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Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Home Help Login Register. Tromotorac 7k Posts: a. GET, Gagarin. Jel' gledate sta se ovo desava u Tunisu, Egiptu, Jemenu i ostalim arapskim drzavama? Izgleda da je u Egiptu u toku njihova verzija 9. The bums will always loose. Aha, Muslim Brotherhood sve trlja ruke. Pobednici na slobodnim izborima u arapskim zemljama su veoma slicni Hamasu u gazi. Beware what you wish for Speaking of wishing Hilari kad god nesto izjavi, ugazi u govno.

A Obama sve cesce zvuci kao Bush. Breaking: Egyptian military deploys on the streets of Cairo for first time in crisis as the country's ruling party headquarters is burning.

Thousands of anti-government protesters clashed with hundreds of riot police. A sta da kazu o Egiptu, kad je gubavi Hosni Mubarak jedini saveznik kog imaju u regionu? I kad znaju ko ce da ga nasledi? Manijaci, u najvecoj arapskoj zemlji na svetu?

BTW, Al Zavahiri je originalni muslimanski brat. Pa ti vidi. Hosni je gotov. Jedina brana braci na vlasti je vojno i policijsko kooptiranje revolucije. I cenim da sluzbe na tome rade vec danima. Pijanista 7k Posts: Govor je bio sasvim u redu. Steta sto je prethodila invazija na Irak koja je svakog muslimana na svetu ubedila u to da im je Amerika najveci neprijatelj na kugli zemaljskoj i dala krila svakom fundamentalistickom pokretu na planeti.

Hmm, onda ti verovatno ti se verovatno dopada i nova misija NASA-e. Daisy 7k Posts: Libija 41 god. Jemen 32 3. Egipat 29 4. Sudan Nasa nece imati para za kredu uskoro, ali za skole po Iraku i Avganistanu i boce koka kole od 25 dolara za one nesretenike u uniformi ima da pozajmljujemo jos ihahaj. Koji je ovo genije zakljucio da je Egipat bio pod stranom kontrolom 50 godina?

Neki akademik sa univerziteteta Glen Beck? Eto ti propratni tekst. Onako, kako god okrenes. Pogledaj onaj tekst sa real clear politics. Ista prica kao sa Srbijom. Pa nesto se ne bih slozio da zapdna potreba za naftom nije istorijski odrzavala na vlasti bukvalno nenormalne drustvene sisteme zarad licnih interesa, bez obzira na stanje ljudskih prava u drzavama izvoznicama. Srbija je rupcaga bez icega, sa sto kila zita. Egipat ima Suec, Arabija naftu, Iran bez americkih intervencija u pedesetim i odrzavanja na vlasti kleptomana Reze verovatno nikad ne bi imao islamsku revoluciju.

Lokalne populacije nisu glupe kao sto se misli, i vrlo dobro znaju da je cutanje fakticko podrzavanje. Pareski do 7k Posts: Quote from: zagor te nej on January 28, , PM. Paramecijum 7k7 Posts: Alzir nije imao mnogo veza sa SFRJ; oni su bili i ostali pod francuskim uticajem.

Hate mail 7k Posts: Authoritarian governments start stockpiling food to fight public anger Authoritarian governments across the world are aggressively stockpiling food as a buffer against soaring food costs which they fear may stoke popular discontent. Commodities traders have warned they are seeing the first signs of panic buying from states concerned about the political implications of rising prices for staple crops.

Governments in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa have recently made large food purchases on the open market in the wake of unrest in Tunisia which deposed president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali. Quote from: Tromotorac on January 29, , PM. The same thing that is the matter with most of the modern Middle East: in the post-industrial world, its hundreds of millions now are vicariously exposed to the affluence and freedom of the West via satellite television, cell phones, the Internet, DVDs, and social networks.

And they become angry that, in contrast to what they see and hear from abroad, their own lives are unusually miserable in the most elemental sense. Of course, there is no introspective Socrates on hand and walking about to remind the Cairo or Amman Street that their corrupt government is in some part a reification of themselves, who in their daily lives see the world in terms of gender apartheid, tribalism, religious intolerance, conspiracies, fundamentalism, and statism that are incompatible with a modern, successful, capitalist democracy.

That is, a century after the onset of modern waste treatment science, many of the cities in the Middle East smell of raw sewage. A century after we learned about microbes and disease, the water in places like Cairo is undrinkable from the tap. Six decades after the knowledge of treating infectious disease, millions in the Middle East suffer chronic pain and suffer from maladies that are easily addressed in the West.

