We thank Glocal Design Magazine for inviting us to collaborate on the author cover in its issue No. It is an honor to be part of this edition. Jacobo Micha Mizrahi This piece was designed for ILAN Israel Latin American Network in recognition of the Shimon Peres Awards organized by the foundation, which recognizes innovators who manage to transform their inspiration into actions that transcend. Chic Haus, the supplement from Mileno Diario, included us in its publication about the highlights of the Architecture Insiders forum, held last October in Monterrey. Capsule where Jaime and Jacobo tell the moment they decided to dedicate themselves to architecture.

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LUZ Here are six to watch. Cool photo by:. Shawn Khemsurov. Inedito presented projects specifically created for the exhibit by more than 40 studios coming from all parts of Mexico. It gave us a chance to see numerous design studios that we have followed since we first visited 4 years ago. All of them brought high-level projects in term of concept, design, production and social impact. For its first edition in , it featured more than 40 designers showcasing original pieces of contemporary Mexican design.

Gueridon, LLC. After inheriting a carpentry workshop in , the Mexican conceptual artist Diana Quintero Vallejo and the Franco-Moroccan architect Ismael Bachri teamed up to give continuity to the space, establishing a workshop project which combined the best of their tools and individual knowledge. So, shortly after Atelier Nomade was to be born.

Precisely under further raise the standards of quality of work done in Mexico, Nomade Atelier recently presented the Collection The Pavilion is presented by the Mexican trade office ProMexico, promoting and facilitating business exchanges and development of Mexican companies in the U.

Design Culture. The work done in this design workshop located in the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City, is defined by the nomadic experience of its members, a sensitivity according to our turbulent times.

Nomade Atelier is not only the name of design projects, it is also a story, about the Franco-Moroccan architect Ismael Bachri Paris, and Mexican visual artist Diana Quintero Vallejo Mexico City, , who met one night in the Mexican capital. She did not speak French or Spanish, but they found a way to communicate. After deciding to start a long distance relationship, both experienced the demands and needs of a life in transit in Mexico and continuous trips to France and vice versa; Suddenly this experience germinated as common practice around the design.

That constant coming and going demanded find new forms of communication. In , when Bachri changed his residence to Mexico City permanently, Quintero inherited a woodshop with tools, machinery and materials: a new creative vein opened to the couple, who moved dynamics and personal philosophy to professional life.

The workshop began without defined goals in a spirit focused on experimentation: build objects and furniture of all kinds for any purpose. This leeway allowed from the start, integrate their work the same on design basic objects like a chair, a lamp or a bed that art installations such as that made for the artist Leslie Garcia for Proyecta Festival International Design Platform and Digital Arts in , in Oaxaca: Pulsum Plantae.

The installation served to support this project, which analyzes empirically the mechanisms that plants use to communicate. Let's go back to the name Nomade Atelier: synthesizes the design idea of the couple; as our way of life, disciplines mutate, and these changes are sighted, according to Nestor Garcia Canclini, in the emergence of concepts that displace other or require reformulate. The design adds some: nomadism and hybridization.

Nomad is that who permanently moves because of the demands of contemporary life or lack of access to their own home. We adapt as individuals but also adapt our environment and at the same time, assume the rapid change as part of our way of life, our identity.

The continuous movement requires lightness and practicality. The mutation of the practices of everyday life results in hybridization, the combination of separate socio-cultural processes that, when mixed, generate new structures, objects and practices, paraphrasing Garcia Canclini in Hybrid Cultures The social dynamic demand spaces and objects that fit this new or not so new type of life.

Nomade Atelier tries to answer these demands through experimentation with materials and concepts. It generates therefore geared to the needs of its customers, ranging from private and commercial projects to museums, stage and artistic installations unique responses. From its offices in Quintana Roo Street in Colonia Roma, the team of architects, artisans and visual artists that make up the study design objects that pose multiple solutions to defined spaces.

With a sharp nod to the essence of the Bauhaus, the team appreciates the craftsmanship. However, these processes -they use only natural materials found in the country or recycled- are printed in the presence of the object. Far from growing accustomed with the "local" or "artisanal" Quintero and Bachri introduce these forms of work with the intention of creating advanced objects and furniture -a certain debt with Scandinavian design- capable of creating comfortable, adaptable and illuminated atmospheres, as they considered it must be a housing space.

It is not only the functionality but the ability to offer beautiful design, adaptable, living spaces, even when it comes to transit points. Caravana showcases the best in contemporary design from across Latin America. The event brings together the most original and talented designers and innovators from the fields of fashion, furniture, lifestyle accessories and traditional handcrafts.

Our business-building platform happens in Mexico City, a vibrant city that is swiftly becoming a renowned hub for emerging Latin American design. We want to connect this creative industry with cultivated international buyers looking for fresh projects.

These proposals are solicited through a selection process led by an international committee, which is composed of renowned gallerists and specialized curators in each section.

SALA D. Check out our work. Just click here:. ELLE [decoration]. It resulted in an abundant supply of young talent. In our view, the most valuable was the fresh variety and expertise in material handling. In the photography: LUZ For the first time in Mexico, Territorio Creativo will present a collection of never before seen pieces by 40 Mexican designers, compiling their ideas of design characterized by its origins.

We seek to have a presence that includes works that present themselves in a surprising kaleidoscope of design committed to high quality products. Territorio Creativo is an initiative by Design Week Mexico that seeks to promote and exhibit contemporary Mexican design. Folio[ ]. Nomade Atelier It is a new design workshop, consisting of young people from different backgrounds.

A Frenchman, a Venezuelan and a Mexican who consider nomads: "The three we have left home early to go to other countries to work, study, live, to build new homes.

Recently they presented the PV Closet made with pine and pipe material. The base is a wooden chest, holding armed tubes staggered in such a way that can accommodate a small wooden boxes like a game of Tetris.

It is a model kit and accessories variables. The objectives of the piece are clear: resistant materials, lightness and simplicity. Shelves can be added, more boxes and tubes according to customer needs. They are about to finish the production of a work table recliner, made with bronze pipes and other plumbing materials.

Also a wooden chair, much like the thrones Klingon Star Trek. We must be aware of the future plans of this young design house, which seeks to "always experiment with all kinds of materials and projects being completed concepts of different kinds with all sorts of targets, whether housing, offices, shops or good for personal, artistic or museum projects". Hello New York! Mexican talent in New York. February Go to link.


Entre Muros, Mayo, 2009



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