Bruce Ratner's books NEW! Modern Methods Genetic vs. Third Edition of My Book. Profile Analysis of Any Regression-based Model. Opening the Dataset: Confession of a Dataholic.

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Bruce Ratner's books NEW! Modern Methods Genetic vs. Third Edition of My Book. Profile Analysis of Any Regression-based Model. Opening the Dataset: Confession of a Dataholic. What is Your First Data Step? Statisticians Have a Bad Habit. Power of Thought. A Glass of Water vs. Principal Component Analysis of Yesterday and Today. Statistical vs. Machine-Learning Data Mining.

The Paradox of Overfitting. Assessing the Predictiveness of a Classification Model: Traditional vs. Modern Methods. Genetic vs. Statistic Regression - A Comparison.

Interpretation of Coefficient-free Models. Predictive Modeling Using Real-time Data. Calculating the Average Correlation Coefficient: Why?

Data Mining: Illustration of the Pythagorean Theorem. If you can think …, then I guarantee … not to waste your time. What is the GenIQ Model? How To Bootstrap. Predicting Share of Wallet without Survey Data. Data Mining: An Ill-defined Concept. Overfitting: Old Problem, New Solution. Historical View of Three Regression Models. GenIQ-enhanced Regression Model.

Finding Tax Cheaters Easily. Fundraising Modeling: Competitive and Successful. Data Mining for the Desktop. Data Mining Using Genetic Programming. Analytical Model Development and Deployment. Nonprofit Modeling: Remaining Competitive and Successful. Optimizing Website Content via the Taguchi Method.

Quantile Regression: Model-free Approach. Tukey's Bulging Rule for Straightening Data. Explaining Collaborative Filtering: An Openwork. The Correlation Coefficient: Definition. Maximizing the Lift in Database Marketing. Unconventional Thinking for Increasing Profits. Enhancing Model Performance. Risk Analytics for Telecommunication. Telecommunication Fraud Reduction: Analytical Approaches.

Optimizing Customer Loyalty. Expanding Your Statistical Computing Toolbox. Analysis and Modeling for Today's Data. Building a Database Zipcode Acquisition Model. Data Preparation for Big Data. Modeling a Distribution with a Mass at Zero. Data Mining Paradigm. Automatic Coding of Dummy Variables. Model Selection by Means of Natural Selection. Sensitivity Analysis for Database Marketing Models. Look At The Stars!


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Bruce assures his clients' marketing decision problems are solved with the optimal problem-solution methodology; rapid start-up and timely delivery of project results; and, client projects are executed with the highest level of statistical practice. Ratner has his footprint in the predictive analytics community as a frequent speaker at industry conferences, and as the instructor of the advanced statistics course sponsored by the Direct Marketing Association for over a decade. He is the author of over one hundred peer-reviewed articles on statistical and machine-learning procedures and software tools. Bruce is also active in the online data mining industry. He is a frequent contributor to KDNuggets Publications, the data mining community's top resource. His articles on statistical and machine-learning methodologies draw a hug monthly following.


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