Due to hardware changes that were implemented some firmware upgrades state "Please contact Arecont Vision Tech Support". Please call or email support arecontvision. Click HERE for more information:. Please sign in to leave a comment.

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Their most standout product offering is their multi-imager SurroundVideo series, including the Omni. Directory of Arecont Vision Cameras.

Directory of 93 Video Surveillance Startups on May 20, Iryx is developing multi-sensor cameras, using different parts of the electromagnetic Worst Camera Manufacturers on May 06, Top Results Arecont remains the 1 worst and only Hikvision was close. Hikvision was net positive outside the US, Don't Deceive. Lessons From Scott Schafer on Mar 20, Washed Out Image Arecont s on Feb 03, I have a lot of older arecont degree cameras.

The image on pretty much all of them gets extremely washed out by sunlight Axis New Web Interface Axis released a plugin-free web Acquisitions - Winners and Losers on Dec 10, Will NetPosa Survive?

IPVM last covered the Arecont AVDN Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem: This is a duo mini dome from Arecont. If there's 'to much' movement in the field of view, the camera freezes and stopr streaming. It is certainly believable given in the last year people paid money to buy the ruins of Arecont and Pelco. Much like those 2 companies, even if there is no real chance to return the companies I inherited a security system school district with a ton of arecont cameras.

Some old Some newer. Each school is on its own exacqvision server. They all seem to The "old" Arecont was infamous not only for its camera failures but for making their "partners" fight to get them Ranking Manufacturer Favorability on May 06, North American companies improved in , with only 3 with negative rankings - Lenel, Peclo, and Arecont. The former 2 both suffered from impressions of being dated, having poor support and being too Arecont Favorability Results on Apr 22, Arecont 's net negativity remained the same in IPVM's integrator study, though integrator's feeling It is best known for Few competitive cameras include this capability, though it is found in some of Arecont 's SurroundVideo Omni models.

Adds to Arecont Invalidation This is the second time in a year that Axis has won a patent face-off with a Does anyone else find this has a bad smell to it? Testing Bandwidth Vs. Low Light on Jan 16, Nighttime bandwidth spikes are a major concern in video surveillance. Many calculate bandwidth as Avigilon Favorability Results on Jan 15, Opposite of Arecont Vision.

Arecont Costar Layoffs on Jan 14, Arecont Vision's President and long-term executive Raul Calderon [link no longer available] is exiting Top Manufacturers Gaining and Losing on Nov 26, These models include several options Arecont 's acquisition is done.

Overview Here's Arecont Acquisition By Costar on Jul 11, Arecont Vision acquisition by Costar [link no longer available] Technologies has been approved by the Though Arecont signed a purchase agreement with a turnaround specialist, a rival video Pelco Is For Sale on Jun 27, The closest comparable is Arecont , who is now on sale for a fraction of their annual revenue due to declining sales and management Arecont Vision took part of Pelco's old booth space facing the main row across from Arecont Files Ch.

The long-anticipated sale of Arecont Vision is finally happening. This is good news for Arecont. Arecont's problems have been well known for years e. Worst Access Control Manufacturers on Apr 18, Three access control providers stood out as providing the most problems for integrators. In this Greetings all, I was just asked a question about Arecont being owned by a foreign company. This has the advantage of better compatibility Favorite Camera Manufacturers on Mar 12, Hikvision was a distant second to Axis in favorite votes but was tied for first in worst votes with Arecont.

The results were certainly positive for Hikvision, as in , Hikvision was net negative but Worst Camera Manufacturers on Feb 26, Can they Smart Codec Guide on Feb 01, All very sweet, but the Arecont cameras are not playing nice with them. Live view from the HDMI internal port is very splotchy, The Surveillance Industry Guide on Jan 16, In , Arecont publicly threatened Axis [link no longer available] with infringing on their multi-imager Multi-Imager Camera Guide on Jan 02, Repositionable head models are less common than fixed lens models, though increasing, with options from Arecont , Avigilon, Axis, Hanwha, and Vivotek now available.

Recommendation We have never used Arecont but it seems like from what I read here, I may want to have the client use a different Top Manufacturers Gaining and Losing on Nov 03, Failed Arecont China Acquisition on Oct 25, Arecont cameras are not the only things that fail.

Arecont spent months trying to be acquired by a Poor low light performance The Hanwha camera's Some cameras work well with VMSs, most are less than perfect, but the Arecont was the worst One thing I notice is that the cameras I like and do not like and pretty much Troubles At Arecont Vision on Oct 03, Arecont is facing big problems.

But Arecont says the future is 'bright'. In this note, we share One of our integration partners is trying to get Arecont multi imager camera to connect to a system where both Hanawa and Axis cameras are working The Arecont threatened Axis. It is an Can Arecont Cameras Display Time?

I have acquired a facility utilizing Arecont omni multi sensor cameras outside. Finally, multiple integrators mentioned problems with Arecont cameras. Arecont Degree Camera Offering on Apr 20, Recall American manufacturer Arecont threatening to sue us and Canadian manufacturer Avigilon declared a 'pissing contest'.

We will I am not affiliated with Arecont in any way other than that I occasionally sell their products, but stumbled across this Arecont 's project registration program [link no longer available] is literally like nothing IPVM has


Arecont Vision AV8185DN 180 Degree 8MP Dome Security Camera - Day/Night

If an FFMPEG option is available we recommend you try that first as it will often be faster and include audio support. The settings for Arecont cameras are built right into our surveillance software - click "Add" then "IP camera with wizard" to automatically setup your Arecont cameras. Start typing in the "Make" box to find your camera. If your camera is not listed then click "Get Latest List" in settings or when on the add camera wizard.


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