Can mixers this small really provide all the preamps and monitor control facilities you need? While large consoles may attract all the longing glances, the reality is that many studios now can do without them, but there remains a very real role for smaller mixers, both live and in the studio. The VLZ3, and its even smaller sibling the VLZ3, feature the same circuit design and tough steel-chassis construction as their larger siblings but have slightly condensed feature sets, and of course fewer input channels. But there are some other useful features, too: for example, one thing that's novel in both is that they have three mounting holes in the base to attach an optional mic-stand adaptor, and this makes them particularly convenient for live use. The stereo inputs are normally panned hard left and right, but plugging into the left input only places the mono signal equally in both channels, to give a central image. Because of the size of the mixer, the PSU is in the form of an external adaptor, with a sensible locking connector.

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They have an incredibly wide frequency range, especially in the low end, and even at extremely high gain settings. They offer incredibly low noise, amazing RFI rejection, and with 60dB of available gain per channel, the VLZ3 can handle inputs ranging from a whisper to a scream. We invested tremendous resources into optimizing the center frequencies of our EQs, and improved the interaction of the separate EQ bands, so your tracks can be molded and tweaked for the perfect result.

Small Yet Powerfully Flexible Though small in stature, the VLZ3 provides an incredible abundance of professional features and mission-critical tools to enhance your mixing experience—and your creativity. In addition to essential features like phantom power for your condenser mics, you get a variety of user options that make the VLZ3 a surprisingly versatile mixing machine. Two switchable Hi-Z instrument inputs allow you to plug instruments like electric guitar or bass in direct—no external gear required—or, disengage the switch to connect line level sources such as keyboards, or CD or mp3 players.

Use the high pass filters on channels 1 and 2 to cut the rumble with the touch of a button. Connect line level stereo gear like DJ decks using the assignable stereo RCA input, and either route to your phones for queuing up, or to your main mix for overdubbing while monitoring back from your computer on phones. Flexibly monitor and record mono and stereo sources using the stereo pan function—when the switch is out, a mono source will be split between the left and right of the main mix equally, and when the switch is in, channels 1 and 2 are hard-panned left and right perfect for recording stereo mics.

No matter how you use it, the VLZ3 supplies everything you need to get the job done. Ultra-compact, sleek, rugged chassis Now you can have your pro mixer, and take it with you, too. The VLZ3 features a tight, low-profile design that fits the most modest—or congested—areas perfectly, including your backpack or laptop case.

Instead of cheap, unsealed potentiometers, we use co-molded pots, which offer substantial strain and impact relief. Finally, we use thick, horizontally mounted fiberglass PC boards to eliminate the potential for damage and brace them with a shock-absorbing support structure.

And not only is the VLZ3 tough, but it can be flexibly positioned, thanks to a bottom panel that lets you easily mount an optional mic stand adapter with just a few screws. Attach your VLZ3 to a mic stand, and you can adjust its height and angle to suit your unique—or weird—work style.

Applications A-Plenty With its professional features and ultra-compact footprint, the VLZ3 is ideal for a variety of applications, including home studio and on-the-go recording, multimedia projects, field mixing, broadcast use, and post-production work.

Check out our hookup guide to see how you can put it all together. And the included Tracktion 3 Basic Bundle music production software makes it that much easier to get right to work, and get inspired. Less Really Is More The best-sounding, most professional ultra-compact in its class, the VLZ3 gives new meaning to the old adage, less is more.

While there are other ultra-compact mixers out in the world these days, none provide the performance or sound quality of the VLZ3. Thanks to its ultra-flexible, super-versatile, professional design, you get the low input count you want, the extra space you need, and the quality you deserve—all at an unbelievably low price.

Put simply, the VLZ3 is the go-anywhere, fit-anywhere professional mixer, delivering superior sound quality—and unbeatable value. So we created the VLZ3, the perfect ultra-compact mixer for applications that require few inputs, but demand full-on professional sound. The 4-channel VLZ3 delivers pure VLZ3 quality in our smallest form factor ever, making it ideal when your input counts are low, or when space is at a premium.

In a sleek, small package, you get the signature VLZ3 high headroom, low noise design, complete with 2 XDR2 preamps, premium EQ, and modern mix bus architecture, for the best-sounding, mini-est pro mixer on the planet. At last, you no longer need to buy more mixer than you need just to get the quality you deserve. Description Features Specifications. Clear Com. Sound Devices. Data video. Visit Us Mackie VLZ3. Onyx Onyx i. VLZ3 Compact Mixers. ON-Stage Mixers. PPM Powered Mixers. Compact Mixers.

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