Norway, s. An icy storm drives the sea captain Daland's ship miles beyond his home on the coast. As the sky suddenly darkens and the waters again grow rough, another ship, a ghostly schooner, arrives and drops anchor next to Daland's. Its captain, the Flying Dutchman, steps ashore, despairing of his fate. He once swore he would sail around the Cape of Good Hope if it took him forever, and the devil took him at his word.

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The mysterious Dutchman is condemned to sail the seas with his ghostly crew until redeemed by the pure love of a woman. After a stormy overture Daland's ship puts in to land, and a stranger ship puts in alongside, hailed by Daland's steersman, but not answering his call or the invitations offered by the local people, who celebrate the return of their men-folk.

The Dutchman himself, captain of the ghostly ship, allowed now, after seven more years, to land in his quest for release, asks Daland for hospitality, offering him rich reward and showing an interest in Senta, his daughter. Erik, a huntsman, loves her and tells her his dream, in which he saw Daland bringing home a stranger. Senta, however, is still more preoccupied with her vision of the strange seafarer, whom her father now brings home. Senta's love, it seems, will bring the Dutchman the redemption he seeks.

He overhears Erik, however, reproaching Senta for her infidelity and resolves to leave her. As The Flying Dutchman sails out into the open sea, Senta, who has struggled free from Erik and those who seek to restrain her, leaps from the cliff in a pure act of love.

The Dutchman's ship and crew sink at once in the waves, and he and Senta are seen united for ever. Wagner's opera makes use of several leading motifs, a principle of which he made much greater use in his later music-dramas. Here the Dutchman himself is represented by the striking horn call heard first in the overture, with its stormy string-writing. Part of the music of Senta's second act ballad is heard, her story of the Dutchman, a motif that represents her, and there are other elements that re-appear as the story unfolds.

The overture itself, in many ways a summary of the action, is an impressive concert piece. The second act starts with the women spinning in Daland's house, singing their lilting spinning-song Summ und Brumm Hum and sing , echoing the sound of their work. Senta's moving ballad follows. Choruses include the well known Steuermann, lass die Wacht Steersman, leave the watch. Synopses of Opera Index of Operas by Composer. Naxos Records, a member of the Naxos Music Group. Follow Us. All rights reserved.

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DM's opera site. Composers Operas Links Forum About. Crew of the Flying Dutchman. A violent storm is raging out to sea but between the rocks it is calmer except for intermittent squalls. Daland, the Norwegian capitain, has just anchored his ship close to the shore and the sailors are busy furling sails, throwing out ropes atc. Seven miles the storm has blown us from the safety of port. So near our goal after a long voyage and now this ill-luck!


Der fliegende Holländer

A steep rocky shore. The sea occupies the greater part of the stage: a wide view over it. Foul weather; a violent storm. Daland's ship has just cast anchor near the shore; the sailors are noisily occupied in furling the sails, casting ropes, etc. Daland has gone ashore: he climbs a cliff and looks landwards to get his bearings. Seven miles the storm has driven us off from safe haven.

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