A father and a coach! What more do you need? A girl that believes in the impossible! Bookworm Book reviewer Blogger www. I had no clue you had such an awesome experience with karate.

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A father and a coach! What more do you need? A girl that believes in the impossible! Bookworm Book reviewer Blogger www. I had no clue you had such an awesome experience with karate. This book looks like it could be a great tool for female athletes. I am not the kind of person that reads help books for pleasure.

When I need information, I usually only read something I need at the moment, learn a lot about it, and then let go. But, with this book, it was different. For some of you, that know me better, I used to train karate since I was a child. My father was my coach, and I trained hard, more than four days a week.

I was a national champion for 8 years, I went on Balkan, Regional and European Championships, the sport enabling me to travel in more than 15 countries, explore the world and make countless number of friends along the way.

And in my whole journey, there were many experts surrounding me. Firstly, my father, who was my coach, showing me the karate world and teaching me everything I know today. Along his side, other coached, psychologists, gym experts, and nutritionists. View this post on Instagram.

Like this: Like Loading Published by innah More Energy. Less Fat by Susan M. Thank you so much! I adore a kickass chick! Awwh thank you!!! I gotta give you props! I wish I could do these kinds of things! You can do anything!! Thank you!! Wow, you are great. Fab book too. Thank you! Thank you Megan!

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5 questions with Susan Kleiner, Ph.D., RD, about Power Eating and fueling your training

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Power Eating: Build Muscle, Increase Energy, Cut Fat

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Susan M. Among her many national and international championship clients are Olympic BMX bronze medalist, three-time mountain bike 4X world champion, and two-time national downhill champion Jill Kintner; U. Kleiner is an internationally renowned author, speaker, and columnist. For her doctoral research on the cardiovascular disease risks of diet and anabolic steroid use in competitive male bodybuilders, Dr.

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