Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. The aim of present research was to describe and to assessment the diagnosis results and the treatment of this. Depresion en pacientes con alteraciones del tiroides. Undifferentiated thyroid carcinoma UTC is an aggressive tumor with a poor prognosis due to the lack of an effective treatment. Boron neutron capture therapy BNCT is based on the selective uptake of boron by the tumor and its activation by a neutron beam, releasing lithium-7 and an alpha particle that will kill the tumor cells by their high linear energy transfer LET. In previous.

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Select All Expand All. Collapse All. Citation Export Print. Javascript must be enabled for narrowing. Results 1 - 1 of 1. Search took: 0. BCNT studies for application to the undifferentiated thyroid carcinoma. Dagrosa, Maria A. Abstract Abstract. Boron neutron capture therapy BNCT is based on the selective uptake of 10 B-boronated compounds by some tumours, followed by irradiation with an appropriate neutron beam.

The radioactive boron originated 11 B decays releasing 7 Li, gamma rays and alpha particles, and these latter will destroy the tumour.

We performed successive passages in mouse after tumor culturing in order to obtain an animal model similar to the human tumor.

We studied the kinetics and the tumoral histology, the capability to induce metastasis, the biokinetics of in vitro growth, as well as cytogenetic and molecular aspects. Histological specimens of tumor showed extensive viability with high mitotic activity.

At days, the tumors reached a size of mm 3 and showed a central necrotic portion with a thin layer of viable cells presence of micro metastasis could be observed in the lung. The kinetics of growth both in vivo and in vitro showed that when the number of passages in mouse increases the growth rate decreases. The cytogenetic and molecular studies did not show differences between the original line and the sublines that could explain this phenotypic change.

Moreover, the cytogenetic studies proved that the ARO cell line and its sublines showed a complex clonal karyotype including structural alterations with deletions and translocations involving chromosomes 5, 7, 8, 9p, 11p, 17q 19p, and 20q that were consistent with earlier reported data in UTC.

The animals were sacrificed between 30 and min after the injection. Conclusions: This work provides an animal model of UTC pheno and geno typically similar to the original human tumor, which may be useful to explore BNCT.

Estudios de terapia por captura neutronica en boro para su aplicacion al tratamiento del cancer indiferenciado de tiroides. Country of publication. Descriptors DEI. Descriptors DEC. Publication Year Publication Year. Language Language. Reference Number Reference Number. Choose fields to export. Select All.

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Citología cervical : tiroides, glándula salival y ganglio linfático

Todos los pacientes consultaron por la presencia de una masa en el cuello, y un caso fue mas complicado debido a la presencia del cordon umbilical rodeando el cuello feto muerto. Los pacientes tenian dificultades para respirar, presentando disnea y estridor. Algunos pacientes tenian estudios tales como ultrasonido o scan de la glandula tiroides antes de la cirugia. Cuatro pacientes tenian un nodulo frio tiroideo, y en otros tres pacientes la alteracion en la glandula tiroides era difusa. La superficie externa de los tumores era boselada o lobulada, la consistencia era blanda a firme y eran quisticos.


Click here to learn What's New at our website. Page views in 11, Cite this page: Wei S. Poorly differentiated thyroid carcinoma.


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