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Kavsek 2 M. Cadot 3 B. Vroman 4 P. Wisse 5 J. Lauri 7 J. Schnackenberg 8 F. Pachot 9 Z. Hudec 9 G. Lambregts 9 N. Havard About Advertise here.

No question at this time DBA Top ORA insufficient privileges. Business Copy Backup,It is backup utility of Hitac By using BCV technology you are able to copy the d Please explain all the steps with comman How unmount the BCVs. It will depend on the tool Thanks alots Tim Click here. Regards Prashansh. This reply is Good Excellent. By using BCV technology you are able to copy the datafiles very fast because the operation happens in the disk subsystem and data never goes out of the box.

BCV copies made on the differential basis. Typically, a "split" operation is performed to remove the BCV from the production volume so that a backup can be made from the BCV. Regards, Tarun. Please explain all the steps with command. I can't understand these steps which is written below. It will depend on the tool you are using. Your system administrators probably will have the reference. Resilver the BCVs. Basically it means to get them insync with the other disks so they are mirrored copies. Quiensce database writing.

Basically it means that you "pause" the database so that no writes are occuring. Split the BCVs. Again it will depend on the tool you are using. Regards Tim.

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Creating an EMC BCV backup profile

Access and review these DD statements to determine if the backup was successful. This DD contains a summary report that describes the details of the backup. This report includes the standard volume and split device volume information and mappings, and the data types found on the backup volumes. The Split section of this report lists the BCV units that mirrored the standard volumes; these volumes now contain this backup. The Data Types section of the report contains the following information:. If a volume contains a mix of database data or catalogs, and log data or catalogs, then IMS Recovery Expert issues a message stating that the database and log data are not separated, and a full system restore is required. All IMS volumes are in this profile.


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As a dba there should always be some room to improve your backup and recovery scenarios. In such scenarios I do tend to debate when do you really lose the full database with a need to restore it.. In my experience it would be much more common to come across scenarios to restore single datafiles , tablespaces. On my most important databases this has been the setup in the past when implementing the database s in ASM to give us a save feeling. As with regard to the backups an interesting debate has risen this week which triggered this blog.


Reviewing output from an EMC BCV backup

When a backup is requested, the BCV mirror is split from the Db2 source volume. If multiple generations are being maintained, the next generation BCV mirror is then established. The split BCV device can be used as a point-in-time backup for restore operations. Note that running profile setup again will destroy the backup represented by this one generation of BCVs, because the BCVs will begin mirroring the current set of Db2 source volumes once they are re-established. About this task. The Enter Backup Profile Type panel opens.

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