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A pink slip, or owners certificate in the USA. It is required that every car on the road here in Savoie, France, and throughout Europe, carry one in the glovebox. Since June , the Car Registration Certificate became European meaning comprehensive and common information for all member states of the European Union. And since October , the user has the possibility of registering online. In French though. As soon as you have a permanent address in France you must register your car.

They say you have 1 month to do so. If your vehicle was not manufactured in the European Commune, your will have another step to complete which requires a visit to the D.

They will have to certify that the vehicle comforms to all E. This can be a lengthy, and costly experience if your car, motorcycle or truck happens to be made in a country where standards are different than they are in Europe. You will be required to make the changes to the vehicle so that it will be conforming. Thanks for checking out Alpsfairy. Leave this field empty. The originals and copies just in case. Passport, or an Identification card. Proof of address, you rental contract, or bill that shows your name and the address together.

Normally they ask for a telephone or electricity bill. The bill must be from within the last 3 months. Money to pay the registration fee, cash, credit card or check.

Get the persons name so you can find them again if ever…. And maybe a stamp. Here are some good and interesting sites for more in depth information: www. Informations Address. History of Savoie Mont Blanc area. Driving Licences. You may also like. Leave a Comment X Connect with:.


Certificate of Conformity for an Ifor Williams Trailer

Home Motoring. Before paying for and taking possession of the used car, the seller must provide you with all of these four documents. The price of registration is set annually and is varies across the country. Pending receipt of the certificat d'immatriculation, you can drive for one month with the detachable coupon of the previous certificat d'immatriculation, which you would have obtained from previous owner during the sale of the vehicle to you. Registering online: Registration can be done online at cartegriseminute. But this is just a temporary CPI certificat provisoire d'immatriculation. The official documents will be sent to you by registered mail at least one week after registering online.


The thing is compared to paying road tax every year for your car, a one-off fee of odd euros to enable you to bring your already cheap import into France is, surely, insignificant considering how important your mobility is? You can't have it all ways, after all! I do think it is an expensive bit of paper but many things for cars are outragously priced. Without it, though, the car is very difficult to drive! Let's face it, if you are struggling to find euros in order to have a car then you really need to adjust your priorities! Or walk.

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