The name Book of the Dea! Egyptian re igion was ase on po ytheism' or the worship of many eities. The Egyptians ha as many as , go s an go esses each representing characteristics of a specific Earth y force' com ine with a hea"en y power. Often go s an go esses were represente as part human an part anima. They consi ere anima s such as the u ' the cat' an the croco i e to e ho y. Their two chief go s were.

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The name Book of the Dea! Egyptian re igion was ase on po ytheism' or the worship of many eities. The Egyptians ha as many as , go s an go esses each representing characteristics of a specific Earth y force' com ine with a hea"en y power. Often go s an go esses were represente as part human an part anima. They consi ere anima s such as the u ' the cat' an the croco i e to e ho y. Their two chief go s were. Osiris was the go of the un erwor an was the go that ma e a peacefu after ife possi e. The Egyptian Book of the Dea!

Because their re igion stresse an after ife' Egyptians e"ote much time an energy into preparing for their 0ourney to the next wor.! The text was initia y car"e on the exterior of the ecease person1s sarcophagus' ut was ater written on papyrus now known as scro s an urie insi e the sarcophagus with the ecease ' presuma y so that it wou e oth porta e an c ose at han. Other texts often accompanie the primary texts inc u ing the hypocepha us 2meaning 3un er the hea 14 which was a primer "ersion of the fu text.

Books of the Dea constitute as a co ection of spe s' charms' passwor s' num ers an magica formu as for the use of the ecease in the after ife. This escri e many of the asic tenets of Egyptian mytho ogy. They were inten e to gui e the ea through the "arious tria s that they wou encounter efore reaching the un erwor.

Books of the Dea were usua y i ustrate with pictures showing the tests to which the ecease wou e su 0ecte. The most important was the weighing of the heart of the ea person against 6a1at' or Truth 2carrie out y. The go Thoth wou recor the resu ts an the monster. Book 1 HY,! Bou are the eneficent one' an are praise in Eart. Bou make your sou rise up. Bour name is esta ishe in the mouths of men.

Bou are the eneficent 5pirit among the spirits. The go of the Ce estia Ocean 2Eu4 raws his waters from you. Bou sen out the north win at e"enti e' an reathe from your nostri s to the satisfaction of your heart. Bour heart renews its youth' you pro uce the The stars in the ce estia heights are o e ient to you' an the great oors of the sky open themse "es efore you. Bou are him to whom praises are ascri e in the southern hea"en' an thanks are gi"en for you in the northern hea"en. The imperisha e stars are un er your super"ision' an the stars which ne"er set are your thrones.

The uttermost parts of the Earth ow efore you' an the imits of the skies entreat you with supp ications when they see you. The ho y ones are o"ercome efore you an a Egypt offers thanksgi"ing to you when it meets Bour 6a0esty. Bour fear is set in a the an s y reason of your perfect o"e' an they cry out to your name making it the first of names' an a peop e make offerings to you.

Bou are the or who is commemorate in hea"en an upon Earth. Bou stoo up an estroye your enemy' an set your fear in your a "ersary. Bou ring the oun aries of the mountains. Bour heart is fixe ' your egs are set firm. Bou ha"e ma e this Earth with your han ' an the waters' an the win s' an the "egetation' an a the catt e' an a the feathere fow ' an a the fish' an a the creeping things' an a the wi anima s therof.

The esert is the awfu possession of the son of Eut. Bour crown penetrates the height of hea"en' you are the companion of the stars' an the gui e of e"ery go. Beneficent in comman an wor was ;sis' the woman of magica spe s' the a "ocate of her rother.

The omain of 6anu recei"es you with satisfaction. Gi"e thanks to him in his eneficent form which is enthrone in the. Thoth an the go ess 6aat mark out your course for you ay y ay an e"ery ay. Bour enemy the 5erpent has een gi"en o"er to the fire. The ma0esty of this ho y go sets out on his 0ourney' an he goes onwar s unti he reaches the an of 6anu? Therefore in e"ery p ace e"ery heart swe s with 0oy at your rising for e"er.

