Hospital Assn. Regional Meetings Hazmat Training. Today, a key stop on that journey will take place at the Elburn Planning Commission meeting. The zoning approval necessary for the Metra station and coach yard in Elburn is on the commission's agenda.

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Parking permits are available at the Elburn Police Department. You may purchase quarterly permits up through 1 year in advance. Visit the Metra Information page for rates and more information. Pre-pay parking can be accomplished on kiosks 3 and 7 at the Metra parking lot.

Visit the Metra Information page for more information. Visitors utilizing the Metra parking lot are subject to the Village of Elburn parking ordinances in addition to the following regulations:. Please see our Metra Information pages for more information on Metra parking regulations. The Elburn Metra station is only a warming house. Further improvements are slated for the future.

Tickets can be obtained from the conductor. Ticket prices are also available from the Metra website, www. There is no additional fee for purchasing tickets from a conductor, as long as you depart from a location, such as Elburn, that does not have a ticket agent. Because the Elburn Metra location is still in its early phase, washroom facilities are not yet available.

There are washrooms on the train. How do I get to the Elburn Metra Station? Please visit the Metra Information page for the address and a link to the map.

How do I get a parking permit for the Elburn Metra Station? How do I pre-pay for parking multiple days at the Elburn Metra Station? Parking What are the Metra parking regulations? If you intend to park at the Metra lot for more than 1 day, you may pay for all days in advance. Pre-pay envelopes are available in the black box to the right of the daily parking fee boxes. Tickets Why isn't there a ticket agent at the Elburn Metra Station? General Why aren't there washrooms at the Elburn Metra Station?


Metra Information

For Businesses. Write a Review. It's a small station, there's never an agent attending, and there are no restrooms, but it's very clean, it's very new, and the shelter is pretty warm in the winter, cool in the summer. There is enough room for probably 40 people to be waiting in there if need be, although I've never seen that many people there. Parking is very plentiful, and I think it's a dollar or two a day. If you are trying to get to DeKalb, I notice that when school is in session, there is occasionally a "Husky Bus" that comes to this station on a schedule.


Elburn Metra Station

It offers a more convenient travel option for thousands of residents in the far west suburbs to travel to Chicago or any of the 17 Metra stops in between. The Elburn Metra Station has approximately parking spaces available for public use. Parking is free for motorists lawfully parked in a marked handicap parking stall while displaying a disabled parking permit or license plate. Each parking space is numbered either on a post in front of the space or attached to a cable above the space.


Elburn station

The station is the western terminus of the West Line. The station is The station is located at ground level. A large coach yard is located just east of the station. The first station in Elburn was established in with the arrival of the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Elburn Metra Station- Union Pacific West Line


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