The European energy policy has defined clear objectives to reduce the high dependency on fossil petroleum imports, and to increase the security of sustainable energy supply for the transport sector. Moreover, the European environmental policy is requesting clean fuels that reduce environmental risks. This work presents the current state and perspectives of the production and utilisation of liquid fuels from agricultural sources by reviewing agricultural feedstocks for energy sector, conversion technologies and different ways to use biofuels. Environmental and economical aspects are also briefly analysed.

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FORM 6-K. Washington, D. Report of Foreign Issuer. Pursuant to Rule 13a or 15d of. Paseo de la Castellana, Address of principal executive office. Indicate by check mark whether the registrant files or will file. Indicate by check mark if the registrant is submitting the Form 6-K. Indicate by check mark whether by furnishing the information. Repsol YPF, S. Call for AGM. Reports of the Board of Directors on the Proposals of Resolutions.

Report containing additional information on the Management Report. Report on the Remuneration Policy for Directors. Appointment, ratification or re-election of Directors:.

Rights of attendance. For purposes of verifying the identity of shareholders or those who validly represent them, attendees may be asked, at the place of the General Shareholders Meeting, for evidence of their identity by means of the presentation of a National Identity Document or any other official document generally accepted for these purposes.

Any shareholder entitled to attend may be represented by a proxy, who needs not to be a shareholder. If the name of the proxy is left blank on the proxy form received by the Company, it will be presumed granted in favour of the Chairman of the Board.

The voting instructions will be set out in proxy forms. If no express instructions are issued, the proxy will vote for the proposals submitted by the Board. Save otherwise indicated by the represented shareholder, the proxy will be deemed extended to any business which, although not included on the agenda, may be put to the vote at the General Shareholders Meeting.

In this case, the proxy will vote however he may consider most favourable for the interests of the represented shareholder. Save otherwise expressly indicated by the represented shareholder, in cases where the proxy incurs a conflict of interests for voting on any item, included or not in the Agenda, put to the General Shareholders Meeting, the proxy will be considered granted to the Vice-Secretary to the Board of Directors.

Shareholders who grant a proxy must notify the person designated as representative of the proxy granted thereto. When the proxy is granted to a member of the Board of Directors, the notification of the proxy shall be deemed to be effected upon receipt by the Company of the documentation setting forth such proxy. Shareholders may request the delivery or the sending free of charge of all the mentioned documents. Distance voting and proxies prior to the general meeting.

Voting by distance communication prior to the General Shareholders Meeting. Pursuant to Article 23 of the Articles of Association and Article 7 of the Regulations of the General Shareholders Meeting, shareholders entitled to attend may vote through distance communication on the proposals regarding the items on the Agenda prior to the date of the General Shareholders Meeting, provided the identity of the voting shareholder is duly guaranteed.

The means of communication valid for distance voting are as follows:. Postal vote. This form, duly signed, must be sent to the Company together with the corresponding attendance card, also signed. Electronic vote. After this time, the Company will only accept the votes cast at the General Shareholders Meeting. Distance proxies. Pursuant to Article 24 of the Articles of Association and Article 8 of the Regulations of the General Shareholders Meeting, shareholders entitled to attend may grant a proxy by distance communication on the proposals regarding the items on the Agenda and prior to the date of the General Shareholders Meeting, provided the identity of the persons concerned is duly guaranteed.

The means of communication valid for distance proxies are as follows:. Postal proxy. At the place and date of the General Shareholders Meeting, the proxies must prove their identity by showing their identity cards or any other official document generally accepted for these purposes, together with a copy of the proxy, if necessary, so that the company can confirm the proxy granted. After this time, the company will only accept the proxies made in writing through the attendance, proxy and voting cards presented for registration of shareholders on entry at the place and date scheduled for the General Shareholders Meeting.

Rules common to distance voting and distance proxies. Confirmation of distance vote or distance proxy. The validity of votes cast and proxies granted through distance communication is subject to checking of the particulars supplied by the shareholder against those contained in the file supplied by IBERCLEAR.

In the event of any discrepancy between the number of shares indicated by the shareholder in the proxy form or distance voting form and those indicated in the aforesaid file, the number of shares indicated by IBERCLEAR will prevail for the purposes of quorum and voting. Rules of priority.

Personal attendance of the General Shareholders Meeting by a shareholder who has previously granted a proxy or voted through distance communication, by whatsoever means used, will render that distance proxy or vote void. If a shareholder validly issues both a distance vote and a proxy, the former will prevail. Similarly, electronic votes and proxies will prevail over those sent by post.

Electronic votes and proxies may be rendered void through express revocation by the shareholder through the same means. Other provisions. The Company reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel or restrict the electronic voting and proxy mechanisms for technical or security reasons.

The Company further reserves the right to request additional identification from shareholders as and when it may so deem fit to guarantee the identity of those concerned, the authenticity of the vote or proxy and, in general, the legal certainty of the General Shareholders Meeting.

