The Good The Aliph Jawbone Prime is a highly fashionable headset with a snug fit, plus it has better noise-cancellation and wind noise handling over its predecessor, resulting in even better sound quality. The Bad We're not thrilled with the hidden buttons on the Jawbone Prime, and the singular volume button is a bit annoying. The volume is a little softer than we would like at times. While it has excellent call quality, you can get cheaper headsets that are on par or better. Visit for details. Aliph's Jawbone headsets have consistently been the highest-rated Bluetooth headsets here at CNET because of their amazing sound quality and fashion-forward designs.

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Read my review of the newer Jawbone 2 headset. It goes on and on and on. And hey, if I really could find one that matches both of those criteria, I might just use one way more often. You can tell by the box that it ships in, that this headset is something special. Well forget all that…. Weight: 1 oz with ear hook Bluetooth version: 1. The Jawbone is a sleek looking headset.

The design of this headset is contemporary without being over the top goofy. The word Jawbone is embossed on the face, but blends in with the design due to being the same color as the plastic. A vertical LED underlines the name of the headset and is also the division between two buttons. What buttons you ask? The buttons are hidden under the plastic.

The button on the back part of the headset over the word Jawbone toggles the Noise Shield feature, device pairing and also controls volume levels. The button under the main part of the headset is the power button as well as answer call, end call, voice dial and redial. Turn the headset over and you see the ear hook, ear pad and voice activity sensor. The activity sensor has to touch your face.

The Jawbone comes with 4 different ear hooks. There are 2 for each ear. The hooks are made of metal with a rubber covering and a flexible band. They are easy to remove and insert. I found it a bit awkward to get my ear through the hook and then get the ear pad seated into my ear. Before I even made my first call, I almost was going to discount the Jawbone because of the ear hook.

But then I noticed something…. The Jawbone comes with 5 different ear pads. What a difference and no ear hook is needed. And here it is with the ear hook. The headset ships with a USB cable that has a special connector on the end. This connector mates with the back part of the headset. Ok, time for the sound tests! Below are two audio clips of the Jawbone headset in action. This will give you an idea of what it sounds like to receive a call from someone using this headset. I signed up for a free account, got a phone number and called it using a BlackBerry Pearl while using the Jawbone headset.

The resulting voicemails are then emailed to you. Pretty nifty! At test time, the phone had full signal strength. Click to listen. Driving Test k. WAV file Inside Test 1 k. WAV file Inside Test 2 k. WAV file Outside Test k. WAV file. The sound tests really show how great this headset is at blocking out background noise. I did other tests where I turned the radio in my car up full blast mine goes to 11 and asked the people I was talking to if they could still hear me. They had no problems at all.

The noise shield feature is on by default, but you can turn it off if you want to by holding down the back button. Also, everytime you place a call or power cycle the headset, it turns the noise shielding feature back on. The headset has special software that adjusts the volume automatically whenever it needs to be raised or lowered. There are 2 ways to adjust the volume manually though. You can adjust it directly on your phone, or you can use the rear button under the Jawbone name to raise the volume up one level at a time.

Each time you press the button, the volume will go up one level there are 6 levels. Once you reach the maximum level, the next press will start the volume at the lowest level. I found the automatic volume levels to be just fine for me. Everyone I called with this headset said that it was the best sounding one that they had heard me try so far. I agree and have just made the Jawbone my new favorite Bluetooth headset.

I bought it at a large Cingular store, and the guy said that everybody who works in the store used it. I called around to stores before I found one, and they had only one and held it for me for two hours until I could get there. The looks of the Jawbone were almost enough to inspire ordering it. Can hardly wait until it arrives. Julie, Thanx for this review. Have you tried it with the Treo ? Hellenek wrote: Julie, Thanx for this review.

Thanks so much for reviewing this. One think I remember reading in the consumer reviews on Cnet, was that the metal part of the ear loop can be bent, and it seems that once done people found it very comfortable.

As LeoB mentions, it would be nice if it had a small compact carry case. Hopefully they will make a nice plastic case for it so you can safely pop it into a pocket, briefcase, the security bins at the airport, etc. My RED Jawbone arrived yesterday. It is everything Julie said it was. Contemporary, functional, elegant, comfortable…. I could hardly wait for it to charge.

It is excellent. Paired easily. Fits perfectly in my ear. Easy to use. No voice fade. No noise. My search for the Holy Grail of Bluetooths is over at least for a day or two. This is the best. Bought it at Cingular store for half price with my FAN discount through work. I broke several of the ear loops while carrying it in my pocket.

My everyday headset is a Samsung WEP This eliminates any chance of it getting turned on while in my pocket. I wish the WEP and Jawbone could be merged into one! Small Size, case and noise cancellation in one package. Now this brings us to recommended cases. Any ideas? It must might take me a few days to find one. Does it protect the the bits that easily break? Would you use it? My Krussel headset holder is way too small and not very protective even less so than the Nite Ize holder mentioned above.

There are no pictures of the case, but I wonder whether it would work with the Bluetooth Jawbone, too. I hope you can find out when you speak with the Aliph folks. I finally heard back from my media contact at Aliph. I am looking to buy my first bluetooth headset and am very interested in the Jawbone.

Almost every review I have seen likes it except maybe for the fit , but criticizes it for its inablity to handle wind. How meaningful a criticism is this? Are there other headsets that cancel wind noise significantly better? Do cell phones without a headset tend to handle wind better? Or is this a generic problem which has not yet been solved by any means? Pretty dissapointing for something that costs as much as the Jawbone.


Aliph Jawbone Black Ear-Hook Headsets

While Aliph was announcing its luxurious Jawbone Icon Bluetooth headsets earlier today, we've been playing with one of its six designs -- The Ace -- at our cozy London pad. Being the smallest and lightest Jawbone ever, the Icon's obviously challenging the likes of Jabra Stone with attempts to outperform in noise elimination, battery life, ergonomics and ease of operation. On paper, the Icon already wins on battery life and price, although the Stone has a charging dock good for six extra hours. What really matters, though, is the usability -- something the Stone had little of in a noisy environment. Read on to find out if Aliph has done it right. Goodies and build quality Let's focus on the Jawbone Icon for now.


Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset User Manual

Verified purchase: Yes Condition: Refurbished. A little big for a lot folks old style but noise cancellation is great. Wire for the ear is fragile, so best bet is to use it without the ear rubber or the wire that hooks around your ear, if you can tolerated. Refurbished and the back piece was glued on because it broke before, broke again when removing the charger cord. Buy new instead..


Aliph’s Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

The Good The Aliph Jawbone Era has a unique and attractive design, with updated features that include caller ID by name, a built-in accelerometer, and HD-quality audio. The Bad The Aliph Jawbone Era doesn't have a dedicated volume rocker, and the way it fits the ear is not as easy and comfortable as we would like. The Bottom Line The Aliph Jawbone Era knocks it out of the park with high-end features, amazing audio quality, and innovative design. Visit for details. When the Aliph Jawbone first came along in , we praised the Bluetooth headset for its unique design and impressive audio quality.

NFPA 59A 2009 PDF

Aliph Jawbone Icon 'The Ace' Bluetooth headset review

Read my review of the newer Jawbone 2 headset. It goes on and on and on. And hey, if I really could find one that matches both of those criteria, I might just use one way more often. You can tell by the box that it ships in, that this headset is something special.

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