Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Foram entrevistados 22 homens pais que tinham o filho prematuro internado. Resultados:O pai desempenha papel fundamental durante o processo reprodutivo. Depois de descongeladas, as placentas foram fixadas em sol Datos obtenidos a partir de preguntas cerradas, llenas por las madres.

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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. METHODS: using a retrospective, descriptive, series of cases, with group comparison, the authors analyzed the data of pregnant women, whose diagnosis of placental early aging presence of grade. Depois de descongeladas, as placentas foram fixadas em sol In experiment I, 37 Piau and 25 commercial line gilts were used.

From the days of age, detection of estrus was performed using mature boars from the first to third estrus of each gilt. Data regarding to age, body weight and estrus duration were recorded. After third estrus, females were slaughtered and ovaries were collected to determine ovulation rate. In experiment II, 36 Piau and 18 commercial line gilts were distributed into three groups according to the mating: Commercial, commercial line females x commercial line male; cross-mated, Piau females x commercial line male; and Piau, Piau females x Piau male.

Gilts were slaughtered at 7, 15, 30, 45, 60 and 90 days of pregnancy. Piau females reached puberty and sexual maturity at the same age as commercial line females, but with lower weight; moreover, Piau group showed negative correlations of birth weight with puberty Commercial gilts presented higher ovulation rate, weight and length of uterus, and length and thoracic circumference of fetuses.

Nevertheless, number of fetuses was similar in all groups at 90 days of gestation suggesting that Piau females present higher survival rates of the conceptuses. The results showed differences between the genetic groups related to fetal and placental development, gestational losses, number of ovulations and uterine development. Efeitos da betametasona sobre os fetos e placentas da rata albina Effects of betamethasone on the fetuses and placentas of female albino rats.

Resultados: nossos resultados revelaram que as matrizes tratadas com betametasona apresentaram menor ganho de peso. Quanto aos fetos e as placentas do grupo tratado, observamos que os pesos foram inferiores aos dos outros grupos. Purpose: to analyze the effect of betamethasone on the pregnancy of rats. Methods: thirty pregnant rats were divided into three groups of ten animals each. Group II -- the rats received distilled water 0.

The incidence of the southamerican fruit fly, Anastrepha fraterculus, on plum cultivars is reported. The objective of this study was to know the earliest fruit phase that fly attack could occur. Fertilized females were confined with fruits in plum trees in an orchard.

This pest attack fruits during first stages of their development, mainly they have only from 2 to 3 centimeters of diameter. Indicadores precoces da dislexia de desenvolvimento: um estudo longitudinal Early indicators of dyslexia: a longitudinal study. Lesao nasal precoce pelo uso da pronga nasal em recem-nascidos prematuros de muito baixo peso: estudo piloto. Metodologia para estudo do volume e densidade absoluta da placenta humana de termo.

To review the accuracy of Leonardo's anatomical studies of the female external genitalia and the foetus, particularly those concerning the umbilical cord with its blood vessels. The anatomical drawings of Leonardo da Vinci which are now stored in the Windors Castle near London were reviewed and the accuracy of the details of the genital apparatus and foetus was evaluated.

A written comment characterizes many of his drawings. He described accurately the position of the uterine blood vessels and the relationship between the pelvic organs. However his drawing and description of the female external genitalia and human placenta was incorrect because his understanding of it was inadequate.

He believed that the human placenta had cotyledons like that of the ungulate uterus drown side A of sheet At the top of that sheet some Leonardo's details of the anatomic relationship are shown. In our opinion, Leonardo's misunderstanding is probably because he was only able to perform one anatomical dissection of a pregnant women and foetus and therefore his knowledge was limited. The resulting documentation of the pregnant women and foetus was therefore heavily supplemented with his enormous experience in animal anatomy.

Chronic placental abruption is a rare condition that can be early detected by ultrasound. Vaginal bleeding and uterine excitability can be present in an infrequent way. Chronic placental abruption physiopathology is unknown and there are no consistent medical risks that predispose to this condition. The perinatal outcome is poor and is often associated with prematurity and fetal or perinatal death. The obstetric treatment depends on the gestational age, fetal conditions and the size of the clot.

We present a case of a chronic placental abruption diagnosed in a week gestation complicated by intrauterine growth retardation, oligohydramnios and perinatal death.

O formato dos Full Text Available This study has the purpose of analyzing the possible factors that early sport practice can develop on children especially without pedagogical and scientific based. The lack of a specific subject concentrated on child development studies in most physical education courses in Parana l according to Sports and Tourism Secretary.

Presents different degrees of competency levels in the field. The more meaningful the Physical Education teaching is the greater the respect to the principles of age, growth, maturation and development. It is necessary to improve sport skills, and to respect children's individual differences.

The awareness of child development changes and the modification of the curriculum in the Physical Education Schools are suggested. Physical activities for children should be meaningful, according to children age level and motivation, stimulating an active and healthy freestyle. The specific region of maternal fetal interface needs to be clarified and corresponds to the "arcade zone" of sheep and goat placentomes. In small ruminants that area is also characterized by macroscopic blood extravasation hemophagous areas.

This occurs possibly because the iron is transferred to the embryo by trophoblastic erytrophagocytosis in these hemophagous placental areas. In order to investigate the hemophagous placental areas in cattle, placentomes of 34 pregnant Bos indicus cows , , and 9 months of gestation were analyzed.

