We are being told that unemployment is falling. Germany is supposed to be the. Agency reports state that the USA is recovering slowly from the financial crisis. So the sweet drug of flooding the euro and dollar is having its effect but it is doping for the.

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We are being told that unemployment is falling. Germany is supposed to be the. Agency reports state that the USA is recovering slowly from the financial crisis. So the sweet drug of flooding the euro and dollar is having its effect but it is doping for the.

As in the case of sport, politicians like officials too have no regard for future. The positive trend will the refore continue and you can start the new order round in good. See who belongs to the group of special, international designers and.

The Guide gives you details of the ir showrooms, contact partners and. The print edition is sent to leading retailers, over international fashion. Our homepage offers many additional. Over 2, top. We offer this service free of charge to designers and manufacturers who are.

Im Guide finden sie deren Showrooms,. Fidate quindi di questa tendenza positiva ed iniziate i vostri ordini, scegliendo i capi migliori. Consultate qui chi appartiene al gruppo dei designer e produttori. Nella guida troverete i loro showroom, interlocutori di. La nostra homepage offre inoltre.

Gli interessati possono informarsi. Les comptes-rendus des. Ils veulent obtenir la victoire et la reconnaissance dans le. Le guide vous renseigne sur leurs showrooms,. As an international ly-operating company, we cover everything from the.

As a PR and marketing company, Fashion Square has been offering a versatile. In The private edition is distributed in Germany, Austria,. Additional information about Fashion. Fashion enthusiasts can select.

The Shopfinder provides on- the -spot information about what products are. Als international es Unternehmen schlagen wir im Bereich Premium. Fashion Square offre al settore della moda molteplici servizi di assistenza e consulenza. Different because tradition and avant-garde coexist. Aigner is the exclusive, international lea the r lifestyle brand, aimed at. Covering lea the r, fashion and accessories,.

The collection philosophy is shaped by the concept of fashion. Since the early 90ies the sisters Beate and Jutta. Fashion -siblings pay high attention to individual designs, extraordinary details and. Especially the fabrics have to be committed to. The ones who know ANA. Purist aes the tics and its very. Asoni ist ein international etabliertes Schweizer Familienunternehmen, das durch Hans. Since the beginning in the company focused on a consistent strategy,.

Our customers find the ir personalities. In the first knit cashmere. Dirk Bikkembergs is the Belgian designer and the brand that. For over 25 years of fashion and quality in the first row, craft production. The long experience in the international market, the use of. Without having to travel to the south of Italy, you can fulfil the. A variety of designs arise from the unique interplay of materials, colours.

Digel is an international fashion label with an innovative vision and a. Five goals reflect the values of the company and its collections:. Modernity - We have a keen sense for the latest trends and are creative in. We add fashion able touches and are always in tune with the. Along with the business line. Since the introduction the collection has been enlarged by polo.

In addition, trendy. Like no o the r brand, Gaastra is au the ntically linked to sailing. Nowadays the outline of the Sneeker Gate is. Gaastra from o the r sportswear brands in the market. The combination of the American and European influences is the core. The Gant style is defined as modern sportswear that is in line with fashion.

Gant Rugger was named for the first time in , and is based on the unique. It was the son of. Bernard Gant who took the Rugby shirt from the field at the end of the 70ies and. A collection designed for a new easy. The overall new focus lies on reviving the old logos. A total. For us, uniting tradition with the spirit of the times is a matter.

Fashion from Daniel Hechter stands. Jacques Britt is the special brand for. A fashion label follwing the paradigm:. Since Claudia Lanius,. Fur the rmore, Claudia Lanius and her. Soft materials, smooth colours and unique patterns suit the self-confident. Inspired by the clothing style as worn by the proud,. Innovative in use of. Fashion able, but never fashion victims.

Practical yet. The Roman statue with the layered outfit is a testimonial of the daily. The strength of the Peserico collections resides in the quality. In Peserico the creation of each different article, based on the. The uniqueness of the products is combined to the consistency. We still. R95TH is the brand where stories of the present and past meet,. With its untraditional interpretation of the au the ntic sportswear. Whe the r with fitting or fashion able trend - the trousers collection.

Never the less are the prices on a payable level. For the rounding of the trousers with.


the international fashion guide - Fashion Square

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