.

You can use this material in your own works, as long as you follow the conditions of the Open Game License. You can copy the material to your website or even put it in a book that you publish and sell. Not everything in this book is Open Content, however. The mechamorph creature type and its special abilities, special rules for mechamorphs, alt form types, classes,.

Quotes, character names, class descriptions, and the setting information in Chapter Eight are closed content and cannot be republished, copied, or distributed without the consent of Fantasy Flight Games. All illustrations, pictures, and diagrams in this book are Product Identity and the property of Fantasy Flight Games, The Open Game License is printed in its entirety at the end of this book.

For further information, please visit the Open Gaming Foundation website at www. Our goal for the Horizon line is to explore the farthest possible reaches for new settings, themes, and mechanics, and we want to take you with us.

Just as importantly, every HORIZON game will remain completely compatible with the d20 rules you already know, so you can pick up the book and start playing immediately.

Horizon can play as many roles in your gaming life as you want it to. For some it will be an occasional break from the regular game. For others it will be the foundation for a new campaign setting. Some may add other gaming elements to the rules we present here, others will pick their favorite rules from Horizon games and use them to augment other games.

Whatever you do with this line, we hope youll enjoy pushing roleplaying to the edge as much as we have. And now: Mechamorphosis. Robotic titans called mechamorphs wage an age-old campaign for the fate of our planet. To fuel their endless desire to stretch their cold, metallic empire across the galaxy, the Tyrants have begun hunting down other sources of the precious nexus energy that fuels their war machine.

Their search has brought them to Earth, a world that is rich in resources and ripe for plunder. Humanity would be doomed were it not for the Exiles, those few mechamorphs who oppose the evil Tyrants. Wheelwell In Mechamorphosis, a player assumes the role of a mechamorph, a gigantic robot with the ability to assume other forms.

Although mechamorphs predominantly wage their secret battles on an Earth not too different from our own, mechamorphs have special powers and abilities that dwarf those of human beings.

Creating a ton, ft. Follow the steps below to design your mechamorph. However, things arent always what they appear. An ancient, secret war rages. Assign priorities. The order in which you rank priorities will determine what strengths and weaknesses your character will have. The priorities you will be ranking are: ability scores, alt form, form feats, special powers, and tech gear.

Generate the characters ability scores. Construct the characters alt form. Choose the characters class. See Chapter Three: Classes. Assign skill points and starting feats. See Chapter Four: Skills and Feats. Choose the characters special powers. See Chapter Five: Special Powers. Select your characters starting gear, which includes weapons and tech. See Chapter Six: Gear. There are no alignments in Mechamorphosis.

While there are various factions that compete to support their own agendas, alliances are fluid and a characters true intent can change as radically and as often as he changes his form.

Mechamorphs are gigantic robots engaged in an ancient struggle to control the rare and powerful nexus energy. Mechamorphs have amazing capabilities, not the least of which is morphing: the ability to assume an alternate form, or alt form. A mechamorphs alt form often resembles something mundane: a car, a camera, a jetliner, or perhaps even an animal. Mechamorphs are fueled by nexus energy, the spark that gives them life and power.

Nexus energy also powers the mechamorphs nanomechs, tiny machines that exist inside the larger robots, constantly reconfiguring their internal circuitry to allow them to assume new forms and activate new abilities.

Mechamorphs vary greatly in size and appearance. However, every mechamorph shares some basic traits. Mechamorph Traits: Morph Ex : Every mechamorph has the ability to assume at least two different forms. These are the primary form and the alt form. Primary form is generally a humanoid shape, and is considered a mechamorphs true form. Some mechamorphs primary forms are more akin to animals than humans, but they are no less intelligent.

A mechamorphs alt form can be nearly anything. Most have some element of disguise, usually appearing to be normal Earth vehicles that can travel freely among humans. Other forms are more combat-oriented, being otherworldly combat platforms or ferocious, robotic animal templates. With the exception of mechamorphs with animal alt forms, a mechamorph retains all of his abilities, base attack bonus, hit points, skills, and feats while morphed.

A mechamorph also retains the use of his sensors, allow-. Mechamorphs may also activate their special powers while in alt form. When a mechamorph changes form, linked weapons or equipment he is carrying become hidden within his alt form or mounted on it. Unlinked items that he is carrying either become stored in the alt forms cargo areas if any or fall to the ground. Morphing is a move action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Mechamorphs generally retain the same mass and approximate size when they morph. A mechamorph must make a successful grapple check in order to morph while grappled, and cannot morph if he is pinned.

