By SkyJedi , December 10, in Genesys. Shamelessly stolen idea from DarthDude. Game Play Resources. Genesys Settings. I am doing some Star Wars to Genesys special rule conversions. If you can add it to the list I would be appreciative.

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Had rad-ass time running Dragonstar tonight and playing some Magic. Best thing of the night was a new slur. As gentle and sweet as he is with Kilios, he is still a dragon and has been known for some rather terrifying acts. Charlie definitely hoards Kilios away for days at a time, whisking him away to some remote, exotic place so they can relax and cuddle and de-stress… among other things.

Charlie paces down a hallway and finally knocks on the door. You about ready? Kilios gives him a sheepish but also nervous smile when he walks in.

Kilios still stunned him and held him captivated every time he walked into the room. So much. You light up my life and make everyday better.

Charlie silences him with a tender kiss. You had both better be fully clothed! His gaze softens as he sees her tear up. Kilios blushes and hugs her before glancing at Charlie. Charlie blinks incredulously. But then again, Charlie thought as he looked down at Kilios lovingly, he would do anything just to have his Star by his side, and nothing could keep them apart.

Keep reading. Another post on some cool Spelljammer stuff I found the web a while ago. Jordan Short over at The Mox Boarding House has written up a cool mashup of Spelljammer with Dragonstar, and given advice on how to run it in 5th edition.

It strips down a lot of the stuff blogging down both Spelljammer and Dragonstar, mostly edition-specific rules that neither are really enhanced by, and makes a pretty cool…. View On WordPress. I enjoyed the Troy Game series more than the Darkglass but after reading Threshold, I was really glad to see expansion on that story. It would have seemed weird to have StarDrifter just chilling with Maxel when he never had any dealing with him. Lost of pronouns in that sentence.

She did mean to continue the series, unfortunately her days of remission ended. Even up until the end, she wanted her fans to know how much they meant to her. She was having her friend update everyone through Facebook. I think if her cancer had stayed in remission, she would have done a follow-up story to Darkglass like she did with Battle Axe.

I honestly did not like the DragonStar continuance simply because it made me cry more than Battle Axe. This what if takes place during the Return of The Joker movie. So what happens if the Joker managed to take out Terry Mcginnis? What if the Joker killed the batman? The Joker goes from just wanting to hear Terry Mcginnis Batman Beyond laugh, but it ended up going a bit further. How will Bruce and the others react to what the Joker has done?

Find out in this what if scenario: What if the Joker…. Log in Sign up. Dragonstar cover cover art fantasy fantasy art dragon dragon rider novel art book art.

Nerdin' it up. Analog dragonstar David Bischoff Thomas F. Ask the-moon-queens-palace a question charlie drago charlie headcanons dragonstar headcanons dragonstar headcanons asks asks from my strawbaby moon queen answers.

Kilios mumbles under his breath and fidgets with the sleeve of his jacket. Kilios sniffles. Ask the-moon-queens-palace a question for my strawbaby who is also my star dragonstar dragonstar ship charlie drago oc ships dragons dragon god oc things wedding dragonstar wedding nixie moon queen stories rambles from the moon queen.

Dragonstar Family HCs. Dragonstar on dark stallion deviantart. It strips down a lot of the stuff blogging down both Spelljammer and Dragonstar, mostly edition-specific rules that neither are really enhanced by, and makes a pretty cool… View On WordPress. Dur Dragonstar Trinity. Have you heard of the Symphony of Ages series? Ask inthepursuitofbooks a question Wayfarer Redemption dragonstar drago axis sunsoar Battleaxe Sara douglass.

See also: Dragonstar. What if the Joker Killed Terry? External image. The Elder Scrolls tes tes online Dragonstar Arena. As man and woman grow in spiritual worth, their power and influence for good go on increasing and they become focal points for the hosts of heaven watching over humanity.

Under the guidance of these guardians, and, while doing their bidding and cultivating their higher nature, man and woman grow in all excellence. Want to see more posts tagged dragonstar?


Dragonstar d20 - Galactic Races

Brutorz Bill's. Greetings Sentients The Dragonstar Galaxy Awaits You!. Cadrite Gennie : One of my favorites the Cadrite Gennies. Delph Gennie : The Oceanic Delph. Bioseed Implant : Left over biotech from an alien war..


Dragonstar Character Sheets

Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 0 guests. Posted: Thu Aug 17, am. To everyone since I did find out today from GM Chris, who is interested in a little project 2 weeks so far in the making and geting great reviews from others on the FFG forums. If you are into the Dragonstar universe it is going to play a big part in my Star Wars universe that I am starting back up with my gaming group. Since everything is most likely going to be very quiet this weekend with Gencon going on this weekend, See you in my topics. Posted: Sun Aug 20, pm.


Brutorz Bill's


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