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Version History 2. Introduction 3. E-Mail Rules 4. IM Rules 5. Game Basics 6. Characters 7. Dragoons 8.

Additions 9. Walkthrough: Chapter 1 Walkthrough: Chapter 2 Walkthrough: Chapter 3 Walkthrough: Chapter 4 Equipment Enemies Bosses Stardust Items Song Lyrics Outro Version 1.

Thats it for now. This is my 17th guide, and the second guide that I am doing as a co-author. My first was done with Aaron Baker, who was also a very skilled writer.

This time, I am writing with Stephanie Nutter aka Cyril. We were just in a chat at one time, and then she noted that she was planning a co-author for her Legend of Dragoon guide. I felt that I was a good writer enough to do this, so I agreed to co-author the guide with her, since I was going to buy Legend of Dragoon. I must say that I am fortunate to be able to write with such a great author.

I definitely recommend you buy it if you don't already have it. I will do the first and second chapters, while Cyril does Chapter 3 and Chapter 4. Anyway, that's a wrap for me. Once again, I write for RPGs. I am surprised by myself, actually. I havent written for anything else. Legend ofDragoon has always held a special place in my heart.

My guide is on Chapters 3 and 4, or Disk 3 and 4. They are probably the hardest chapters in the game, but 3 is one of the easiest to write for.

I had a lot of fun writing this guide, even though it took me quite a while. I wouldnt say this is my best guide to date, but its still pretty damn good. I love getting good emails, so you're free to email me with a question any time, but I will not answer questions already answered in this FAQ.

Also, don't send me e-mails about other games with a Legend of Dragoon subject, please. And don't bother sending things like: "You friggin' idiot. Your guides suck, you suck, and everything about you sucks. It's Gbness, just the same as my contributor name, so e-mail me to be added. If you are added, please remember the following things: I am on often, but I tend to be on in the evenings and occasionally the afternoon the most, except on holidays, when I am on usually in the morning.

I am usually quite busy I have guides to write and tons of things to do simultaneously , so don't IM me a lot, please. Also, I won't work for your site. There are very few people I will trust to work for a site, and I just plain have better things to do.

So bottom line: be polite, don't ask me to work for your site or harass me with annoying questions, and it's all good. This button is the main command button. This is basically "yes". When you press the X button, you are selecting a command.

Field: Talks to people, Searche's location directly in front of you Menu: Select, go onto sub-menu Battle: Select, Addition, Boosts Multi items O O is basically the contrast of X. It is no, or 'deselect'. Field: Nothing Menu: Cancel your choice Battle: Cancel the choice, Counter in Addition Triangle This brings up the menu screen. Field: Brings up the menu screen Menu: Only works on the items and weapons screen.

Sorts your items by type. Battle: None Square None. Square has no use in Legend of Dragoon. In dungeons, press this to make the icon above darts head and exits to the screen disappear. Press it again and they will reappear.

Pressing these buttons in battle makes doing additions easier. The easiest screen position to do additions by is from behind the characters. You can change the screen position at the beginning over every characters turn, if needed.

Clinic: This restores the status of all members in the group. Unless more then two of your characters have status effects or they have multiple status effects on them then this is a rip-off and should be avoided. Item Shop: Sells you Items which will help you on your journey. These may be healing or attacking items. Weapon Shops: These sell you weapons, and accessories. Inns and Clinics are marked with a "Yellow" entrance, while shops have a 'Blue' entrance.

In certain towns, you can find a woman named 'Martel'. She will take any of the Stardust that you have found. Look in the Stardust section for more details.

You can find items in dungeons, as well as bosses. In dungeons, there is a revolving arrow that changes color as Dart walks. This arrow signifies how close Dart is to an encounter. Blue: Clear, not near an encounter Yellow: An encounter is going to happen soon Red: You are only a few steps away from an encounter! This icon is called an action icon. By pressing X at an Action icon, Dart will do an action he normally would not perform just through the normal area of gameplay. Some actions include Jumping, and using teleporters.

You must press the Triangle button to view it. If they have Dragoon skills, then those will be shown as well. On the top left is the characters portrait. This works as a guide to tell you which character it is, and you will learn these quite quickly.

The stats by him are: Name: The characters' name. This only effects you storywise. Level: The current level of the character. This rises as you fight and gain EXP through battles. D'Lvl: This is the characters' Dragoon level. The maximum is level 5, and can only be obtained if you have the appropriate Dragoon Spirit for each character.

You start at level 1. HP: The total health the character has, and the maximum. MP: This will only rise if you have a Dragoon Spirit. It starts off at 20 once you get a Dragoon Spirit, but as you progress through battles gaining SP, it rises. At Dragoon Level 2, it goes to 40, at level 3 it goes to At level 4 it goes to 80, and at level 5 it is at There is items that allow your MP to go higher then , though the maximum MP for a character is which can be obtained by equipping an Amulet and a Magical Hat on the same character.

Directly below the character pictures are the stats and Dragoon section. This section shows the spells of your Dragoon form, the characters stats, and the strength of each Dragoon Stat. On the far left is the stats of the basic character.


The Legend of Dragoon – Guides and FAQs





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