The Company of the Go s re0oice at your rising' the Earth is g a when it eho s your rays? Bou go out each ay o"er hea"en an Earth' an you are ma e strong each ay e your mother Eut. Bou pass o"er the heights of hea"en' your heart swe s with 0oy? The 5outh an the Eorth' an the Dest an East' turn to praise you. The 5ou s of the East fo ow you' an the 5ou s of the Dest praise you.

Bour mother Eut is esteeme y your father Eu. Bou are the e est son of the wom of Eut. Bou are the or of the Frrt Crown. Bou are he whose Dhite Crown is ofty. Bou ha"e gaine possession of the sceptre of ru e' an the whip' an the rank an ignity of your i"ine fathers.

Bour heart is expan e with 0oy' you who are in the king om of the ea. Bou are. D 02OR" Y"! ETER1 A! ERA21 E! The Osiris. In the Turin Papyrus, ed. Lepsius, this Chapter ends with the following.

Grant you that ; may arri"e in peace in. Their chief wi stan on the Earth efore him' the scri es wi magnify him at the oors of their assem ies' an your wi swathe im with swathings in. Gi"e you to me my mouth that ; may speak with it. Dheat an ar ey 2 hura4 wi e gi"en to him in there' an he wi f ourish there 0ust as he i upon Earth? Grant to me my mouth that ; may speak with it' an cause that sepu chra offerings wi e ma e to me in your presence' for ; know you' an ; know your names' an ; know a so the name of the mighty go efore whose face set your ce estia foo.

Tru y' how great wi you e when you rise in triumph. There has not een foun any wicke ness in him? The Osiris the scri e. The e"ourer. Thoth has weighe it accor ing to the ecree pronounce to him y the Company of the Go s' an it is most true an righteous. There is no sin in my o y. Dhat is thisM ;t is. Others' howe"er' say that it is the. Dho is thisM ;t is Osiris. Others' howe"er' say that it is the ea o y of Osiris' an yet others say that it is the excrement of Osiris.

The things which ha"e een ma e' an the things which wi e ma e [refer to] the ea o y of Osiris. Others again say that the things which ha"e een ma e are Eternity' an the things which wi e ma e are E"er astingness' an that Eternity is the Day' an E"er astingness the Eight. The two p umes on his hea are ;sis an Eephthys' when these go esses go out an set themse "es thereon' an when they act as his protectors' an when they pro"i e that which his hea acks. Others' howe"er' say that the two p umes are the two excee ing y arge uraei which are upon the hea of their father Tem' an there are yet others who say thatthe two p umes which are upon the hea of 6enu are his two eyes.

Dhat is thisM ;t is the cutting of the na"e string of the o y of the Osiris the scri e. Dhat is this M ;t is the purification [of Osiris] on the ay of his irth. Dhat is the great ou e nest! Eow' as concerning the ;s an of 6aati' it is. Go s who are in the presence [of Osiris]' grant to me your arms' for ; am the go who wi come into eing among you.! The fi ing of the utchat Thoth performe with his own fingers.

Eow Osiris the scri e. Destroy a the fau ts which are within me' e"en as i for the 5e"en 5pirits who are among the fo owers of their or 5epa. Dho are the or s of right an truth! M The or s of right an truth are Thoth an. Those who o away utter y sins Page 1. Others' howe"er' say that it is the f ame which accompanies Osiris to urn up the sou s of his enemies. Others' howe"er' say that he set them roun a out the ho y p ace of Osiris. Others say that the 5e"en 5pirits [which were appointe y.

Dho is this Di"ine 5ou M ;t is Osiris. Dho is this in"isi e go M ;t is. Dho is this [s aughterer of sou s]M ;t is 5hesmu' the hea sman of Osiris.


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Smatrali su ih gospodarima sveta. Verovali su u hiljade bogova. Tako je bilo uvek, osim tokom razdoblja Amarne. Za vreme invazija Grka , Thoth je povezivan sa Hermesom. Prema egipatskoj mitologiji, prvobitno je postojao okean Nun , koji se spominje kao i bog. Postoje 3 mita o nastanku bogova iz Nuna.


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Ankh Symbol. Sons Of Horus. Lotus Plant. Book Of The Dead. Jesus On The Cross. Latter Day Saints.


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