Energy Resistance: All mechamorphs have energy resistance 10 against all energy types in both primary form and alt form. Because they are finelytuned machines rather than simple objects, however, they take full damage from energy that bypasses this resistance rather than half or quarter, as normal for objects. Living Machine: Because of its machine body, a mechamorph is immune to gases and poisons, and does not need to breathe or eat. Additionally, mechamorphs are immune to most effects geared toward organic creatures that cause death, nausea, paralysis, petrification, stunning, and unconsciousness.

However, there are technological equivalents of the above: Mechamorphs can suffer any of the above conditions as a result of an attack especially geared toward living machines, and can suffer the effects of exhaustion and fatigue if they do not get enough fuel or spend enough time in stasis see Nexus Energy and Stasis, page Mechamorphs also have electronic minds that function much like intelligent, organic beings, and are therefore vulnerable to mind-affecting effects like compulsions, enchantments, and phantasms.

Mechamorphs are also subject to critical hits, although the effects are different than those applied to normal characters see Critical Hits, page As living machines, mechamorphs can also survive when reduced below 0 hit points, though they become staggered at 0 hit points, unconscious at 1 hit point, and are destroyed at 10 hit points, following the same rules as other living creatures.

Imbued Attacks: Mechamorphs can deal damage with unarmed attacks when in primary form; the damage varies based on the mechamorphs size, as shown on Table However, unless the mechamorph has the Improved Unarmed Strike feat or natural weapons, any damage dealt by its unarmed attacks to other mechamorphs is considered nonlethal. Additionally, such attacks provoke attacks of opportunity from armed mechamorphs. Rapid Healing: All mechamorphs regain hit points and ability damage at a rate of one per hour.

Nexus Energy Reserves: All mechamorphs have nexus energy reserves that they can expend to improve their actions see Nexus Energy Reserves, page Since most of the Earthlings interacting with The characters in Mechamorphosis are otherworldly, mechamorphs will be 1st and 2nd level, there is no need giant-sized for the most part robots.

They are often to also divide their hit points by 10, though doing so more than ten times stronger than humans. Yet, if we would be accurate. Therefore, we use the normal 3divided by 10 rule to Earthling hit points as well.

This means that chains in Mechamorphosis have a hardFine Spy camera 0 0 ness of 10, 5 hit points, and a break DC of 26, Diminutive Cell phone 0 0 as long as they are chains thick enough to use Tiny PC 0 0 as an anchor line for a battleship. Likewise, Small Eagle 0 0 item hardness can be calculated using the norMedium Motorcycle 0 0 mal equation but substituting feet of thickness Large tall Sports car 1 1 rather than inches.

When doing so, primary we recommend scaling down nonHuge long Dinosaur 1 1 mechamorph characters Strength scores by 10 alt form in terms of attack and damage bonuses, and Gargantuan tall Jet fighter 2 2 dividing object hit points, hardness, and break primary DCs by 10 rounding up. So a crazed human Gargantuan long Jet fighter 2 1 ninja, armed with the Tyrant mechamorph alt form Vorpal in his alt form of a nexus energy sword, Colossal tall Attack sub 3 3 could attack an Exile normally.

These numbers are mainly for primary forms and animal alt forms. Bernard Bud Wheeler The characters in Mechamorphosis are larger than life, and that is reflected in the scale used in the game. First of all, each one-inch square represents a ten-foot square rather than the normal five-foot square.

This means that Medium and smaller creatures take up less than one square and have a natural reach and therefore threaten an area of 0 squares. Large and Huge creatures occupy one square, and have a natural reach and therefore threaten an area of 1 square in each direction. All of the relevant scale details are presented in Table Your characters size also determines your characters unarmed strike damage, speed, and combat modifiers in either form.



In essence, each is a short "campaign gazetteer" covering the bare minimum of fluff and the necessary special rules to play in the setting. Rare and obscure, you can probably torrent 'em if you go looking hard enough. A crazy sort of place where an insane, undead Humpty Dumpty is an evil overlord and Rapunzel went back to her tower after her marriage failed, only for the tower to kill her and now use her hair still attached to her spider-infested corpse to lure kids inside it to eat them. Somehow, this got so popular it got spun off into its own RPG game. It's Transformers with the serial numbers filed off. Do you really need to know any more? The rules are convulated, but the default fluff actually is kind of nifty.


Horizon: Mechamorphosis



ISBN 13: 9781589941847


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