A ninhada era pesada diariamente de P2 a P Objective: to verify. A rg estimada entre Pr16 e IPP foi -0, The objectives of this research were to estimate heritability h2 of heifer pregnancy and its genetic correlation rg with age at first calving AFC in a Nellore herd.

Heifer pregnancy evaluated as three different definitions: pregnancy at 16 months Pr16 - heifers calving before 31 months received 1 success and those calving after PURPOSE: this study aims to map the general articles on intervention with students at risk for dyslexia and specific objectives, descriptively analyzing specific text aspects. Full Text Available Placenta possesses various essential independent vascular systems and intimately associated vascular systems, the effectiveness of which are related to the type of blood stream between the maternal and fetal circulation and, therefore, the morphology of the vascularization.

The aim of this research was to study the anatomical aspects of gross and microscopic vascularization of the sheep placenta Corriedale cross breeds and Ideal breeds, living at sea level and the systematization of the fetal vessels from umbilical funiculus until the capillary bed.

The cotyledons were demonstrated to be mostly spheroids and to possess between one to four vascular in the majority and receive from one to four vascular branches in their central concavity. Anastomoses of the umbilical funiculus vessels occur only between arteries and anastomoses between the chorionic vessel branches are more frequent in veins than in the arteries. Were found types of different cotyledonary-artery arrays were found. The chorionic artery leading to pregnant horn is shorter in lenght and emits fewer cotyledonary branches than the non pregnant horn.

The chorionic vein is formed by the confluence of two branches and receives collateral tributary vessels that frequently are anastomosed between themselves. The microvascularization of the fetal cotyledon was studied by scanning electron microscopy and is demonstrated to possess of cylindrical villous trees with vessels and with parallel vessels and with capilarization in the villous extremities.

Capillary fan-like handles and conical villous trees are also observed. The macrocospic features of the cotyledons and microscopy of the villous trees reflect the altitude in which the animals live the 95 m above sea level. Patients on hemodialysis need a vascular access for connection with the hemodialysis equipment. Arteriovenous fistulas. Um maior aumento da RVP foi observado durante a hipotermia. Decreased placental perfusion and respiratory gas exchange have been observed following experimental fetal cardiopulmonary bypass CPB.

To better characterize placental hemodynamics during CPB, 7 isolated in-situ lamb placentas were placed on a CPB circuit, using umbilical arterial and venous cannulation. Measures were taken to simulate normal placental hemodynamics. Below these values, PVR varied inversely. The clinical implications is that decreased placental flow and pressure on CPB may lead to a. Full Text Available In a program of seed quality assurance, the evaluation of seed vigor is fundamental and necessary to the global production process outcome.

The objective of this study was to evaluate the efficiency of the precocity of primary root emission test, for the substrates paper roll, on paper and between papers, on vigor of pearl millet seeds.

Ten seed lots evaluated in four replication of pearl millet seeds cultivar ADR were sown in three different humidified substrates: between papers, paper roll and on paper. Fifteen hours after the germination test was established, the emission of seed primary roots started to be observed every 2 hours up to 25 hours and then after 48 hours.

For the comparison among lots, seeds were also evaluated by moisture content, weight of seeds, germination and vigor first count, electrical conductivity, accelerated aging and seedling emergence. The statistical design was completely randomized, and the means comparisons were accomplished by the Tukey test at 0. It was concluded that the precocity of primary root emission test on paper is promising for vigor evaluation of pearl millet seeds. Nowadays, the concern about ingesting healthier diets, maintaining adequate plasma cholesterol level, and consequent reduction on the incidence of cardiovascular diseases has been growing.

The main objective of this study was to evaluate the centesimal composition and the fatty acids profile of calves of four different genetic groups: Nelore R1, Nelore x Canchin R2, Nelore x Limousin R3, and Nelore x Aberdeen Angus R4, fed basal diet D1 or a diet with protected lipids D2.

No differences were observed for the contents of moisture, protein, total lipids, saturated fatty acids, and monounsaturated fatty acids. The protected diet.

Full Text Available Pre-harvest sprouting PHS damage leads to occasional massive losses in all wheat producing areas, causing downgrading of grain quality, that severely limits end-use applications and results in substantial financial losses to farmers and food processors. Red grain color is a traditional marker for resistance to sprouting in wheat breeding programs, however red-grained genotype alone does not always guarantee effective resistance.

The objective of this work was to find genes for resistance to PHS and investigate its inheritance in Brazilian wheat cultivars. Observou-se uma. Dos 5. Placenta vascular lesions are a group of distinct yet related entities that include chorangiomas and diffuse multifocal chorangiomatosis.

Diffuse multifocal chorangiomatosis is rare 0. Pathological examination of the placenta diagnosed diffuse multifocal chorangiomatosis.

This rare case report of diffuse multifocal chorangiomatosis with prenatal manifestations resembling those of a chorangioma proves that prenatal ultrasound detection of a placenta tumor. The economic vigor of many countries is due to the success of small businesses. In Brazil, Sao Paulo state concentrates more than half of Brazilian small businesses.


Descolamento da placenta

Evidence of placental abruption as a chronic process: associations with vaginal bleeding early in pregnancy and placental lesions. M Rev Assoc Med Bras. Risk of placental abruption in relation to maternal depressive, anxiety and stress symptoms. J Affect Disord.



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