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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for electronics and electrical engineering professionals, students, and enthusiasts. It only takes a minute to sign up. This is a basic lithium battery protection circuit, but looking at the dual mos-fet part of the circuit, It doesn't make sense to me. It's a A dual mos-fet, with its drain connected together and each of its source connected to the negative of the input and output. Normally, the drain of a mosfet is connected to the positive.

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Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. I am making a remote solar powered soil moisture sensor which has a lithium ion battery for backup. I have put in the protection circuit by using DW01 and A chips.

VPROT and ground are the output terminals. Unless I short the battery negative to ground the circuit does not turn on. Did they forget to put ground in the official datasheet on the battery negative? I really need an answer because I don't have any hair left to pull out.

Peabody Frequent Contributor Posts: Country:. I don't know why your circuit doesn't work, but I believe the DW01 data sheet circuit and your matching circuit are correct. If you bypass them by connecting the negative terminal directly to ground, you have no protection. The FS may be bad. Can you measure the gate voltage - OD and OC? I'm a bit confused by the 8-pin FS shown in your circuit. It's a 6-pin part. I seem to recall that some protection ICs require that a charging source be applied before they startup.

Not sure if that's the case for the one you have, that may only be for the devices with integrated chargers. Battery voltage is 4. If I ground the battery negative momentarily, the circuit starts working. Then the OD and OC voltages are battery voltages. Quote from: murabat on September 22, , am. Cryptocurrency has taught me to love math and at the same time be baffled by it. Cryptocurrency lesson 0: Altcoins and Bitcoin are not the same thing. Speiss may have located the battery incorrectly, but I think his description of the DW01 circuit is correct.

When the battery is powering the circuit load, output OD must be high enough to turn on the related transistor. That permits conventional current to flow from the low circuit rail back into the negative battery terminal. If that transistor is not ON, its body diode prevents current from flowing. The OC transistor can also be ON, but doesn't have to be because current will flow through its body diode even if the transistor is OFF.

I would think that 2. But I would just say again that you should not connect the negative bettery terminal to circuit ground. That bypasses all of the protection provided by the DW In my circuit they are connected to ground. I think, that is the problem here. But that is not how schematics show it to be!! LukeB Contributor Posts: 46 Country:. All I can say is maybe check that the pins from the datasheet match the pins that easyeda is connecting them to.

I used those two chips in the past and have had them labeled incorrectly in easyeda causing me to wire them incorrectly and have a faulty circuit. I found this on baidu search: Here the a pin connections are opposite. Things cannot get more bizarre. Can you confirm from the body diodes that the mosfets in the chip match the orientation in the datasheet?

I know that's extremely unlikely to be the problem, but you seem to have eliminated everything else. Also, when the battery is connected, and OD is 2. Looks like his DW01 circuit is like yours. I think I have found the issue in the end. Thanks for all the help guys, I really appreciate it. It's funny, but I have the later v1. I wonder what this is all about. Anyway, I hope that fixes it for you.

There was an error while thanking. SMF 2. EEVblog on Youtube.


8205A MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent



FS8205A 8205A MOSFET SMD Lithium Battery Protection 8 Pin TSSOP IC


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