Tony currently serves as Executive Director of the Leadership MetaFormation Institute , a training organization that uses innovative, experiential learning methods to help leaders live and lead from the heart. He is highly skilled at teaching practical tools and techniques that produce transformation deep, lasting, significant change , using a highly-interactive, adult learning approach. Tony offers a set of Open Source coach training courses to make coaching skills training more accessible for ministries, non-profits and overseas endeavors. He regularly offers webinars, training courses and workshops throughout the US through Leadership MetaFormation , and coaches "senior leaders in painful transitions. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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Questions for Jesus has become my most-used coaching tool, because it is so simple and so transformational. And Jesus answers—prolifically, usually in less than a minute! The key to the Questions for Jesus approach is changing what you ask… Read full article When we speak our voice tone, volume, emotive content and so forth vary over time… Read full article A major trap when coaching clients in their life purpose is thinking that there is one right destination as well as one right route to get to it.

Many clients believe there is only one… Read full article Last month we spoke about the MapQuest Paradigm—the idea that God has one set of directions for our life. And, if we miss a step or make a wrong turn that we are somehow disqualified… Read full article When coaching a client who knows their calling, there is still the question of how to walk it out. For some, following the call is like tiptoeing through a minefield.

Where is Your Focus by Michael J. Pfau The Bible has a lot to say about our thought life. Last time, in our quest to motivate and inspire each other to live on purpose in great health for the glory of God, we developed our life vision as well as goals we want to… Read full article Are you living what you truly say you value? Many of us are good talkers, but are we good walkers?

Read full article Who needs some energy? Well, I have good news! We can create some quite easily today and have fun in the process. Many people who enter coaching come from a background of being employed either in a corporate environment or small business. Often the mindset of an employee is very different than the owners when it comes… Read full article Tony Stoltzfus Tony is a master coach, trainer, author and networker who runs the Christian coaching bookstore at Coach Read full bio.

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Leadership Coaching

Hear an expert coach at work navigating live, unrehearsed situations. Debriefing times afterward explain the coaching conversation and answer common questions about it.. This 4-disc set with four hours of audio is a companion to the book, Leadership Coaching by master coach Tony Stoltzfus. The 1 Killer of Authentic Conversation Tony demonstrates the surprising differences in effectiveness between the advice-giving and coaching approaches. What is Coaching?


Leadership Coaching: The Disciplines, Skills, and Heart of a Christian Coach

As a pastor or ministry leader, you walk alongside many others, helping them grow, meet God in their circumstances, and live fully for Christ. Who is walking with you in your difficult times? I specialize in working with senior leaders in painful transitions. Through my research into The Calling Journey and my own personal story, I've learned how God leverages suffering and adversity to build leaders into who they need to be to fulfill their destiny.


Leadership MetaFormation

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