Quick Links. Before using this unit,. These sections. How to use this manual. Common operations and display items.

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Quick Links. Owner's Manual. These sections provide important information concerning the proper. Additionally, in order to feel assured that you have gained a good grasp of every feature. The manuals should be saved and kept on hand as a convenient reference.

To use the BRCD, please read this book first. All rights reserved. Table of Contents. Roland brcd digital recording studio: supplementary guide 1 page. Digital recording studio version 2 additional functions 20 pages. Boss audio systems owner's manual digital recording studio brcd pages.

The specific meaning of the symbol is the user to the risk of death or severe determined by the design contained within the injury should unit Page 6: Precautions Regarding The Hard Disk If the device includes a cooling fan, ensure that the fan and the side panel air vents remain unobstructed. Never insert any other type of disc. Avoid getting paper clips, coins, What is a CD-R disc? Failure to properly and fully insert a disc can result in an inability to carry out writing correctly.

Press disc tray until it is locked in the BRCD. Page 11 Contents Section 1 Advanced Use Page 12 Removing song protection Page 13 Contents 6. Page 14 Contents Pitch Shifter Page 15 Contents Recreating the characteristics of different monitor speakers Speaker Modeling Page 16 Contents Section 3 Using Rhythm Page 17 Contents Copying bass patterns Page 18 Contents Using a metronome Page 21 Contents Appendices In addition Page 25 Use this button to position a marker at any point within your 5.

Each time this button is pressed, the BRCD will place a marker at the current position. Page Repeat Button Panel Descriptions fig.

Page Cursor Buttons Calls up a wide range of functions such as track editing, This indicator will light up whenever the BRCD is Disc tray 3.

Metronome icon synchrony with each other, all must be set to the exact same MTC specification. Page Rear Panel 8 13 1. POWER switch 6. With a foot switch and microphones. Each input can accept two different types connected, you can use it to carry out remote-control of connections—namely, an unbalanced connection using the PHONES 2 jack This high-impedance input jack is used to directly connect Use this jack to connect a second set of separately sold guitar or bass.

USB hub. At the time of purchase, the number of frames per second will initially be set to 30 non- drop on the BRCD. Page Page Scroll Buttons When you see a scroll bar at the right of the screen, it means that the BRCD could not fit all of the relevant content in one screen, and there is additional content hidden at the top or the bottom.

In the case of values, these are increased when the dial is turned clockwise, and reduced when the dial is turned counterclockwise. In such a case, a foot switch such as the optional [PLAY]. This function is extremely out, it should be connected to the BRCD at this time. Punch in will be activated automatically at the beginning After repeating, confirm the results just recorded. In this way, you can use the BRCD as if it were 1. In other words, V- The V-Track screen will appear.

Although a name corresponding to the Input Select automatically placed on the right of the V-Track from Track i. You can then jump quickly to any registered marker position by simply Positioning a marker indicating its number. Moving markers 1. This operation is referred to as Auto Scene. Page Disabling Auto Scene Recalling scenes automatically during recording or playback Auto Scene Disabling Auto Scene Setting Auto Scene control of effects and track EQ Auto Scene can actually hinder your work in certain situations if settings are automatically restored while you are Use the following procedure to allow or forbid the control of manually operating track faders and the like.

Page Editing A Recorded Performance Track Edit Remember to always save your song if you want to store the track Example 2: Copying to a different track twice edits that you have made. In the BRCD, edited track data is fig. Copying will not be performed for any line containing one or more question marks.

The BRCD allows you fig. Move the cursor to the right half of the screen and fig. If a name has been assigned to the selected track, it will The Track Exchange function allows you to exchange the all be displayed at this time. If you want to add a new phrase to the middle of a section of audio data, use this function to add a 5. Page 64 Editing a recorded performance Track Edit 4. This parameter is used to specify the start point of the If a name has been assigned to the selected track, it will audio data to be erased.

The Utility Menu screen will appear. Page 66 8. Save the song to store the results of the normalization mind. Move the cursor to the song to be copied and press [F4] GO. Songs that you have saved on your hard disk can be copied fig. Move the cursor to the song to be erased and press [F4] GO. Use this function to erase songs from your hard disk.

In certain cases, the amount of hard disk space used to store this unneeded audio data may become quite large, and you will not be able to record as much new audio data as you would expect. However, you can use the Song Protect function to 3. If all songs are named in Saving your song Song Save this way, however, it will be difficult to tell them apart. Page 75 Delay: A delay is a little bit like an echo. In addition, when this creation of an audio CD to improve the quality of the effect is applied to instruments that play melodies, it can finished songs by balancing volumes and compression levels.

Page Makeup Of Effect Patches 4. Move the cursor to the effect block you want to edit. As a result, the BRCD allows you to apply exactly the same effect to stereo sounds that are input on a left and right 6. If you load another song or turn off the BRCD without saving the current song, your changes will be It is important to remember that the destination patch lost. In addition, the - Phaser In addition creating standard bass sounds.

This is a multi-effect designed for vocals. It allows you to produce unique effects using a voice transformer. Page Mic Modeling Insert effect algorithm list LO-FI BOX This modifies the sound recorded using a conventional This allows you to simulate the sound of audio being played dynamic mic, lapel mic, or direct line, making it sound as on an AM radio, the sound of old records played on an old- though it had been recorded using an expensive condenser fashioned gramophone, and even extreme sound Their trademarks are Simulates the sound you would get from a pickup installed on an used solely to identify equipment whose sound is electric-acoustic guitar.

This is the 4-band equalizer. Adjusts the tone for the high frequency range. Page Delay Insert effect parameter functions Delay Distance This effect creates a thicker sound by applying a delayed Microphones often exhibit a boost in the volume of the lower sound to the direct sound. Page Limiter Insert effect parameter functions Limiter Lo-Fi Box A limiter is an effect that prevents distortion by suppressing This effect is used to produce a lo-fi sound.

Page Mic Converter Insert effect parameter functions Effect Level 0— A small condenser microphone used with various instruments and featuring a sparkling high end. Adjusts the overall volume of the lo-fi sound. Cn This is particularly effective when used with met- Direct Level 0— al percussion instruments and acoustic guitars. Page Pan Insert effect parameter functions Resonance 0— This parameter sets the amount of resonance or feedback.

Increasing the value will emphasize the effect, producing a more With the volume level of the left and right sides alternately unusual sound. Page Ring Modulator This effect simulates the characteristics of various types of sound with the signal from the internal oscillator. The sound speakers. When the output from the BRCD is connected will be unmusical and lack distinctive pitches.


Boss Audio Systems DIGITAL RECORDING STUDIO BR-1600CD User Manual



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Boss BR-1600CD Owner's Manual




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