Episode 2 of…. Have you ever wondered what the best sight reading books for bass are, or how to practise sight reading? This post is not meant to debate the relative merits of TAB vs. It is, however, very useful in a number of situations when you need to communicate musical ideas quickly.

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Toggle navigation. User Login Sign Up. Welcome, Guest Login. Maybe the most influential bassist ever, James Jamerson was the uncredited session player on nearly all s releases from Motown Records. Transcribed by Aidan Hampson. It is an eBook, rather than a physical product.

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If you need to download a copy it's free , click on the image to the right. View All Reviews. Click here to see a list of affected countries. Musicians are not good social distancers. Performers, teachers, students, garage-jam players, fans of live music -- getting together is part of what we do.

But not right now. To blunt the spread of the coronavirus and protect our loved ones and communities, we have to spend a lot more time at home. It will feel strange, but it does not need to be unproductive. Pick up your instrument.

Sit down and cradle it. Noodle out a riff. Learn a new song. Explore some new techniques. Study the style of a favorite player. This will not last forever.

But we must act forcefully and responsibly now. If what we do at this point does NOT feel like overreacting, then it is not enough.

Our suppliers' warehouse and shipping facilities could be affected by shut-downs, as could deliveries by the US Postal Service and UPS. Stay healthy. Audio tracks included. Blog Highlights.

Save time and money and reduce your carbon footprint! Order books and transcriptions in easy-to-download PDF form. Read them on a desktop, laptop, phone or tablet, and print out pages as you wish. Your Email Address:. Preferred Email Format: --html --text --mobile. Your email address will be securely stored by MailChimp, our e-newsletter processor, and will never be shared with anyone, for any reason, period.

We offer discounts based on the number of titles purchased in a single order. You will see the discounts automatically applied during checkout. Available singly or as a set, in print or ebook form, with accompanying audio. Just learning your way around the bass? We'll start you right.

Click here to see all our Beginners titles. Includes CD with instruction and backing tracks. Learn to build cool bass lines. All Rights Reserved. Your Cart Is Empty. This item is unique from many of the items we offer.

See all titles available only from BassBooks. These three books from David Motto make up one of the great sightreading resources of all time. Teach yourself to play bass guitar at your own pace. Part one of a three-part series, this book introduces music theory, scales and chords.







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