Manual zz. Examine the unit for any possibility of shipping damage. If your unit is damaged or fails to operate, notify your dealer immediately. If your unit was shipped to you directly, notify the shipping company without delay. We recommend that you retain the original carton and packing materials for use should you transport or ship the unit in the future. Accessory only for regions oo x where use is necessary.

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Manual zz. Examine the unit for any possibility of shipping damage. If your unit is damaged or fails to operate, notify your dealer immediately. If your unit was shipped to you directly, notify the shipping company without delay. We recommend that you retain the original carton and packing materials for use should you transport or ship the unit in the future. Accessory only for regions oo x where use is necessary. Select a surround mode according to your equipment or the software you are going to play.

By providing up to 5. Once you've completed these setups, all you have to do is enj your movies. Infrared Ray remote control. This receiver, however, is supplied with a repeater that lets you turn ON and start playback from your video components once you specify the remote control setup code.

Be sure to set up the IR remote before you start watching movies. Once you store the steps necessary to perform a specific operation, like starting playback from your LD player or video deck, you can perform those operations, like turning ON the power, switching the inputs, and starting playback, automatically.

This indicates that a small amount of current is being supplied to the receiver in order to back up the memory contents. This is called the Standby mode. Do not connect the power cord to a wall outlet until all connections are completed. For Lead the 75Q coaxial cable connected to the FM outdoor stable signal reception we recommend using an outdoor antenna into the room and connect it to the FM 75Q terminal.

Disconnect the indoor antenna when you connect one outdoors. To allow for proper ventilation, maintain a certain distance be- tween the wall and the rear of the component. Record player Caution regarding placement except for U. Connect all cords firmly. Loose connections may prevent proper sound transmission or produce noise. Be sure to remove the power cord from the AC outlet before plugging or unplugging any connection cords. Do not connect power cords from components whose power consumption is larger than what is indicated on the AC outlet at the rear of this unit.

When connecting the related system components, be sure to also refer to the instruction manuals supplied with the components you are connecting. Make connections according to the groups of terminal symbols shown elow. It comes from the factory set to the [SL16] mode. Be sure to use the [XS8] system control mode when making system connections with equipment that is not [SL16] compatible. You cannot make system control connections to this kind of equipment.

Automatic Operation except [XR] equipment When you start playback from a source component, the input selector on this unit switches to that component automatically. Except for TAPE 2. On-Screen system operation [SL16] only This unit can display the current status of the component you wish to operate on the screen of a monitor television and let you operate that component with on-screen operations. Be sure the system control plugs are inserted all the way in to the system control terminals.

If your equipment consists of this kind of combination, please do not connect any system control cords. Even without system control cords, normal operations can be carried out without affecting performance. Do this operation after completing all connections. You can also change the mode using the On Screen Display. If you would like to make the unit completely and permanently [XL8] compatible, please consult your dealer. To switch the input, follow the steps shown below. The input can also be switched through an on-screen operation.

Connection of banana plugs For U. O Insert. This repeater sends out signals corresponding to those of the remote supplied with your video equipment. There are 2 repeater jacks on the rear panel. One is for the supplied repeater.

Depending on the repeater and the locations of your video components, it may not be possible to control all your video components with just one repeater. If you would like to use 2 repeaters, please consult your dealer. The range of operation depends on the shape and size of your room. Place the repeater so that there are no obstacles between the repeater and the remote receptors on your video components.

Obstacles may prevent remote operation of your video Remote control code output directions components. How to use the remote contro: This remote control has 3 operating modes; the function of each key changes accordingly. Lets you operate the receiver and related components by moving a hand that appears on the screen of your monitor TV.

The appropri setup codes must be entered beforehand. Set the input selector to the component you want to control.

Use a component control selection key to select the component you want to control. Replace both batteries with new ones when you notice a shortening of the distance from which the remote control will operate.

Placing the remote sensor in direct sunlight, or in direct light from a high frequency fluorescent lamp may cause a malfunction. The supplied batteries may have shorter lives than ordinary batteries due to use during operation checks. Notes In such a case, change the location of the system installation to prevent malfunction. But first, lets see what kind of screen OSD provides. NN fu, e on Turn on the components you want to use. This is the first display that appears when you activate the GUI mode.

You can set up your AV system for efficient operation of all the audio and video equipment connected to this receiver. Set according to your equipment. Once surround setup is complete, you may not need to adjust it again unless you change or add speakers. The receiver lets you choose from various home theater operations while looking at the screen of your monitor TV. So you can stay seated for simple operations.

O Switch input source and operate other components. With the [SL16] mode, the current status of the source component is displayed in red. You can also conduct basic operations of video components by entering the remote control set up code.

In this case, the current status of the video component is not displayed. Since the icons shown on the monitor TV are similar to the symbols on the operation keys of each source component, also check the operating instructions supplied with the source components during operation. First of all, lets try moving the pointer freely and selecting an item.

Activate the GUI mode. Try moving the pointer around the screen in different directions. El Press the item you desire. If an item cannot be used with a certain menu it will not be displayed. Displays the next menu. Dolby AC-3 surround. Choose the menus according to the screens you wish to access. Refer to the circled numbers shown below and see the "OSD flow chart" for information about the contents of each screen.

To set the receiver to [SL16] permanently, consult with your dealer. The input you select can then be chosen with the input selector. O Continue to next screen.

KR-VD En Before operating video components using remote control supplied with this receiver, you need to input the setup code that corresponds to the IR remote control of the component you want to control. Use the "Setup Code Chart" to look up the setup code after determining the maker and the remote control capabilities of the component you wish to control.

That will be the correct code for your component. O Select the input corresponding to the component you want to control. Use the remote control's numeric keys to enter "[0] [5] [3]. If the component does not turn on, and there is more than one setup code, enter another setup code and try again. O Repeat steps O - O to enter setup codes for all the components you want to control, then continue to the next screen.

Enter the setup codes for the video components you want to control beforehand. O Select the macro number you want to set. Select 1. I Set the receiver's input selector to the source you want to play. D Set the timing for the monitor TV commands. This setting lets you turn ON the monitor TV and program a delay before the next signal.

First, determine how many times you have to press the input selector on your monitor TV to reach the correct video input, then set that number FUNC. The setting changes as follows: none 0 times — FUNC.


Kenwood KR-V990D User Manual

Find remotes at:. Universal Remote Control Inc. Digital R Forum Search. Anyone who has this receiver knows how lousy the remote for it is. It seems that I cannot learn codes from it.


Kenwood KR-V990D User Manual

Tuning range: FM, MW. Surround output: W front , W center , 70W rear. Frequency response: 10Hz to 75kHz. Total harmonic distortion: 0. Input sensitivity: 2. Signal to noise ratio: 75dB MM , 98dB line.

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