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Home Promotion Cassava Peeling Machine. Cassava Peeling Machine. These Three Requirements Can Nine Uses and Industry Appli Contrastive Analysis of the In the Production of Sweet P Features Related Products. Solid and durable with all parts of the body including all food contact areas made of stainless steel; 2. Operate safety with feed port outside the working area; 3. Continuous working with screw type feeding structure; 4. Adjust discharging speed to realize the best peeling effect with variable frequency motor; 5.

Easy cleaning with all parts of the frame body made of stainless steel; 6. With compact structure and beautiful appearance, very popular and acceptable in cassava processing field. Mainly consist of motor, transmission and the rotary brush, there are two kinds of brush: hard or soft one according to the materials being processed, the structure design can avoid over damaging of materials.

With two motors, one for driving the brush roller with rotary brush to remove the pieces of peel from the raw materials without any broken, another one for driving the central axis with counter vane to guide the peeled materials from the feed port to the discharge port, meanwhile along with water coming out of shower pipe and get the materials wet, make them easier for peeling and washing.

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Home Promotion Cassava Peeling Machine. Cassava Peeling Machine. These Three Requirements Can Nine Uses and Industry Appli


Cassava Peeling Machine

Correspondence to: Oluwole O. All Rights Reserved. This work focused on the design and construction of a batch cassava peeling machine able to handle one diametric size of cassava tubers. The principle of abrasive peeling using a stationary outer abrasive drum and a rotating inner abrasive drum was used based on a batch capacity of 8.


Design and fabrication of a cassava peeling machine [2006]

The year has been particularly exceptional as the bar was raised higher than any other period of our 2 decades existence. Folks, cassava peeling is a daunting task. It constitutes the greatest drudgery in the transformation of cassava tubers into Gari and Cassava Flour. Traditionally, the process of peeling the tubers in Sierra Leone, as in many other countries in the world, is by grabbing a knife and cut slice the tubers with a special care to reduce tuber loss. It will require a committed and hard working youth an hour to peel 40kg of cassava tubers. With the same speed and commitment, 25 persons will be required to peel 1 ton — kg — in an hour.


FINIC Completes the making of Mechanized Cassava Peeling Machine

Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co. Email: sales doinggroup. Just as its name says, cassava peeling machine is used for peel the gray peels of cassava to make it easier to be processed. It is widely used in garri processing line, cassava flour processing line and even cassava chips processing line. In cassava peeling process, the cuticle part of cassava is removed so that it will not influence the taste of cassava processing products.

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