Written and published with documentary evidence so that the people can know, judge and decide who rules them how. The writer Dipak Kumar Ghosh is g rateful for all the encouragement and assistance received from many includin g the following and he thanks them all. Professor Sunanda Sanyal. Shri Himangshu Halder. Shri Dilip Chakraborty.

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Have a requirement? Get Best Price. Get Latest Price. View Complete Details. View Mobile Number. Download Brochure. Send Email. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Kalighater Radha Get Best Quote. Panch Tukro Get Best Quote. About Us. The books we publish are printed in good quality with proper binding and hence are also preferred by all age group people. Some of the features of our range are as follows : Long lasting binding Easily understandable language Concise but complete information Rich content and word vocabulary Written by highly qualified authors Provided with upgraded knowledge Author Manik Mandal is Manik Fakir himself.

The wondering author Manik Fakir searches for the truth of life in different corners. He become throughly involved in the three historic movements of Singur, Nandigram and Lalgar. Probably he was the first writer and civil society representative to stand by the peoples' leader Mamata Banerjee during her fast at Metro Channel on the eve of Singur movement in Again probably he first started writing against the malpractices of the then opposition party Trinamul after the parliamentary election.

The erstwhile government branded him as a Maoist and put him behind bars for a long time. Yet the play wright, social artist, painter, journalist, actor and author Manik Fakir abides by his social commitment quite daringly, Hence he has become near and dear one to the people and not the intellectual of a single political party. He goes on to express the inner-pryche of the people consistently, without fear. Nature of Business Manufacturer. Interested in this product?

Get Best Quote. The Author had been a bureaucrat for thirty seven years, was a member of National Congress. He had been in Trinamul Congress for thirteen years.

He also became an MLA. The uncompromising author has written this book to unmask the faces of political leader engaged in so-called value-based politics'. Yes, I am interested! This book is the second volume after author's first book on the Trinamul supremo 'Mamata Banerjee Ke Jemon Dekhechi Mamata as I have sen her , The author has presented the lack of coherence in the words and deeds of the leader in the twelve chapters of the book.

Photocopies of many documents have been attached to the book. How far justified are the present steps taken by the leader who made the 'Change' Paribartan happen in West Bengal?

People are now considering such questions. Many have become disillusioned, some are still expecting the real change. The book consists of eleven articles by eleven eminent authors and journalists. Women are being abused and raped at every strata of the society. The anguish of the womankind has been expressed by the author in this novel. On the one hand she has painted the picture of torture on women in both the city and the village, on the other she has told the tale of a clandestine organization of some women formed to take their revenge.

The novel narrates the series of events which took place in the recent history of West Bengal. It talks about the misery and deprivation of those people who raised their voices against capitalism. The narrative flip-flops between Kolkata and Singur-Nandigram-Lalgar.

It reveals the underlying truth which would shock the readers. Kalighater Radha Get Latest Price. There is a prostitute quarter in the area adjacent to Kalighat Temple. Every now and then 'cries, only cries' of prostitutes are being heard there. The novel focuses on their lives and the ever-modernizing pryche of the city. The author informs 'Every character in this novel is real'.

The novel deals with the miserable existence and struggles of the women coming from lower-middle class families. Most of them have come out of the household to save themselves from their husbands, the wife-battering drunks.

While acting in village jatra troops some of them have also realized the impossibility of living with a virgin body. It is a tale of making way between poverty. Panch Tukro Get Latest Price. This is a collection four novels and a personal essay based on the enriching experience of the movements of Singur-Nandigrann.

As the novel is based on reality not caring at all about the political tradesman the author has revealed the truth. The discussion on subaltern histories started in Bengal academic circles few years ago. But the author of this book himself is a beholder of subaltern life, creator of ignored history. When the creator and his subject-matter coincide the sensational history of lived experience is made possible. Save time! Get Best Deal. Contact Supplier. Related Categories. Novel Books. General Books.

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Should we read out from Dipak Ghosh's book to expose Mamata, asks BJP

Reacting to Banerjee who displayed a CD during her rally threatening to expose Modi, Roy said one would have to read the book authored by former IAS officer and aide-turned-critic of Banerjee, Dipak Ghosh, to expose the chief minister. Ghosh has authored a few volumes [the latest was released last month] which throw lights on various unknown stories on Banerjee. But she doesn't care for this and is speaking whatever she feels," Roy said, adding further words when the anchor intervened. He also mocked Banerjee over her calling Modi as 'Haridas' Mr Nobody saying this reflects poorly on her for the father of her own finance minister Amit Mitra was also named Haridas and he was a learned man. Modi addressed three rallies in West Bengal on Wednesday and he countered Banerjee's sharp barbs with a smile on his face.


94185966 Dipak Ghosh s Book on Mamata

In this season of book launches, particularly of those varieties that are targeting political leaders amid polling for the Lok Sabha elections, now there's one on Mamata Banerjee, written by her once-trusted lieutenant and former IAS officer Dipak Kumar Ghosh, that is likely to cause some serious embarrassment to the Trinamool Congress. Notorious for causing occasional itch for Mamata Banerjee, Ghosh has turned personal against her, raking up some controversy with his latest book, "Three years of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee" alleging that she has lied about her school education and her family, including father's profession in some of her earlier writings. Among other alleged falsehoods, Ghosh alleged that resignation of Ashok Kumar Ganguly, from the post of chairman of West Bengal Human Rights Commission was actually an outcome of a conspiracy hatched by Mamata as the law intern and a student of National University of Juridical Sciences who had accused Ganguly of sexual harassment in December is in fact a relative of Derek O'Brien, Trinamool national spokesperson. In the preface, Ghosh has expressed his intention of forming a political outfit, "Amader Party'' Our Party after the polls and claimed many disgruntled Trinamool workers and leaders are likely to defect and join him. Ghosh says there is severe lack of democratic principles within the Trinamool Congress and even goes on to allege that party elections are never held nor is formal membership issued. Instructions by party leadership are not issued as written statements after meetings but are conveyed arbitrarily even in the dead of the night," the book, written in Bengali, said.

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