General information. The rights of access, rectification, deletion and opposition may be exercised in the terms prescribed by Law by written communication sent to the registered office of the Company, at Paseo de la Castellana , Madrid. Otherwise, an announcement shall be made in the daily press with sufficient advance notice. The Director Secretary of the Board of Directors.

Proposals of resolutions. The sum of 1,,, The remaining ,, It is also entrusted with carrying out the other audit services required by Law and needed by the Company until the next Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting is held. The shares so acquired may be disbursed among the employees and directors of the Company and its Group or, if appropriate, used to satisfy the exercise of option rights that such persons may hold.

To Delegate to the Board of Directors, in accordance with the general applicable regime and the provisions of Article of the Regulations of the Commercial Register, the power to issue, once or on several occasions, fixed rate securities in accordance with the following conditions:.

The issuance of securities may be made once or on several occasions at any moment within a maximum period of five years counted as from the date of this resolution. Maximum amount. The aggregate maximum amount of securities to be issued by virtue of this delegation will be the following:. Extension of the delegation. Guarantee of issues of fixed rate securities by companies within the Group.

The Board is also empowered, within a period of five years, to guarantee on behalf of the Company the issuances of fixed rate securities debentures, bonds, notes or any other securities as well as the issues of promissory notes and preference shares by companies within the Group.

The Board is empowered to apply for the listing of the debentures, bonds, promissory notes, preference shares and of any other securities issued by the Company by virtue of this delegation, if appropriate or if it deems convenient, on official or unofficial, organized or OTC, national or foreign secondary markets, carrying out in such case the necessary proceedings and acts for the listing before the competent authorities of the different national or foreigner securities markets, conferring to the Board of Directors the widest powers for such purpose.

Power of delegation. The Board of Directors is authorized to delegate the delegated powers contemplated in this resolutions, pursuant to the provisions of article The power of rectification shall include the power to make as many amendments, modifications and additions as necessary or convenient as a consequence of objections or observations raised by the regulatory bodies of the securities markets, Stock Markets, Commercial Registry and any other public authority with powers concerning the resolutions adopted.

The Financial Statements and different documents of which these consist, as laid down in the Commercial Code, the Joint-Stock Companies Act and other applicable legislation, including the current sectorial regulations, both the individual ones of Repsol YPF, S. Along with the approval of the Financial Statements there is similarly a proposal, as in previous years, for the approval of the application of the earnings, as stated in the Notes to the individual Financial Statements, and the management by the Board of Directors during fiscal year , whose remuneration is detailed in the Notes to the Financial Statements, the Annual Report on Corporate Governance and the Report on the remuneration policy for Directors.

The first proposal under this item on the Agenda consist on the re-election as Director, for a new period of four years, of Mr. The shareholders have a brief professional history of Mr. For this purpose, being close the expiration of his last re-election as Director 31st May , as well as, the fulfilment of the twelve years period from his incorporation to the Board of Directors of Repsol YPF, S.

The proposal for the appointment as Director of Mrs. According to the provisions of the Articles of Association and Regulations of the Board of Directors, said Committee is competent to propose the appointment of Independent Outside Directors.

As a consequence, according to the provisions of the Articles of Association and Regulations of the Board of Directors, Mrs. Below the shareholders find a brief professional profile of Mrs. This authorization may not, under any circumstances, exceed 18 months. The Board of Directors considers highly convenient to have the delegated powers permitted by the current legislation, in order to be in a position to obtain from the securities primary markets the necessary funds for an appropriate management of the corporate interests.

Without prejudice of this regulation, the proposal contains quantitative limits for the different issues.

Capital structure, including any securities not traded on a EU regulated market, indicating the different classes of shares, if any, the rights and obligations granted by each class and the percentage of capital it represents.

Any restriction on the transferability of shares. Sacyr Vallehermoso, s. Criteria Caixa Corp. Sacyr Vallehermoso, S. Any restriction on voting rights. Among others, it lists the markets of fuel production and distribution, liquefied petroleum gas production and supply and natural gas production and supply. The principal operators are considered to be the companies holding the five largest shares of the market in question.

These constraints are as follows:. The Energy National Commission, regulator of the energy market, may authorise exercising of the voting rights corresponding to the excess, provided this does not favour an exchange of strategic information or entail risks of coordination in strategic actions.

Rules applicable to the appointment and replacement of directors and to the amendment of the bylaws. Members of the board are appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders, without prejudice to the power of the Board to appoint shareholders to fill any vacancies that may arise, up to the next general meeting. No-one affected by the prohibitions established in section of the Joint Stock Companies Act or any other incompatibilities established in current laws may be appointed director of the company.

Nor may persons or entities that are in a permanent conflict of interest with the company be directors, including competing companies, their directors, executives or employees, or any persons related to or proposed by such companies.


Leyes Medioambientales, decretos, artículos.






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