And they have about as much freedom as the Chinese, but without either the affluence or the confidence. That the Gulf and parts of North Africa are awash in oil and gas, at a time of both near record prices and indigenous control of national oil treasures, makes the ensuing poverty all the more insulting. The Old Two-Step All this has been true for forty years, but, again, instant global communications have brought the reality home to the miserable of the Middle East in a way state-run newspapers and state-censored television never could even had they wished.

And the United States and, to a lesser extent, Great Britain were stealing precious resources that robbed proud Middle Easterners of their heritage and future. We know the old Middle East two-step that then followed the party line. A Gaddafi or Saddam or a Saudi prince on the sly turned a blind eye to jihadists, or funded them, or in some ways subsidized them — on the condition that they embodied popular outrage but diverted it from Middle Eastern authoritarians to Americans and Israelis.

Ergo, we were to give money or support or both to those that two-timed us, on the premise that the alternative was surely worse. And the Response is?

The more we promised to pressure Israel, the more we could ignore the misery of Cairo, and the more a thieving Mubarak could perpetuate it. The New Realities So what is the matter with Egypt? Why cannot the above mess just keep on keeping on? A number of newer twists. In any case, there seems no Khomeini-like figure on the horizon in the radical Islamist Arab world.

The result is that when Mubarak and Co. When Reagan shouted at the Berlin Wall, the Soviet Union most surely did not come down for four years. But when it did, in hindsight we can see that such symbolic confrontations, along with the military challenges, insidiously exposed and weakened the corrupt system.

When Saddam was routed had a Middle Eastern thug ever been put on trial? Iran is desperate to strangle a free Iraq, since its nearby free media has a tendency to encourage things like the uprising across the border.

Yet to suggest that Bush unleashed in a revolutionary chain of events is heretical. In our twisted political calculus, Bush is demonic for speaking out for human rights and removing Saddam, Obama is progressive for ignoring human rights protestors in the streets of Khomeinist Iran.

We did not. He is a reflection of the pathologies that were outlined above, and would have to be invented had he not existed. He could not have come to power without an underlining culture of tribalism, gender apartheid, religious intolerance, and statism.

The Gazans got what they wanted, we are done with them, and they have to live with the results, happy in their thuggish misery, with a prosperous Israel and better-off West Bank to remind them of their stupidity. All bad, but an honest bad and preferable to the lie that there were thousands of Jeffersonians in Gaza thwarted by the U. So step back and watch it play out with encouragement for those who oppose both Mubarak and the Muslim Brotherhood— hoping for the best, expecting the worst.

While liberty expanded in many parts of the globe, these nations were left behind, their "freedom deficit" signaling the political underdevelopment that accompanied many other economic and social maladies. In November , President George W. Bush asked these questions: "Are the peoples of the Middle East somehow beyond the reach of liberty? Are millions of men and women and children condemned by history or culture to live in despotism? Are they alone never to know freedom and never even to have a choice in the matter?

Arab nations, too, yearn to throw off the secret police, to read a newspaper that the Ministry of Information has not censored and to vote in free elections. The Arab world may not be swept with a broad wave of revolts now, but neither will it soon forget this moment.

So a new set of questions becomes critical. What lesson will Arab regimes learn? Will they undertake the steady reforms that may bring peaceful change, or will they conclude that exiled Tunisian President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali erred only by failing to shoot and club enough demonstrators?

And will our own government learn that dictatorships are never truly stable? For beneath the calm surface enforced by myriad security forces, the pressure for change only grows - and it may grow in extreme and violent forms when real debate and political competition are denied. In fact, Ben Ali jailed moderates, human rights advocates, editors - anyone who represented what might be called "hope and change. Ruling under an endless emergency law, he has crushed the moderate opposition while the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood has thrived underground and in the mosques.



Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Home Help Login Register. Tromotorac 7k Posts: a. GET, Gagarin. Jel' gledate sta se ovo desava u Tunisu, Egiptu, Jemenu i ostalim arapskim drzavama?


Arapsko proleće i mogućnost prekrajanja postojećih granica u arapskom svetu

Author Topic: Arapsko prolece ili zima Read times. It currently has 0 articles. Showing page 1 of 0. Foreign Affairs90 3: International Journal of Middle East Studies36 1: The more we promised to pressure Israel, arapskl more we could ignore the misery of Cairo, and the more a thieving Mubarak could perpetuate it. Comparative Politics27 1: Lessons from the Arab Spring. Nek se pobiju il nek se razmnozavaju.

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